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Ypres Town Cemetery Extension: Case #1 - Gunner James Whitticase, 224th Siege Battery RGA

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This is a child topic of: https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/278701-ypres-town-cemetery-extension/


:poppy:COG-BR 2763703: a UBS at 28.I.4.b.7.7 with a "Shirt" or "Sheet" bearing 155498

  • that number belongs to Gunner James Whitticase, 224th Siege Battery RGA, 10 November 1917
  • there is a known gunner Reginald Buttle of the same unit found at the exact same location on COG-BR 2763775 date 28 October 1917
  • question is whether it is a SHIRT or a SHEET as I never trust an identification based on a ground sheet
  • it does look more like SHIRT, clearly a "dot" on the "i" and and "ir" not an "ee"


I showed the image to a group of unassociated people, about a dozen, no hints - they all said "Shirt bearing No. 155498".



Of the eight (8) men lost from that battey in Belgium, Gunner Buttle is the only one with the location of his remains marked on a COG-BR. Gunner Whitticase is the only one of the eight that has no known grave.


2763703 - Unknown at 28.I.4.b.7.7


2763775 - Buttle at 28.I.4.b.7.7



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For future reference:

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