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Women buried on the Western Front - a complete overview

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On 27/10/2020 at 09:36, wenchesintrenches said:

We at Wenches in Trenches have been ding annual tours of the Nurses graves since 2006, come and see our page on FB. Our next tour in April 2021 id sold out but we will possibly run an extra one in September. We also have our book full of pictures and bios of the nurses. Not all of them but volume 2 will follow next year. 


Great initiative!! 

April 2021 I'll still be at my course but maybe september... 

I visited Lochnagar crater in July and saw your memorial. Very nicely done!



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Thank you for continuing this series of records commemorating these pioneer women Marilyne, I always look forward to each entry.  I hope that one day when you finish them all you might compile them all together and perhaps, if feasible, publish a small booklet.  I'm sure that the ladies of the other nations will be interesting too.

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Hi all, 


Well you all know I'm up to my elbows in my GS course and need first and foremost to work on my Research Paper and the other papers before even thinking of taking up the WWI research in general and that of the women in particular. 

BUT... I have done the research for Etaples end 2019 - beginning 2020 and have been to Etaples to visit the ladies in July, so I think I can find a bit of time in my insane schedule to at least share the pics and the stories with you over the next weeks. 

If you go back to pages 5 and 6, start of April, I already shared the stories of Katherine MacDonald, Margaret Lowe and Gladys Wake with you, the first Canadian nurses to die in the war, all three victims in the 19th May 1918 bombings of Etaples. Katherine and Gladys lay only three graves apart, Margaret one row further, as she died ten days later from her wounds. The grave just behind her on the pic is Katherine's. I found it interesting to keep them together on the picture. 









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And to answer @frev's question, here's the picture of Annie Bain's grave. 



Florence Grover's marker was removed ... I'll have to go back to see when it's back ! 






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