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The 'Mound' St Eloi


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22 hours ago, brianmorris547 said:

I have recently been reading about the counter attack by 27 Div on the night of 14 to 15/02/1915. It was directed against Trench 19. There is a report by Major Long of 3 KRR in the WD of 80 Infantry Brigade and attached is this sketch of St Eloi showing The Mound. 

Courtesy TNA WO 95/2260



I have also been researching that period in St Eloi. My interest being that my grandfather was there with 2KSLI in Feb/ March 2015 until he was shot when on patrol on March 20th. Here are a couple more interesting maps. One is position of German Saps on 17/18th January 1915 which shows the mound and the kiln from 81 Brigade WD in WO 95/2263. The second shows the British trenches on March 21 after the German attack on 14/15 and subsequent British counter attacks which left the mound in German hands and the trenches that were enfiladed by the troops in the mound abandoned. This is from 2nd Wessex Field Company RE WD in WO 95/22588E1BB82D-EAC2-4D82-B99A-5ED988A39EE0.png.91865fa89b80edf8ae3b052ad19de700.png


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On 16/11/2022 at 01:26, brianmorris547 said:


It was Jim Strawbridge who got me going on this. See my post on Casualty Lists 02/11/2022 re Sapper Bence.




Thanks I have posted a request on that thread asking if anyone has a casualty list covering 20/3/15 at St Eloi which is when my grandfather was wounded. It will be amazing if someone  has it. There seemed to have been a lot of action around St Eloi in early 1915. There was the German attack and subsequent British counter attack on 14/15 Feb then on 14/15 March the Germans exploded a mine under the mound then attacked, capturing several trenches and the mound and the subsequent British counter attack recaptured the trenches but the mound was left in German hands until later in the war when it was obliterated by British mines.

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