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Remembered Today:

In From the Cold

Terry Denham

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Today I was informed by CWGC that 49 men whom I had put forward as possibly being non-commemoration cases had been accepted by MoD. The cases were submitted on 30.04.05.

At this point I must state that I only put the paperwork to CWGC. All the hard work and research was done by others who should be congratulated for a splendid effort and for their determination.

These men died in the UK after discharge due to service related illness and so each case had to be decided on its merits. Besides these men another 22 cases were rejected as not qualifying in MoD's view.

Unless their burial location can be found, these men will be listed on the Brookwood (United Kingdon 1914-1918) Memorial in due course.

1) ANSELL, Stanley Cpl CH/16575 RMLI 18.12.19

2) BREWER, James William Pte CH/7085 RMLI 10.06.18

3) BROWN, Ernest William Pte PO/19752 RMLI 16.07.20

4) BURKE, William Pte CH/3359 RMLI 05.04.19

5) CAUSER, Fred Pte CH/19193 RMLI 03.11.19

6) CHOWN, Arthur Charles Richard Pte PLY/16661 RMLI 10.05.20

7) CLAY, Henry John Pte CH/15000 RMLI 06.04.17

8) COLLINS, George James Sgt CH/7879 RMLI 20.03.19

9) EDGAR, William Robert Pte PO/15517 RMLI 28.04.19

10) ELLIS, Harold Pte CH/17277 RMLI 24.02.18

11) ELMES, Herbert Jasper Miles Pte PO/15012 RMLI 25.01.18

12) FARRELL, George William Pte PO/16683 RMLI 03.05.17

13) GRAHAM, Henry Edward Thomas Gnr RMA/4746 RMA 11.10.18

14) HALL, Richard George Sgt PO/15174 RMLI 14.04.19

15) HAMMANT, William Henry Pte CH/7090 RMLI 02.10.17

16) HAMMOND, Henry William Pte PO/14603 RMLI 12.09.18

17) HANCOCK, Wilfred Harry Pte PLY/639/S RMLI 14.03.21

18) HIXSON, Arthur George Pte CH/12847 RMLI 23.04.19

19) HUME, James Arthur Pte PO/14240 RMLI 05.05.20

20) JARROD, George Arthur William Pte PLY/15950 RMLI 22.03.20

21) JOHNSON, Alfred Gnr RMA/6628 RMA 03.04.17

22) JONES, John Alfred Pte PLY/14390 RMLI 15.01.17 (buried Oswestry Cemetery, Shropshire)

23) LANGLOIS, Geoffrey Rupert Pte 800858 RMLI 15.10.18

24) LAWRENCE, Arthur Pte PO/15121 RMLI 18.08.19

25) LITTLE, Arthur Cpl PO/15537 RMLI 16.09.19

26) LOTT, Hedley John Sgt RMA/10507 RMA 23.05.19

27) MAY, Charles William Pte CH/10617 RMLI 13.06.19

28) MITCHELL, David James Gnr RMA/10072 RMA 19.03.17

29) MORLEY, Michael Patrick Pte PLY/11331 RMLI 14.09.17

30) MYERS, Thomas Robert Avery Pte CH/12597 RMLI 19.01.18

31) NEWMAN, Albert Alexander Pte CH/7825 RMLI 05.12.18

32) NEWTON, George Charles Pte PO/6941 RMLI 21.11.17

33) PENNIKET, Arthur Cecil Pte CH/21028 RMLI 24.09.18

34) PERCIVAL, Cecil Victor L/Cpl PO/17646 RMLI 26.10.18

35) PRESS, Stephen Alfred Pte CH/19226 RMLI 29.09.18

36) PRIESTLY, John Arthur Pte PLY/15258 RMLI 13.05.18

37) PRIVETT, John Pte CH/18348 RMLI 20.07.17

38) RICHARDS, Charles Pte PLY/12852 RMLI 13.02.18

39) ROGERS, Robert John Pte CH/15300 RMLI 28.08.21

40) ROLLEY, Henry James Pte PO/16203 RMLI 02.02.19

41) RUSSELL, William John Thomas Pte CH/12326 RMLI 07.09.15

42) SEABROOK, William Pte CH/6889 RMLI 13.02.19

43) SHELDRAKE, Harry William Pte CH/17702 RMLI 26.01.16

44) SIMPSON, Peter C/Sgt RMA/1985 RMA 17.04.19

45) TAPLIN, Harry Rose Pte PO/10905 RMLI 24.11.18

46) THOMPSON, John Frederick Pte CH/20533 RMLI 14.02.21

47) VALENTINE, Joseph Emanuel Sgt CH/12047 RMLI 17.11.20

48) WHITE, Edward C/Sgt PO/7338 RMLI 16.09.19

49) WRIGHT, James Pte PLY/17131 RMLI 13.03.17


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Terry -

Does the fact that most of these guys are RMLI give me a good clue as to who has done the research here? Many of us will be aware of a website with a keen interest in getting RMLI men recognised.

In any event, good job all round.


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well done to all concerned, we will remember.


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Well Done to you Terry and all those involved. You must feel very satisfied that a succesful end has been achieved to your efforts.

Kind Regards


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absolutely brilliant result

All The Best


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The real effort was put in by other dedicated researchers.

Makes all their hard work worthwhile



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Excellent news.

I will raise a glass to each and every one of the 49 tonight.


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Nice piece of work.

Just one question - the abbreviation "RMLI" may be well-known to BEF-buffs, however, can you provide a definition for those not as well-versed in the BEF.

Borden Battery

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Excellent news.

So many deaths in this country, must have required long and arduous research.

Presumably, the ones who were not accepted were soldiers for whom it could not definitely yet be proved that their cause of death was war related.

Well done, to all concerned in the research, presentation and recognition for commemoration.


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Well done to all concerned!

I'm waiting for a death cert for one of mine who died in 1918, then hopefully dependant on the info this gives me I can start the process.

Until I joined this forum I wasn't even aware this was possible


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RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry


Yes. Those rejected were borderline cases and, obviously, the MoD decision went in one direction and not the other!

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Terry and all involved,

Excellent work and thanks.


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Are we talking Mr. JM with input from Mr. NY? Is this who you were thinking of Mr. JH?

Whoever it is - very good job.

Mr. AH

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A fantastic achievement (collaborative or otherwise). Well done!


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