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Medals awarded to nurses in WW1

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2 hours ago, lyn Mattys said:

Her maiden surname was Loveland  She married a medic close to the end of the war, was aged 39 years old at time. Her husband  was younger when they married in England.


I picked up on this and tried to work back from the marriages - particularly as the medals and therefore the records may be in her married name. However I find I'm going round in circles,  Could you cast your eye over this list of female Loveland who married in England in 1918 and see if any ring any bells.


Daisy F Loveland to Samuel Titeridge, Lambeth District Q1 1918

Eleanor S Loveland to Thomas J Davies, Bromley District, Kent Q4 1918

Elizabeth E Loveland to Arthur A Coleman, Northampton District, Q3 1918

Gladys M Loveland to Henry J. Dew, Croydon District, Surrey, Q4 1918

Mary Loveland to Frederick Benson, West Ham District, Essex, Q3 1918

Sarah A. Loveland to Simon W Scott, West Ham District, Essex, Q1 1918

Violet L Loveland to Frederick E Foster, Woolwich District, Q3 1918


To have been 39 in 1918 would make her most likely born 1879. However if she was born in England & Wales, the Civil Birth registers has no potential matches from the period 1878 to 1880 for those first names.




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I realise that you cannot remember Miss Loveland’s first name but as she was your granddaughter’ aunt I wonder if you are not able to workout the name based on your knowledge of the family?


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13 hours ago, DavidOwen said:

Another approach is to check for Medal Index Cards


I have found one for M J Loveland https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D6272171 (look at it through the watermark by making it full page then using the magnifier) somehow I am struggling to find it on Ancestry's free site at the moment....


Regrettably the MIC doesn't seem to show any medals awarded.


You might want to consult this excellent site for more background info http://www.scarletfinders.co.uk/

Based on this information I was able to find a May Julia Loveland on the 1911 census as a probationary nurse. Based on her age she was born 1889. There is someone of the same names and year of birth on a very brief family tree on Ancestry with a husband - Ernest Holmes but no details of the marriage. The GRO index of marriages has a marriage registered in 1919 March Quarter at Warminster to a George E Holmes. With this addition I could there is a more detailed tree on Ancestry 

Could this be the person you are looking for?


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