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Ralph Currell
After we had been at sea for a day or two we found that we had a stowaway on board in the person of Brian Osborne. This boy had left Eton at the age of 16 and become a Trumpeter in A Sqn (WKY). Owing to his age he was left behind, and indeed twice put out of the train at Canterbury. However, he managed to evade capture, hid up at Liverpool till dark and then smuggled himself on board.

Source: Ponsonbly, C.; History of West Kent Yeomanry & 10th Bttn Buffs History.


Forgive the late reply; I just noticed this thread.  The mention of the stowaway on Olympic brought to mind this passage from the memoirs of Bertram Hayes, the ship's captain.  It almost certainly describes the same incident.

We were escorted by three destroyers until we had crossed the mouth of the English Channel. Before they left, the Colonel of the West Kents asked me to send a wireless message to the parents of a young Eton boy who was on board. He was a bugler in the regiment and was supposed to have been left behind on account of his youth, but had succeeded in stowing himself away both on the train and the ship, and was not discovered till we were well out at sea. A plucky youngster, and as a reward for his pluck he was allowed to land on the Peninsula of Gallipoli before being sent home again.

We were all very much grieved later in the war to see his name as a Second Lieutenant amongst the killed in France.

I couldn't send the message by wireless as our orders were only to use it in case of emergency, so signalled it to one of our escort with a request that he would telegraph it on arrival at his base.

Source: Hayes, Hull Down, MacMillan, New York, 1925

I hope this is of some assistance.

Best regards,

Ralph Currell

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Apologies for late post, hadn't seen these replies.


Thanks that photo would be much appreciated. I think I picked him up on the memorialat Christ Church, Oxford, this week too but haven't cross referenced it yet.


Again, any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the excerpt, which I only had in part :)

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tried to contact you by p.m but your inbox is full will take photo's of the graves in a couple of weeks sorry about delay i only noticed your message of 30/05/08

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Are you aware of Fifty-Years of Sport: Eton, Harrow; Winchester? Many photos of Eton Sports teams for the 50 or so years before the Great War. Dick Flory

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Re: Captain Paul Hobhouse. In the end I opted not to go to Benay, where he was killed as there is, quite frankly, little to see. However, his great-great nephew did lay a wreath and biographical card at Pozieres.


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I think the following have an Eton connection - if so I have stuff on them if you want it

Vincent Robertson Hoare

Ashley Arbuthnot

Lionel Studd

Sorry to be late just noticed the thread

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Hello - I could help with any Royal Welch Fusiliers officers if you could identify them - Grumpy has already mentioned George Fletcher - you have the flag, I believe, that he captured hanging in the chapel at Eton.

Will look out in my other areas of research for Etonians.

Best wishes with the project - Maricourt

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