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The Cameronians (scottish rifles} 1910-1933


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Yes please - that would be great

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Any chance of looking up the following two casualties?



Not sure what kind of details the roll contains but anything would be good...especially photographs

Much appreciated



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Hoping you are still around.

I'm interested in any mention of 8649 Alfred Edwin Andrew(s) reservist who rejoined in 1st Battn Aug 1914, and ended up as a serjeant (pos acting serjeant major) in Salonika with 11 Battn. I'm particulalry trying to work out when he transfered. I'm guessing a bunch of experienced men were transfered across c.Sept 1915 when 11 Battn came out to France.

Also 8758 Pte Ernest Pridmore, 1st Battn who was discharged injured in 1917 (I think). He got the SWB anyhow.

Cheers Rich

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An interesting book although not having a roll of honour or a list of decorations etc does have an index of names mentioned if anybody is interested?

regards John

Hello, John: Would you have anything in your book about 5/6 Cameronians on November 6th 1916? Possibly called Battle of Ancre Heights. My uncle, Pte. Alex Cunningham was wounded that day Later killed with 2 Royal Scots in '18). Thanks for anything. Antony

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yes he is mentioned , lost his life at Gulley ravine along with the others you mentioned , there is a detailed account of the attack along with a map showing where it took place, i can try and send you the details if you wish,

best regards John

Hi My grandfather served in the 9th Scottish Rifles, his details are as follows.

Name Private Hugh Allan

Service Number 43261.

Enlisted 1th August 1914.

Thanks Steven.

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