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Mentions in Despatches LG 15th June 1916


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Following up on my earlier post of Mentions in Despatches, here is the issue form 15-6-1916.

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THURSDAY, 15 JUNE, 1916.

War Office,

15th June, 1916.

The following despatch hs been received by the Secretary of State for War from General Sir Douglas Haig, G.C.B., Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in France: -

General Headquarters,

30th April, 1916.

SIR,-I have the honour to forward herewith the names of those under my command whom I wish to bring to notice for gallant and distinguished conduct in the field.

I have the honour to be,Sir,

Your obedient Servant,.


General, Commander-in-Chief

The British Forces in France


Page 1

ROYAL NAVY.Dundas of Dundas, Vice-Admiral C.MacGregor of MacGregor, Capt. Sir M., Bart.Hamilton, Capt. D. M.Marescaux, Cdr. (Acting Capt.) A. E. H.

Alton, Paymaster-in-Chief F. C., C.B.De Montmorency, Capt. J. P.Levitt, O.N.M.B.G. Chief Motor BoatmanH. W.Axtell, O.N. 206939 (R.F.R. Po./B.6723)

A.B., E.Wymer, O.N.J. 17246 A.B., E. A.Brett, O.N. 195033 (R.F.R., Chat./B. 7702),

A.B., W. J.


Williams, Capt. M., R.M.A.Brownrigg, Temp. Lt. A. H., R.M.Lamb, Temp. 2nd Lt. F. R., R.M.A.Handford, No. R.M.A./11901 Bombr. J.Robins, No1. R.M.A./10149 Bombr. W. T.Orman, No. R.M.A./6809 Gunner A. E. E.Guilford, No. R.M.A./14142 Gunner J. R.

ROYAL MARINE LIGHT INFANTRY.Farrell, No. 24814 Acting Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.J. (lent to Service Bn., Durham Light Infantry)


STAFF.Abbott, Capt. . S., 38th Cent. Ind. Horse(Ind. Army).

Page 2

Adair, Maj. H. S., Ches. R.Addison, Maj. . ., D.S.O., R.E.Airey, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. R. B., A.S.C.Airey, .Capt. R. M., A.S.C.Alexander, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. W.,V.C., C.M.G., R.A.Alexander, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. L.,D.S.O., Dorset R.Allen, Capt. (temp. Maj.) C., W. Rid. Bde.,R.F.A.Allenby, Lt.-Gen. (temp. Gen.) Sir E. H. H.,K.C.B.Allfrey, Maj. H. I. R., Som. L.I.Altham, Capt. H.'S., King's R. Rif. C. (Spec.Res.).Alves, Capt. H. M. J., R.A,Anderson- Bt. Lt.-Cbl. N. G., D.S.O., A.S.C.Anderson, Bt. Lt.-C'ol. (temp. Brig1.-Gen.)W. H., Ches. R.Andrew, Temp. 2nd Lt. R. H., Suff. R.Angus, Lt. (temp. Capt.) E. G., North'bn Bde., R.F.A.Anley, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) F. G., lateEssex R.Annesley, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. R. T.,A.S.C.Annesley, Capt. W. H. (Res, of Off.), lateR. W. Kent R.Armitage, Maj. C. C., R.A.Ashmore, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. B.vC.M.G., M.V.O., R.A.Asser, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. J., C.B.(Res. of Off.).Atkinson, Lt.-Col. B., R.A,Atkinson, Col. E. H. de V., C.I.E.Axe, Lt.-Col. H. J., A.V.C..Babington, Hon. Maj.-Gen. (temp. Maj.-Gen.)J. M., C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O., ret. pay.Baddeley, Col. C. E.Baggallay, 2nd Lt. M. E. C. (Capt., Spec.Res.), llth Hrs.Baillie-Hamilton, Maj. N. A. B., R. Highrs.Bainbridge, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. G. T.,C.B.Baker, 2nd Lt. C. W., Leic. R.Baker, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J., A.O.D.Ballard, Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C. R.,Norf. R.Banon, Col. F. L., C.B.Barley, Capt. L. J., Sco. Rif. (Spec. Res.).Barnes, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. W. R., D.S.O.Barnett, Maj. G. H., K. R. Rif. C.Barren, Capt. A. F. N., R.A.Barrow, Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) G. deS., C.B.(Ind. Army).Baugh, Temp. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. J.,R.E. (Comdr. R. Ind. Mar.).Baumgartner, Lt.-C'ol. J. S.. J., E. Lan. R.Bayley, Maj. A. G., Oxf. and Bucks. L.I.Beale-Browne, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)D. J. E., 9th Lrs.Beauman, Capt. A. B., D.S.O., S. Staff. R.Beckwith, Capt. W. M. (Res. of Off.).Beddows, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. J., N. Mid.Bde., R.F.A.Beddy, Maj: (temp. Lt.-Col.) J3. L., A..S.C.Bellamy, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. M., Linc. R.(T.F.).Benson, Maj. R., R.A.Bently, Capt. H. R., Ches. R,Bethell, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. A. (Res.of Off.).Bigge, Col. T. A. H., R.E.Bingham, Maj.-Gen. The Hon. C. E., C.V.O.,C.B.Bingham, Maj. C. H. M., A.S.C.Birch, Maj. E. M., D.S.O., R.A.Birch, Bt. Col. (temp. Maj .-Gen.) J. F. N.,A.D.C., R.A.Blair, Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) A., D.S.O.,K. O. Sco. Bord.Blewitt, Capt. G., Oxf. and Bucks. L.I.Blunt, Maj. A. St. J., D.S.O., York and Lanc. R. Boileau, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. H., D.S.O.,.R.E. Bols, Bt. Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) L. J., C.B.,.D.S.O., Dorset. R.Bolton, Maj. D., A.V.C.Born.dF, .)C.apt. R. H., Notts and Derby. R.Booth, Maj. T.. M., Gord. Highrs.Borton, Bt. Col. C. E., C.B., ret. pay.Boscawen, Capt. The Hon. G. E., D.S.O.VR.A.Boswell, Lt. W. R., 28th Punjabis (Ind.Army).Bourne, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.). W. K., 2ndLrs. (Ind. Army).Bowles, Maj. J., De V., R.A.Boyall, Maj. A. M., D.S.O., W. York. R.Boyd-Moss, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.), L. B., S. Staff. R.Boyd-Rochfort, Capt. H., 21st Lrs.Bradley, Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. G. L., TlieLond.R. (T.F.).Brereton, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. F., C.B.,..D.S.O.Bridge, Capt. C. E. D., R.A.Bridgford, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. J.,.C.M.G., D.S.O., Shrops. L.I.Brind, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. E. S., D.S.O.,.R.A.Brinton, Maj. J. C., M.V.O., D.S.O. (Res. ofOff.).Brooke, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) H. F., C.M.G.,A.S.C.Brooker,'Lt.-Col. E. P., R.E.Brough, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A., D.S.O.,.R.E.Brown, Temp. Capt. M. W., Railway Transport Officer (Spec. List). Browne, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. D. M., R.Lane. R.Buckley, Capt. W. P.,D.S.O., D. of Corn.L.I.Burder, Lt.-Col\ E. S., late D. of Corn. L.I.(Res. of Off.).Burnett-Hitchcock, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)-B. F., D.S.O., Notts & Derby R.Burnett-Stuart, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)-J. T., C.M.G., D.S.O., Rif. Brig.BurnsLindow, Maj. I. W., D.S.O., S. Ir.Horse (Spec. Res.).Burton, Maj. C.,A.S.C.Butler, Capt. A. C. P., K. R. Rif. C.Butler, Bt. Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) R. H.K.,,Lan. Fus.Buxton, Capt. (temp. Maj.) I., Norf. Yeo.Buxton, Maj. J. L., Rif. Brig.Buxton, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) T. F., Essex Yeo.Cameron, Bt. Col. and Temp. Brig.Gen. A..R., C.M.G., R. Highrs.Cameron, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) N. J. G., Cam'n Highrs.Campbell, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) D. G. M. late 9thLrs.Campbell, Col. H. M., late R.A.Campbell, Capt. Hon. E. O., D.S.O., Sea;Highrs.Capper, Maj.-Gen. J. E., C.B.Carey, Lt.-Col. and Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.Gen.) G. G. S., R.A.

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Carey, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W. L. de M., R.E.Carpenter, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. M., R.E.Carr, Capt. L., Gord. Highrs.Carroll,Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. W. V.,Norf. R.Cartde Lafontaine, Capt. A.E. C.,E. York. R.Carter, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) B. C. M.,C.M.G., L'pool R.Cartwrighfc/Col. C. M. (Ind. Army).Cartwright, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) G.N.,D.S.O., R.A.Caulfeild, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C. T.,C.M.G.Caulfeild, Capt. W.S., Leins. R.Cavan, Maj.-Gen. (temp. Lt.-Gen.) F. R.,Earl of, C.B.-, M.V.O.Cavendish, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. W. L. S.H., D.S.O., 9th Lrs.Chalmer,Capt.F. G., R. Highrs.Chandler, Capt. A. L., S. Mid. (Warwick),R.G.A.Charles, Maj. W. G., Essex R.Cha-rteris, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.Gen.) J., D.S.O.., R.E. Chaytor, Capt. J. C., S. Staff. R.Chenevix-Trench, Capt. J. F., North'dFus.Clanwilliam, Capt. A. V. M., Earl of (Res. ofOff.).Clarke, Capt. A. E. S.,M.V.O. (Res.' of Off.).Clay, Capt. H. H. S. (Res. of Off.).Clayton, Maj.-Gen.(temp:Lt.-Gen.,) Sir F.T., K.C.M.G., C.B.Clifford, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H.F. H.,D.S.O., Suff. R.Close, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. M., R.E.Clowes, Capt. (temp.Maj.) G. C. EL., Lond. R.Cobbe, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) A. S., V.C.,C.B.,D.S.O., A.D.C. (Ind Army).Cochrane, Bt. Lt.-Col. J. K., Leins. R.Coffin,Lt.-Col. Clifford, R.E.Collen, Bt. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. H. E.,D.S.O. (Res.of Off.).Collins, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) The-Hon. R.H., D.S.O., R. Berks. R.Collins', Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R\ J., R. Berks.R.Collison, Hon. Lt. (temp. Hon.Capt.) E. O.,A.O. Dept.Collum, Maj. H. W. A., A.S.C.C'olvin, Capt. (temp.Capt.in Army) G. L.,Iiid. Vols.Combe, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. A. B., Gen. List.Compton, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C. W.,C.M.G., Som. L.I.Conder, Maj. G.,A.V.C. øCongreve, Capt. W. La T., Rif. Brig.Cooke. Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.Gen.)B. H.H./Rif. Brig.Cookson, Maj.-Gen. G. A., C.B. (Ind. Army).Cornwall,Capt. J. H. M., R.A.Courtauld, Temp. Capt. J. S., Gen. List, NewArmies.Cox, Capt. E. W., D.S.O., R.E.Cracroft, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H., A.S.C.Craufurd, Maj. R. Q., R. Sc. Fus.Craven, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. J., R.E.Creery, Capt. A., R.G.A.Creswell, Maj. E. F., R.G.A.Crichton, Maj. R. E., K. R.Rif. C.C'righton, Temp. Lt. C. A., Gen. List, NewArmies.Grossman, Maj. G. L.,'D.S.O., W. York. R.Currie, Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) A. W., C.B.,Can. Local Forces.Curtis. Temp. Lt. P. P., Spec. List.Cutbill, Maj. R. H. L., A.S.C: ' "Daintou,Temp. Capt. S. H.. G., Postal Section,R.E. (Spec. Res.),Daly, Bt. Lt.-Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) A. C.,.W. York. R.Danford, Maj. (temp. * Lt.-Col.) B. W. Y.,.REDanieli, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. E. LL.,,.D.S.O., Sea. Highrs. (died ofwounds).Darell, Capt. G. M., C. Gds.{ Daubeny, Maj. C. J. B., Essex R.( Davie's,Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. R.Davidson, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J..H.,D.S.O., K. R. Rif. C.Davis, Maj. H. J. N., Conn. Rang.Dawkins, Maj.-Gen. C.T.,C.B., C.M.G.Dawson, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R., C.B. . de Brett, Bt. Lt.-Col. H.S., D.S.O., R.A.De Burgh, Capt. E., 9th Hodson's Horse (Ind.,Army),dc Gex, Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) F. J., C.B.,.C.M.G.Deedes, Maj. C. P., D.S.O., Yorks. L.I.Derham, Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) F. S.,ret. pay.Des Voeux, Lt.-Col. H. B., R.E.De Trafford, Temp. Lt. R. E., Spec. List.Deverell, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C. J.,W.'York. R.Dick-Cuiiyngham, Maj. J. K., D.S.O., Gord;Highrs.Dill, Capt. J. G.,D.S.O., Leius. R. Ditmas, Lt. (temp. Capt.) F.' I. L. (Res. of..Off.). Dobbs, Lt.Col. C. R., R.E.Doran, Capt. C. C. H., Royal Anglesey, R.E...(Spec. Res.).Doyle,U.-Col. J. F. I. H., D.S.O., R.A.Drew, Capt-. B. C. H., 23rd SikhPioneers,(Ind. Army).Du Boulay, Capt. A. H., R.E.Dudgeon, Col. (temp.'Brig.Gen.) F. A., C.B.,.-late S. Lan. R.Duke, Capt. A. A. G. (Ind. Army).Dyas,Temp. Capfc. R. S. V., Spec. List.Eastwood, Col. J. C. B. (Res. of Off.)(Lt.-Col..Unattd. List, T.F.).Edmonds, Col. J. E., C.B.Edwards, Capt. (temp.Maj.) C. W., A.S.C.Edwards, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) FitzJ. M'.,D.S.O. find.Army).Edwards,. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) G. T. G.,C.B.Elgood, Capt. G. (Res. ofOff.).Elkan, Capt. C. J., D.S.O. (Res. of Off.).Elles, Maj.H. J., R.E.Elwell, Lt.(temp.Capt.) G., S. Staff. R.(T.F.).English, Maj. E. R. M., Shrops. L.I. Evans, Capt.,8. G., R. Suss. R. (Spec. Res.)..Evans, Maj. W. K., D.S.O., Manch. R. 'Exham,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. S., A.O.D.Falle, Maj. P. V. le G.'. A.S-C. 'Fanshawe,Maj.-Gen. (temp. Lt.-Gen.) H. D.,C.B. :Fanshawe, 2nd Lt. E. D., 2nd D.Gds.Farmer, Lt.-Col. G. J., C.M.G., Wore. R. 'Fasson, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) D. J.M.', C.B. 'Feilding, Bt. Col. (temp. Maj .-Gen.) G. P.'T.,D.S.O., C. Gds. ' ' - Feilding,Capt. Viscount R. E. A., D.S'.O.,.C. Gds. (Spec. Res.).Fell, Bt. Col. M. H.G., R.A.M.C.Fell, Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. B., C.B.,_ret. pay. 'Field, Lt. R. E.,Som. L.I.Firilayson, Maj. R. G., D.S'.O., R.A..

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Fisher, Maj. (temp. Lt.-C'ol.)B. D., D.S.O.,17th Lrs.Fisher, Maj. O. S., A.V.C.FitzGerald, Maj. P. F., Shrops.L.I.Flemming, Capt. G., Gord. Highrs.Forster, Maj. D., R.E.Fortune, Capt.andBt. Maj. V. M., R.Highrs.Foster, Maj. A. H. B., R. Lan. R.Foster, Capt. W.M, A., 10th Lrs. (Ind.Army).Fowke, Maj.-Gen. (temp. Lt.-Gen.) G. H.,C.B,Fowler,-Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. S.,C.B., D.S.O.Fox, Capt. M. S., High.L.I..Franklyn, Lt.-Col. C. de M., R.E.Fraser, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J. W., Sea.Highrs (T.F.) (Maj., Res. of Off.).-Freeland, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.)H.F. E., M.V.O.,R.E.Frith, Bt. Lt.-Col. G. R., R.E.Fry, Maj.-Gen. W., C.V.O.,C.B.Garrod, Lt. A. G. R., Leic. R. (Spec. Res.)..Garstin, Lt.-Col. H. E.,R".A.Gathorne-Hardy, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)The Hon. J. F., D.S.O., G. Gds.Geddes, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. G., C.B.Geddes, Maj. A. C., M.D. (Hon. Lt. inArmy),O.T.C., Unattached List (T.F.).Gerrard, Col. J. J., M.B.Gibb, Maj. (temp.Lt.Col.) E., C.M.G..,D.S.O., A.S.C.Gibbs, Capt. A. J., R.A.Gibson, Capt.(temp.Maj.) L., R. Highrs.(T.F.).Gibsone, Temp. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) D. H.,R.E.Giles, Capt. E. D., 35th Scinde Horse (In3.. Army).Girdwood, Maj. A. C.,D.S.O., North'd. Fus.-Glasfurd, Maj. A. I. R., 46th Punjabis (Ind.Army). GodfreyFaussett, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) E. G.,C.M.G., R.E.Goldsmith,Maj.H. D., D. of Corn. L.I.Gordon, Maj. E. B., North'd. Fus.Gordon,Maj. E. I. D., R. Sc. Fus.Gore, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. C.,C.M.G.,Arg. and Suth'd. Highrs. rGort, Capt. J. S. S. P. V., Viscount, M.V.O.,G.Gds.Gosling, Col. (temp. Brig.-Geii.) C., late K. R.Rif. C.Gosset, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col. 1 F. W., D.S.O.,R.A.Gough, Maj.-Gen. (temp. Lt.-Gen.) Sir H.dela P., K.C.B.Graham, Maj. C. A. L., D.S.O., R.G.A.Graham, Capt. M., 16th"Lrs.Grant, Maj. A. K., R. W. Kent R.Grant, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. J. C.,D.S.O.,C. Gds.Gray, Maj. C. O. V., Sea. Highrs.Gray, Temp. Lt.-Col. J. A. S.Green, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. F. U.,.R.A.Green, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. W.B.,D.iS.O., R. Suss. R.Green, Temp. Capt. F. A., Stationery Services.tJreenly, Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) W. H.,C.M.G., D.S.O.Green-Wilkinson, Maj. (temp. Brig.Gen.) C.R. J., C.M.G., D.S.O., Bedf. R.Griffith, Lt.-Col. and Bt. Col. (temp.Brig.-. Gen.) C. R. J., C.M.G., D,S.O., Bedf. R.Grove, Maj. T. T., R.E.Grubb,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. W., Bord. R.Guggisberg, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.;) F.G.,C.M.G., R.E.Haining, Maj. R. H., D.S.O., R.A.Haldane, Maj.-Gen. J. A. L.,C.B.,D.S.O.Hale, Col. T. W., A.O. Dept.Hamilton of Dalzell, Lt. (temp. Capt.) G.G.,Lord, K.T.®, C.V.O. (Res. of Off.).Hamilton, Lt.-Col. C. L. C., R.A.Hamilton,'Capt. and Bt. Maj. J. M., Gord.Highrs.Harington, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.)C. H., D.S.O., L'pool R.Harris, Lt. (temp. Capt.) The Hon. G. St. V.,R. E. Kent Yeomanry.Harrison, Col. G. H., R.E.Harrison, Maj. J. M. R., D.S.O.,R.A.Harvey, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. N.,C.M.G., D.S.O., R.E.Hawes,Lt.(temp. Capt.) L. A., R.G.A.Hayter, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. R., A.S.C.Hayter, Lt.-Col. R. J. F., D.S.O., Can. LocalForces (Maj., Ches. R.).Headlam,Capt. C. M., Bedf. Yeomanry.Henderson, Maj. J. A. (Res. of Off.).Henderson, Maj. K., 39th Garhwal Rif. (Ind.Army).Henderson, Capt. M., R.Scots.Henderson-Scott, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. M.,Lond. R. (T.F.).Henderson, Temp.Lt. J. E., R.A.Heneage, Maj. G. C. W., M.V.O. (Res. ofOff.), late G. Gds.Henley, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) and Bt. Maj.The1 Hon. A. M., 5th Lrs.Henniker,Capt. R. J. A., W. Rid. R.Herbert, Maj. L. W., S. Lan. R. (Res. of Off.).Hervey-Bathurst, Capt. Sir F. E. W., Bt.(Res. of Off.).Heywood, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. P., C. Gds.Hickie, Col. (temp.Maj.-Gen.) W. B., C.B.Hickman, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) T. E.,C.B.,D.S.Or(ret.pay).Hildebrand, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) A. B.R., D.S.O., R.E.Hill, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C.Hill, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H., M.V.O.,D.S.O., R.W. Fus.Hill, Maj. W. P. H., R. Fus.Hoare-Nairne, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)E S RAHobbs, Maj.-Gen. P. E. F., C.B., C.M.G.Hobbs, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. F. A.,C.M.G., D.S.O., R.E.Hodgson, Capt. (temp. Maj.) G. C. -S., W.Som. Yeomanry.Holbrook, Maj. A. E., A.S.C.Hole, Capt. S. H. F., Notts and Derby R.(Spec. Res.).Holland, Maj. L., D.S.O., Sea. Highrs.Holland, Capt. H. W., Inns ofCourt O.T.C.Holland, Temp. Capt. H. M., R.G.A.Holman, Lt.-Col. and Bt. Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. C., C.M.G., D.S.O. (Ind. Army).Hope, Capt. G. E., G. Gds.Hordern, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)G. V., K. R. Rif. C.Hore-Ruthven, Lt.Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)The Hon. W. P., C.M.G., D.S.O., S. Gds.Hornby, Capt. E.J., R.E.Horwood, Capt. (temp. Col.) W. T. F. '(Res.of Off.).Hoskins, Bt. Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) A. R.,D.S.O.

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Hotham, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. (ret. pay).Howard, Maj. G. W., D.S.O., Essex R.Howes, Capt. S., 21st Lrs.Howick, Temp.Maj. R. G., Viscount, Gen.List.Howlett, Maj. E., E. Fus.Hudson, Maj.-Gen. H.,C.B., C.I.E. (Ind.. Army).Hughes, Lt.-Ool. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) G. B.,D.S.O., Can.Local Forces.Hughes, Maj. E. L., North'n E.Hull, Maj.-Gen. C. P. A.Hulton, Lt.Col. F. G. L. (Ees. of Off.).Hume, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J. E., Conn. Eang.Hun-t, Maj.T. E. C., E. Berks E.Hunter, Capt. A. J., K. E. Eif. C.Hunter, Capt. W. C. (Ees. ofOff.), late Oxf.and Bucks L.I.Hunter, Maj. C. F., 4th D. Gds.Hussey, Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) A. H., C.B.Ironside, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. E.,D.S.O., E.A.Isaac,Capt. A. G. F., E. Berks E.Jackson, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) L. C., C.M.G.,E.E.Jackson, Capt. V. A., York and Lane E.Jackson, Maj. G. T. T., A.V.C.Jacob, Maj.-Gen. C. W., C.B. (Ind. Army).Jardine, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col.(temp.Brig.'-Gen.) J. B., D.S.O.,-5th Lrs.Jarvis, Maj. E. H., E. Innis. Fus. (Spec.Ees.).Jebb, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)G. D., D.S.O., Bedf. E.Jeffcoat, Maj. A. C., D.S.O., E. Fus.Jeffreys, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) G.D.,G. Gds.Jelf, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. G.,D.S.O., K. E. Eif. C.Jeudwine,Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) H. S., C.B.Johnson, Maj. E. H., D.S.O., E.A.Johnson, Capt. V. N., Glouc. E.Joly de Lotbiniere, Lt.-Col. H. G., D.S.O.,E.E.Jones, Bt. Lt.-Col. L. C., M.V.O., 7th Lrs.(Ind. Army).Jones, Maj. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) L. O. W.,D^S.O., Essex E.Jones, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. E., A.O.Dept.Jukes, Capt. A. H., D.S.O., 9th Gurkha Eif.(Ind. Army).Karslake, Maj. H.,D.S.O., E.A.Kay, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) Sir W. A. I., Bt.,D.S.O., K. E. Eif. C.Kaye,Capt. H. S., Yorks. L.I.Kearsley, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. H.,D.S.O., 5th D.Gds.Keith, Capt. G. T. E., E. Lane. E.Kellett, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. O. (Ees.ofOff.).Kelly, Maj. G. C., K. E. Eif. C.Kelly, Capt. W. H., E.E.Kemp, Bt. Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) G. C., E.E.Kennedy, Maj. A. C., E.A.Ketnrick, Maj. (temp.Lt.Col.) G. E. E.,D.S.O., E. W. Surr. E.Kentish, Capt.-L. W. (Ees. of Off.), E.Fus.Kenyon, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. E. (ret.pay), E.E.Ker, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)C. .A., D.S.O.,Xtii.A..-Kiggell, Maj.-Gen. (temp. Lt.rGen.) L. E.,f\ T> x * ' '*t.JD.Kirby, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) . A. D.,JtiPi-A.. .Kirk'e, Bt. Lt.-Col. W. M.St. G., E.A. 'Knowles, Maj. J., loth Hrs.Knox, Bt. Lt.-Col. H. H. .S., North'n E.Lambert, Capt. A. P., Hamp. Fortress. Engrs.,E.E. (T.F.).Lang, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.)B. J., Arg. and.Suth'd Hig'hrs.Lanyon, Maj. O. M., E.A.Leaning, Maj. A.,A.V.C.Leather, Maj. G. F. T., Nortih'd Fus. (Res. ofOff.).Leckie, Lt.-Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) E. G. E., C.M.G., Can. Local Forces.Lecky, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. St. C., C.B...Lee, Capt.E. T., E. W. Surr. E.Legge, Maj. E. F., Leins. E.Legge, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. W.K., Essex E..L'Estrange-Malone, Capt. (temp. Maj.) E. G...S. (ret. pay), E, Fus.Lewer, Maj. L. W., D.S.O., E.A.Lewis, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) F. G.,.C.M.G.,Lond. Regt. (T.F.).Lidbury, Maj. D. J., Postal Section, E.E..(Spec. Ees.).Liddell, Oapt. (temp.. Lt.-Col.) C. G., D.S.O.*Leic. E.Linton, Capt. C. S., Wore.E.Lipsett, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) L. J.,,C.M.G., E. Ir. E.Lister, Maj. F. H.,E.A.Livesey, Temp. Capt. E. F. E., Spec. List.Lloyd, Temp. Lt. H. A., Spec. List.Locking, Temp. Capt. T. P., General List, NewArmies.Long, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.)S. C. (Ees. of Off.), late Eif. Brig.Longridge, Bt. Lt.-Col. J. A., 43rdErinpura.Eegt. (Ind. Army).Lucey, Capt. S. .T., L. N. Lan. E.Luckock, Maj. E.M., D.S.O., E. Lane. E.Ludgate, Ma]. W., A.V.C.Lumsden, Maj. W. F., E.A. Lyon, Lt,.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) F., D.S.O.,..E.A.Lyttleton, Capt. A. G., Welsh E.Macan, Col. T. T. (ret. pay).McCulloch, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. J., 7th-,D. Gds.McDiarmid, Capt. J. I. A., E.A.Macdonald, Maj. A. G., E. Berks. E.Macdonald,Maj. D., A.V.C.Macdonogh, Maj.-Gen. G. M. W., C.B.McDougall,Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) W. A.,.F.E.C.V.S., A.V.C. (T.F.) (Ees. of Off.).McGrath, Maj. A. T., E.A.McHardy, Lt.-Col. A. A., D.S.O., E.A. Mackenzie,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) 0W. S.,...A.O. Dept.McKeown, Temp. Lt. N. E.,E.A.McLachlan, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. D.,,..Cam'n Highrs.McLay, Maj. W.J., E.F.A.McLeod, Capt. D. K., Corps of Guides (Ind._Army).McMahon, Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. J.Macmin, Capt. B., E.F.A, (T.F.).Macpherson, Capt. A. D.,E.F.A.Macready, Maj.-Gen. (temp. Lt.-Gen.) Sir-C. F. N., K.C.B., K.C.M.G.Macready, Capt. J., D.S.'O., Bedf. E.Magniac, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. L.,E.E.Maitland, Maj. C. A. S.,.Gord. Highrs.Malet, Capt. H. C. (ret. pay), 8th Hrs.'(Spec..Ees.)..Mallet, Temp. Lt. S. E., Spec. List.Mangles, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)E.H., D.S.O.,E. W. Surr. E.Manners, Maj. Lord E. W. 0., D.S.O. (Ee<-.of Off.). '

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Mansel- Jones, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C.,V.C., D.S.O. (Res. of Off.), late W.York.R.Harden, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) T. 0.,C.M.G., Welsh R.Marindin, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) A. H., R.Highrs.Markes, Maj. J. C., Leins. R.Marks, Maj. W. O.,A.S.C.Marrable, .Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) A. G.,Yorks. L.I.Martin, Lt.-Col. E.E., F.R.C.V.S., A.V.C.Martin, Hon. Maj. J. E. B., C.V.O. (Capt.,ret. pay), late K. R.Rif. C.Matheson, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) T. G., C. Gds.Maude,Capt. C. G., R. Fus.Maxwell, Maj.-Gen. (temp. Lt.-Gen.) Sir R.C., K.C.B.May, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. S., D.S.O., R.Fus.Meade-Waldo, Maj. E. R., Rif.Brig.Meares, Maj. M., R.A.Medlicott, Capt. H. E., 3rd Skinner's Horse(Ind.Army).Melville, Capt. G. D., Welsh R.Mercer,"Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) M.S., C.B.,Can. Local Forces.Mildmay, Hon. Lt.-Col. (temp. Maj. in Armv)F. B.fT.F.Res.).Minshull-Ford, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. R.M., R. W. Fus.Mitchell,Temp. Maj. (Capt. Res. of Off.) C.J., Oxf. & Bucks L.I. (T.F.).Mitford,Hon. Brig.-Gen. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)B. R., (J.B., D.S.O. (Res. of Off.).Moir, Maj. (temp. Lt.-C'ol-.) A. J. G., R.Scots.Monro, Lt.-Gen. (temp. Gen.) SirC. C.,G.C.M.G., K.C.B.Montagu-Stuart-Wortley, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.)R. N., Hamps.Yeo.Montgomery, Lt.-Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) A.A., R.A.Montgomery, Capt.and Bt. Maj. H. F.,R.M.L.I.Moore, Lt.-Col. C. H. G., C.M.G., D.S.O.,SupplyandTransport Corps (Ind. Army).Moore, Maj. H. T. G., D.S.O., R.E.'Moore, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) M., A.S.C.Morgan, Lt.-Col. J. W. M., A.S.C.Moulton-Barrett, Col. E. A., C.M.G. (ret.pay), A.O. Dept.Munby, Maj. J. E.,Yorks. L.I.Murphy, Hon. Capt. J., A.O. Dept.Murray, Lt.-Col. J. A. S., A.O. Dept.Muspratt, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) S. F., 12th Cavalry (Ind. Army).Napier, Maj. V. M. C., D.S.O., R.A.Nason, Bt.-Col. F. J.,C.M.G., D.S.O., ret,pay-Nation, Maj. (temp. Col.) J. J. H., R.E.Neilson, Maj. W.G.,D.S.O., Arg. & Suth'dHighrs.^Tewbold, Maj. T. C., Notts & Derby R. (T.F.)..Newcome, Maj. (temp. Lt.-C'ol.) H. W.,D.S.O., R.F.A.Newsom, Lt.-Col. A.C.,A.V.C.Nicholl, Capt. H. I., D.S.O. (Res. of Off.).Nicholson, Col. (temp. Brig.Gen.) G. H.,C.B.Nicholson, Col. J. S-., C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.Nicholson, Lt.-Col.and Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C. L., E..Lan. R.N^holson, Maj. O. H. L., D.S.Oi,W. York.R.Nicholson, Maj. W. N., Suff. R.Nicol, Maj. W. H., A.V.C.Norton,Capt.. E. F., R.F.A.Nunn, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) T. H. C.,D.S.O., R. W.Kent. R.Ogstoii, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C., D.S.O.,Gord. Highrs.Oldham, Maj. F. H.L., R.A.Orton, Capt. S. B., 39th Garhwal Rif. (Ind.Army).Oswald, Lt. (temp. Maj.)W. D., D.S.O., 5thD. Gds. (Spec. Res.) (comdg. Service Bu.,W. York. R.).Ouseley, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. G.,C.M.G., D.S.O., R.A.Packe, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) E. C., R. Fus.Paley, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. T., D.S.O.,Rif.Brig.Palmer, Lt.-Col. H. I. E. (Ind. Army).Panet, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A.E., R.E.Parish, Capt. F. W., K. R. Rif. C.Parish, Temp. Capt. C. W., General-List,NewArmies.Parker, Col. St. J. W. T.Parker, Qrmr. and Hon. Capt. E. A., R. W.Fus.Parsons, Capt. C. (Res. of Off.).Partridge, Temp. Maj. S. G., StationeryServices.Pereira, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) G. E.,C.M.G., D.S.O. (Res. ofOff.).Petrie, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. D., C.B.Phelps, Col. A., A.S.C. -Philip,Temp. Lt. E. L., Gen. List, XewArmies.Phillpotts, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)L. M.,D.S.O., R.A.Pigott, Lt.-Col. G. E., D.S.O., A.S.C.Pike, Capt. G. D., 9thGurkha Rif. (Ind.Army).Pitt-Taylor, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. W.,D.S.O., Rif.Brig.Place, Maj. C. O., D.S.O., R.E.Plumer, Gen. SirH. C. O., G.C.M.G., K.C.B.Pope, Capt. S. B., 58th Vaughan's Rif. (Ind.Army).Popham, Maj. R. S., D.S.O.,Notts & DerbyR.Porter, Maj. C. L., E. Kent R.Potter, Maj.'C. F., R.A.Potts,Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) F., C.M.G.,R.A.Powell, Maj. P. L. W., WelshR.Powell, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) S. H., C.B.Pratt, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E.St. G.,D.S.O.Preedy, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F., R.E.Prowse, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) C. B.,Som. L.I.Pryce, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. E. ap R.,C.M.G.,18th Inf. (Ind. Army).Pryce-Jones, Maj. H. M., C. Gds.Radcliffe, Bt. Lt.Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) P.P. de B., R.A.Ramsay, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) F. W.,D.S.O., Midd'xR.Ramsay, Maj. H. A., R.A. . .Rawlins, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. S. W.H.,D.S.O., R.A.Rawlinson, Lt.-Gen. (temp. Gen.) Sir H.-S.,Bt., K.C.B., C.-V.O.Rayner, Maj. W. B. F., R. Fus.Ready, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. F. F., D.S.O.,R.BerksR.Reddie, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Reed, 2nd Lt. T. M.,H.A.C. (T.F.).

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Rees-Mogg, Temp. Maj. (Vet. Capt., 1st L.Gds.) G. B. C.,A.V.C.Reid, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. J., A.S.C.Renny, Maj. L. F., D.S.O:, R. Dub.Fus.Richardson, Capt. A. W. C., Bedf. R.Riddell, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. V. D.,D.S.O., R.A.Rimington, Maj.-Gen. (temp. Lt.-Gen.) M.F., C.V.O.,-C.B.Rimington,Lt. R. G. W., 6th Dns.Ritchie, Lt.-Col. and St.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)A. B., C.M.G., Sea. Highrs.Roberts, Temp. Capt. H. C., Spec. List.Robertson,Lt.-Gen. (temp. Gen.) Sir W. R.,K.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O.Robertson,Maj. D. E., llth Lrs.Robinson, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) W. A.,C.B.Rochfort, Capt. H. B., 21st Lrs.Rocke, Capt. C. E. A. S., Supply and TransportCorps (Ind. Army).Rogers, Maj. H. S., Shrop. L.I.Romer, Lt.-Col. and Bt.Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C. F., C.B., A.D.C., R. Dub. Fus.Ross-Johnson, Lt.-Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) C.Rotton, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. G.,R.A.Rowan, Maj.P. S., D.S.O., Wilts. R.Russell, Maj. (temp.-Lt.-Col.) F. D., 1st Lrs.(Ind. Army).Russell-Brown, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp.Ryan, Maj. C. I., Essex R.Sackville-West, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)the Hon. C. J.,C.M.G., K.R. Rif. C.Sanders, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) G. H.,D.S.O., R.A.Sanders, Bt. Lt.-Col. A. R. C., R.E.Sandys, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) W. B. R.,C.MlG., R.A.Gangster, Maj. P. B., 2nd Lrs. (Ind. Army).Sawyer, Temp. Capt. E.G., Spec. List.Scafe, Maj. W. E., :Devon. R.Schreiber, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) A.L.,D.S.O., A.D.C.Scott, Maj. J. C., Arg. & Suth'd Highrs.Scott-Elliot, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) C. R., 81stPioneers (Ind. Army).Scott-Murray, Temp. Capt. A. E.,Gen. List,New Armies.Seth-Smith, Capt. H. G., A.S.C.Seymour, Capt. E., M.V.O.(Res. of Off.).Shea, Lt.-Col. and Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)J. S, McK., C.B.,D.S.O. (Ind. Army).Shekleton, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. P.,Shelley, Capt. E. V.M., R. War. R.Shelton, Capt. (temp. Maj.) R., A.S.C.Sheppard, Maj. (temp. Lt.C'ol.) R. O.,A.O. Dept.Sherlock, Maj. D. J. C. E., R.F.A.Sherlock, Maj. G. W. S.,6th Gurkha Rif.Shewen, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) M. T. (ret.pay, Ind. Army).Shute,Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C..D.Sillem, Col. (tempi Maj.-Gen.) A. F.Silverthorne, Maj. J. W. B. (ret. pay), lateYork. R.Simson, Capt. H. J., R. Scots.Singer, Bt. Col. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. W.,D S O RESingleton* Maj.' H. T. C.,D.S:O., High. L.I.Smith, Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) W. D., C.B,Smyth, Maj. R. R.,Leins.-R.Smyth, Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. E., R.A.Smyth-Osbourne, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) G. N.T., Devon. R.Smythe, Temp. Lt. E. H., Spec. List.Snow, Capt. H.-W.(Res. of Off.), late RoyalWest Kent Regt.Solly-Flood, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)A.,D.S.O., 4th D.Gde.Stalbridge, Temp. Lt. Lord H.Stanley, Capt. (temp. Brig.Gen.) the Hon. F.C., D.S.O. (Res. of Oif.).Steavenson, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.Gen.)C. J.,L'pool R.Stephens, Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. B.,Rif. Brig.Stephenson, Capt. L. F., S. Staff. R.Stevens, Maj. C. M. H., R.A.Stewart, Lt.Col.C. G., D.S.O., R.A.Stewart, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) I., D.S.O., Sco.Rif.Stockley,Maj. E. N"., R.E.Stockwell, Maj. (temp. Lt.-<Cbl.) C. I.,D.S.O.,R.W. Fus.Stokes, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) A., C.B.,D.S.O.Stokes, Maj. H.W.P., A.S.C.Stourton, Maj. the Hon. E. P. J., Yorks. L.LStrick, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) J. A., D.S.Q.,Shrop. L.I.Strong, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.rGen.) W., R.A.Stuart,Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) A. M.,.C.B.,R.E.Surtees, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)H. C., C.B.,M.V.O., D.S.O., ret. pay.Sutton, Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) H. C., C.B.Suttan, Lt. (temp. Capt.) Sir R. V., Bt., 1stL, Gds.Sutton-Nelthorpe, Capt. O., Rif.Brig.Swan, Col. W. T1., C.B., M.B., A.M.S.Sweny, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) W. F., R. Fus.Sydney-Turner, Ma], (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. GR., A.S.C.Symons, Lt.-Col. A., 13th Hrs.Tagart, Col. (temp. Maj.-Gen.) H. A. L.,C.B.,D.S.O.Tandy, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. N., R.A.Tanner, Col. (temp. Brig.Gen.)J. A., C.B.,D.S.O., ret. pay.Taylor, Maj. and Hon. Lt.-Col. C. N. (T.F.Res.).Taylor, Capt. L. M., Yorks. L.I. (T.F.).Tennyson, Capt. the Hon. L. H., Rif.Brig.Ternan, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) T. P. B.,C.M.G., D.S.O., ret. pay.Thacker,Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. C.,Can. Local Forces.Thompson, Lt.-Col.and Bt. Col. (temp. Brig,-Gen.), W. A. M., C.B., R.A.Thompson, Maj. F. V., R.E.Thomson, Maj. R. G., R.A.Thomson, Capt. A. D., Arg\ & Suth'dHighrs. (T.F.).Thomson, Capt. J. N., R.A.Thorburn, Maj. A. B., Arg. '& Suth'd Highrs.Thresher, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. H., Rif.Brig. (Res. of Off.).Thuillier, Lt.Col.(temp. 'Brig.-Gen.) H. F.,C.M.G., R.E.Thunder, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) S. H. J.,North'n R.Tindle, Capt. (temp. Maj.) R., A.V.C.Tinley, Col. G. F. N., C.B. (Ind.Army).Tompson, Maj. R. H. D., D.S.O., R.A.Tower, Capt. B. C. B., R. Fus.Traill, Maj. W. H., E. Lan. R.Trench, Maj. D.'Le P., R.A.Trenchard, Bt. Col.(temp. Maj.-Gen.) H, M.,C.B., D.S.O., A.D.C., R. Be. Fus.


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Turner, Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) M. N., C.B.Turner, Maj. J. E., Sco. Rif.Twining, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) P. G.,M.V.O.,C.M.G., R.E.Twiss, Capt. E. K., 10th Jats (Ind. Army).Twiss, Capt. H. W.F., Supply and TransportCorps (Ind. Army).Twiss, Maj. W. L. 0., 9th Gurkha Rif.Twyford, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) L. T. C.(Res. of Off.).Tyler, Lt.-Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) J. A., R.A.Tyler, Maj. R. M., Durh. L.I.Tyndale, Temp. Capt. W. F.R., Spec. List.Uniacke, Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. C. C.,R.A.UrquTiart, 2nd Lt.(temp. Lt.) J. A. B., N.Mid. Bde., R.G.A. (T.F.).Uzielli, Capt. T. J./R. Lane. R.VanStraubenzee, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)C. H. C., C.B.Vaughan, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) L. R.,D.S.O., 7th Gurkha Rif.Yenning, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) iW. K., D. ofCorn. L.I.Vesey, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) I. L. B., R.W.Surr. R.Vincent, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) B., 6th Dns.Vivian, Maj. y., M.V.O., D.S.O., G. Gds.Von EssenMoberly, Maj. C. (Res. of Off.).Vyvyan, Bt. Col. C. B., C.B., C.M.G. (ret.pay).Wace, Maj. E. G., R.E.Waloot, Capt. B., D.S.O., R.E.Wales, Capt. H.R.H.Edward, Prince of,K.G., G. Gds.Wales, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. H., R.A.Walker,Maj. R. S., R.E.Walton, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) W. C. (Ind.Army).WardJackson, Temp. Maj. C. L., York Hrs.(T.F.).Wardrop, Lt.-Col.(temp.Brig.-Gen.) A. E.,C.M.G., R.A.Warwick, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. B.,A.O.Dept.Watling, Lt.-Col. F. W., R.E.Watson, Capt. F. L., W. York. R. (T.F.).Watson, Capt, R. MacG., D.S.O., R. Dub.Fus.Watt, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Cbl.) D.M.,D.S.O.,2nd Gurkhas (Ind. Army).Webber, Maj. N. W., R.E.Weber, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) W. H. F., R.A.Welch, Lt.-Col. M. H. E., R. Ir. Regt.Wellesley, Lt.Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.)R. A. C., C.M.G.Westley, Capt. J. H. S., York. R.Wethered,Maj. J. R., Glouc. R.Whateley, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) E. G., Herts.R. (T.F.).Whigham, Maj.-Gen. R. D., C.B., D.S.O.Whinney, Maj. H. F., R. Fus.White,Hon. Brig.-Gen. W. L., C.B. (ret.pay).Whitehead, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J.,1stBrahmans (Ind. Army).Wickham, Maj. C. G., D.S.O., Norf. R.Wigram, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) K., 2ndGurkha Rif.Wilberforce, Col. H. W., C.B., D. Gds.Wilkinson, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) E. B.,Line. R. (Res. of Off.).Wilkinson; Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) M. G..C.B., M.V.O., ret. pay.Williams, Lt.-Col. S. F., R.E.Williams, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) V. A. S.rCan. Local Forces.Wilson, Capt. W.C., D.S.O., Leic. R.Wingfield, Capt. and Bt. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) Hon. M. A., Rif.Brig.Wingate, Col. A. W. S. (ret. pay) (Ind.Army).Withycombe, Lt.-Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen. >W. M., C.M.G., Yorks. L.I.Wood, Lt.-Col. C. B. (ret. pay).Wood,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) D., Rif. Brig.Wood, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) P.R.rC.M.G., R. Ir. Fus.Wood, Lt.-Col. and Bt. Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) T. B., R.G.A.Woodroffe, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. R., R.A.Wroughton, Maj. (temp. Col.) J.B., C.M.G.,R. Suss. R.Wylly, Capt. G. G. E., V.C., Corps of Guides.(Ind. Army).Wynne, Capt. O. E., R.E.Yatman, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) C.,D.S.O., North'd Fus.Pratap Singh, "Bahadur " of Jodhpur, Hon.Maj.-Gen. H.H.Maharajah Sir, G.C.S.I.,G.C.V.O., K.C.B., A.D.C.Muhammad AliBeg, Hon. Lt.Col. Nawab Sir,K.C.I.E., M.V.O., Afsur-ub-Mulk ofHyderabad.Sajjan Singh, Rajaof Rutlam, Hon. Maj.H.H. Sir, K.C.S.I., 39th Cent. India Horse.AUSTRALIANFORCES.STAFF.Watts, Maj. B. A. G., R. Aust. G.A.Benson,Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R. P.,.C.M.G., R.A.Budworth, Lt.-Col.(temp.Brig. -Gen. )>C. E. D., C.B., M.V.O., R.A.De Pree, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.Gen.) H. D.,C.M.G., R.A.Pollard, Lt.-Cbl. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. H. W.,.C.M.G.,R. Sco. Fus.Charles, Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)-J. R. E., D.S.O., R.E.Carter-Campbell, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)G. T. C., D.S.O., Sco. Rif.Baird, Maj.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) A. W. F.,C.M.G., D.S.O., Gord. Highrs.Rankin, Maj. and Bt.Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-

Gen.) C. H., D.S.O., 7th Hrs.Marshall, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) F. J., Sea..Highrs.Cator, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) A. B. E.,,D.S.O., S. Gds.Done, Maj.(temp.Brig.-Gen.) H. R., D.S.O.,.Norf. R.Glasgow, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) W. J.T..(Res. of Off.).Hornby, Maj. -(temp. Brig.-Gen.) M. L.,.D.S.O. (ret. pay, Ind.Army).Trotter, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) G. F., M.V.O., D.S.O., G.Gds. (Res.of Off.).Allgood, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) W. H. L.,K.R. Rif. C. (Res. ofOff.).Sandilands, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. W.,.C.M.G., D.S.O., Cam'n Highrs.Nugent, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) F. H., D.S.O., Rif. Brig.Watson, Temp. Lt.Col.'W., F.R.S.Tones, Temp. Capt. B. M.Auld, Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. J. M., R.Berks!.R. (T.F.).

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INTELLIGENCE CORPS.Wallinger, Maj. E. A., R.A.Harran, Temp. Capt.- E. B.Hall, Temp. Capt. M. A.MoClure, Temp. Capt. I. H.Wilkinson, Temp. Capt. W. H. J.Barker, Temp. Lt. E. D. H.Macpherson, Temp. Lt.E. J.Trotter, Temp. Lt. P. C.Herbertson, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. J. WSykes, Temp. 2nd Lt.S. W.

ROYAL FLYING CORPS.Naval Wing,ftoyal Naval Air Service.Bell, FlightSub-Lt. S.Campbell, Flight Lt. W. H. E.Byrne, No. F. 4595 Petty Officer W. E.Hart, No. F.2689 Leading Mechanic C. W.

ROYAL FLYING CORPS.BrookePopham, Maj. (temp. Brig-Gen.)H. R. M., D.S.O., Oxf. & Bucks L.I.Salmond, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. M.,D.S.O., R. Lane. R.Donaldson-Hudson,Maj. R. C. (T.F. Reserve).Hynes, Capt. (temp. Maj.) G. B., R.A.NewaU, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) C. L. N., 2ndGurkha Rif.Bourke, Capt. (temp. Maj.) U. J. D.,Oxf. &Bucks L.I.Harvey-Kelly, Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. D.,D.S.O., R. Ir. Reg.MacNeeoe, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W. F., R. W.KentR.Bell-Irving, Capt. M. McB.,D.S.O. (Spec.Res.).Bettington, C'apt. A. V. (Spec. Res.).Cooper, Lt. (temp.Capt. in Army) H. L.(Spec. Res.).Erskine, Temp. Lt. R., R. Sc. Fus. (ServiceBn.).Grubb, Capt. R. R. de C., 3rd Hrs.Lewis, Capt. R. E., W.I.R.Morisoh, Lt.(temp. Capt.) A. M. (Spec. Res.).Morton, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. H., R.F.A.Tennant,Capt. J. E., S. Gds.Wynne-Eyton, Temp. Capt. C. S. (Spec. List).Cunningham, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. A.,R.F.A.'Oxenham, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. A.(Spec.Res.).Adams, Lt. A. B. (Spec. Res.).Child, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A. J., Lond.R.(T.F.). . . .De Courcy, Lt. J. A. G., R.G.A.Milne, Temp. Lt. J. T., Oxf. &Bucks. L.I.Murray, Lt. (temp. Capt.) K. D. P. (Spec.Res.)-.Norman, Temp. Lt. G. H.(Spec. Res.).Russell, Lt. H. B., R.F.A.Allcock, 2nd" Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. T. L.(Spec. Res.).Babington, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) P., Hamps.R.Goldsmith, 2nd Lt.(temp. Capt.) N., R.A.Henderson, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) M., D.S.O.,Seav. Highrs.Boyton, Temp. 2nd Lt. G. G. (Spec. List).Faber, 2nd Lt. C. (Spec. Res.).Hallam, Temp. 2nd Lt. W. A. W., A.S.C.Hughes, Temp. 2nd Lt. T. McK., K.R.Rif. C.'Mackay, 2nd Lt. H..A. D.,.Hamps. R.Medhurst,.2nd.Lt. C. E. H., R:.Innis.Fus. .Morris, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. (Spec. List)-;Plenty, Lt. E.rP., Manch.; R.: : .".:.-' -. 1 =Solomon, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. B., Oxf. & Bucks.L.I.Thayre, 2nd Lt. F. J. H.(Spec. Res.).Vagg, 2nd Lt. H. R., Som. L.I.Mead, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. J.Starling,Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. (temp. Capt. inArmy) J.McCrae, No. 174 Serjt.-Maj. J.Robbins, No. 263 Serjt.-Maj. H. V.Fulton, No. 1112 Acting Serjt.-Maj. J. (FlightSerjt.).Hayward, No. 255 Acting Serjt.-Maj. W. C.(Flight Serjt.).Fitzgerald,No.1705 Flight Serjt. M. B.Foster, No. 2292 Serjt. R. G.Greenup,No. 2443 Serjt. B. G.Hunt, No. 2057 Serjt. H. E.Mantell, No. 3599 Serjt.W. G.Newton, No. 217 Flight Serjt. D. H.Northcote, No. 7146 Serjt. R. S.Rapley, No. 1027 Serjt. C.Storey, No. 184 Flight Serjt. J.Hepple, No. 780 Carpi. G'.W.Isles, No. 1961 Corpl. A.Bell, No. 4310 1st Cl. Air Mech. G. D.Green, No.17111st Cl. Air Mech. G.Lathean, No. 681 1st Cl. Air Mech. J. A.McSwiney, No.3799 1st Cl. Air Mech. T. L.Shearing, No. 5853 Corpl. S.


1ST LIFE GUARDS. Cowie, Surg.-Maj.R.M.Coggine, No. 2258 Regtl. Corpl. -Maj. S. G..Dawes, No. 2225 SquadronCorpl. -Maj. (ActingSquadron Qrmr.-Corpl.) C. M.2ND LIFE GUARDS.Penn, Capt. F.Wallace, Capt. D. E. (Adjt.).Luxmoore, Surg.-Capt. E. J. H.Gale, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. W., D.S.O. (Res.of Off.) (killed).Stone, No. 2102 Qrmr. Cor pi. -Maj. W. A.Smith, No. 2659 Cbrpl. of Horse (Acting;Squadron Qrmr.-Corpl.)A. J.Harford, No. 2502 Corpl. of Horse W. J.

ROYAL HORSE GUARDS.Turnor, Capt. A. C. (Adjt.).Harford, Qrmr. and Hon. Capt. C. E.Jones, No.590 Squadron Corpl. Maj. B. H.

1ST DRAGOON GUARDS.Langton, Capt. (Maj.,ret., Spec. Res.) H. F..(comdg. 10th Entrenching Bn.).Farthing, 2nd Lt. L.

2NDDRAGOON GUARDS.Harman, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. E. W,Tapp, Lt.(temp. Capt.) W. H. (Spec. Res.).Moore, 2nd Lt. G. A.Boag, Qrmr. and Hon. Maj.H.

3RD DRAGOON GUARDS.Burt, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A.Buxton, No. 3777Squadron Serjt.-Maj. B.

4TH DRAGOON GUARDS.Dorman, Capt. E. M.Greenhill, Lt. T. W. (killed).Herron, 2nd Lt. W. F. (killed).

5TH DRAGOONGUARDS' ' 'Head, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) M. R.Wiley, Temp. 'Lt. H. O. .' "Mason, No.. 10092, Lce.-CorpL (Acting Corpl.) E.

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6TH DRAGOONGUARDS.Kirkley, Lt. E. St. B.

7TH DRAGOON GUARDS.Sparrow,Lt.Col. R.Clay, Maj. B. G.Greene, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J.

1STDRAGOONS.Wormald, Lt.-Col. F. W., D.S.O.Wilson-Fitzgerald, Capt. F. W.(Adjt.)

2ND DRAGOONS.Readman, Capt. J. J.Dudgeon, 2nd Lt. J. H.Blunden,No.5446 Staff Serjt.-Maj. F.

3RD HUSSARS.Willcox, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) W. T.Bell, Lt. A. H. M.

4TH HUSSARS.Wilson, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) -A. F.M. (Cav.Bde. Machine Gun Off.) (Spec. Res.).Wass, 2nd Lt. A. E.Rochford, No.11285 Pte. E.

5TH LANCERS..Metherell, 2nd Lt. H.

6TH DRAGOONS.Paterson,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E., D.S.O.

7TH HUSSARS.Bethell,Capt.(temp. Maj.) H. K.

9TH LANCERS.Phipps-Hornby, Capt. G.H.Moore, No. 4992 Serjt. J. E.

10TH HUSSARS.Gosling, Capt. G. E. (Adjt.).Rawson, No. 4004 Squad. Serjt.-Maj. W.Shepherd, No. 3040 Pte. J.

11TH HUSSARS.Stewart-Richardson, Capt. E. M.Standen, No. 1647 Serjt. (ActingSquadronQrmr.-Serjt.) S.

12TH LANCERS.Dearling, No. 2924 Corpl. H. C.

13TH HUSSARS.Williams, Lt. B. H. (Res. of Off.) (Adjt.).Cooke, Qrmr. and Hon.Lt. A.

14TH HUSSARS.Hill, No. 4498 Eegtl. Serjt.-Maj. F.

15TH HUSSARS.Rouse-Boughton, Lt. E. H.

16TH LANCERS.Shannon, Maj. W. J. (Adjt.).Callander, 2nd Lt. G. D.

17TH LANCERS.Carden, Maj. (temp. .Lt.-Col1.) R.J.W.(comdg. Service Bn., R. W. Fus:)".Watt, Capt. (temp. 'Lt.'-CoL) D. Y. (comdg.Service Bn., L. N. Lane. E'.).Jackson, No. 6013 Pte, (Acting Serjt.) H.

18THHUSSARS.Lyon, Capt. E. L. (temp. Maj., Service Bn.1,Som. L.I.).

19THHUSSARS.Franks, Lt.-Col. G. D.Tanner, Maj. H. O'S. F.

20THHUSSARS.Darling, Capt. J. C.Hatton, 2nd Lt. L.Cleminson, No. 3909 Qrmr.Serjt. L.Taylor, No. 2804 Squadron .Serjt.-Maj. J. E.,Permanent Staff, Leic.Yeo.

REMOUNT SERVICE.Ryder, Bt. Col. F. J.Whatman, Bt. Col. W. D. (ret.pay).Palmer, Lt.-Col. H. I. E. (Ind. Army).Yardley, Lt.-Col. J. W. (ret. pay).Hankey, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) S. R. A.,S. Ir. H.Dawes, Maj. E. S., 1st County ofLond. Yeo.(Capt., ret.).Hankey, Temp. Maj. W. H. A.Tompson, Capt; and Bt. Maj.H. W. (Res. ofOff.).Thompson, Temp. Maj. S. E. W. (Capt., ret.pay) (Res. ofOff.).Part, Temp. Maj. D. C. (Capt., Res. of Off.).Portal, Temp. Capt. M.Ashworth,Hon. Capt. E. F. W. (Res. of Off.).

NORTH IRISH HORSE.Waring, Maj.H. (comdg. Divl. MountedTroops).Barns, No. 3657 Squadron Serjt.-Maj. T. A.

SOUTH IRISH HORSE. HamiltonnStubber, Maj. E. (C'apt., ret. pay).Rutherford, No. 1293 Pte. H.

KINGEDWARD'S HORSE.Hermon, Maj. E. W. (Capt., ret. pay).Russell, Maj. G.G.Cradock, Lt.-Col. M., C.B. (ret.).Cradock, Capt. (temp. Maj.) S. W. K.,D.S.O.Welch, No. 44 Squadron Serjt.-Maj. H. L.Knowles, No. 389 Lee.-Serjt. B.


YORKSHIRE HUSSARS (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Dawnay, 2nd Lt. E. G.Parkin, No. 2478 Eegtl. Serjt.-Maj. J.Post-ill, No. 915 Squadron Qrmr.-Serjt. A. L.


SHROPSHIRE YEOMANRY (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Hayes, Capt. (temp. Lt.Col.) J. H. (comdg.Service Bn., Welsh E.) (Res. of Off.).

LEICESTERSHIREYEOMANRY (TERRITORIALFORCE).Simpkin, 2nd Lt.(temp. Lt.) T.. H.Taylor, No. -2804 Staff Serjt.-Maj. J. R.Cuckson, No. 1659 Serjt.C. R. W.Knight, Ho. 2005 Corpl. E. HI.

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NORTH SOMERSETYEOMANRY (TERRITORIALFORCE).Mitchell, Lt. (temp. Maj.) A.B.Phipps, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. W.Watts, No. 245 Squadron Serjfc.-Maj. T. P..Edwards, No. 1245 Corpl. E. W.

NORTHUMBERLAND YEOMANRY(TERRITORIALFORCE). _.!Burrell, C'apt. (temp. Maj.) S.Patterson,2nd Lt. J. A.Edwards, No. 38 Serjt. J;

WESTMORLAND AND CUMBERLAND YEOMANRY(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Beddington,Maj. and Bt. Lt.-C'ol. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. (comdg. Divl.Mounted Troops).Grindal, No. 1615 Squadron Serjt.-Maj. J.


OXFORDSHIRE YEOMANRY (TERRITORIALFORCE) .Scott, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) J. W.Bolingbroke, No. 1853 Signalling Corpl. R. O.(died of wounds).

LOTHIANS AND BORDER HORSE (TERRITORIALFORCE).Stewart,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. B.Nelson, Lt. (temp.Capt.) T. A.Brydon, 2nd Lt. J. H.Morgan, No. 164 Squadron Serjt.-Maj. G. A.Anderson, No. 1 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. D.Hudson, No. 1008 Corp. G.

QUEEN'S OWNROYAL GLASGOW YEOMANRY (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Cayzer, Maj. H.R.Jackson, Lt. D. F.Dougan, No. 1472 Squadron Serjt.-Maj. J. M.Macnaughton,No.1479 Serjt. M. B.Rodgers, No. 2407 Pte. E.

LANCASHIRE HUSSARS (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Stanley, 2nd Lt. (temp.Capt.)The Hon. 0.F. G.

SUSSEX YEOMANRY (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Cardwell, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) R. McK.



ESSEX YEOMANRY (TERRITORIALFORCE).Buxton, Maj. A.Farrell, No. 3217 'Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. C.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE YEOMANRY (TERRITORIALFORCE).Middleton,Maj. G. G.Lowther, Capt. (temp. Maj.) Sir C.B.,!Bt.Litchfield, 2nd Lt. F.Challen, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F.


ROYAL ARTILLERY.Bannister, No, 79404 C'orpl. (Artillery Clerk)C. G.,R.G.A.Bevington, No. R.A/29869 Qrmr.-Serjt.(Artillery Clerk) (Acting Serjt.Maj.)D.Coleman, No. 34312 Serjt. T. G., R.G.A.Elliott, No. 2466 .Qrmr.-Serjt.(Artillery Clerk) (Acting Serjt.-Maj.) F. E., R.G.A.Gordon, No. 8767 Serjt.(Artillery Clerk)(Acting Serjt.-Ma.j.) S.Maber, No. 88643 Serjt. (Acting Serjt.Maj.)T. F., R.F.A.Mountfield, No. 76642 Acting Serjt.-Maj. T.,R.F.A. (T.F.).Warner, No. 6579 Battery Serjt.-Maj. A. R.

ROYAL HORSE ARTILLERY.Allardyce, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. G. B.Barry, Lt.(temp. Capt.) F.Cloete, Col. E. R. H. J.Du Buisson, Temp. Lt. T. G.Duff, Lt. G. L.A.Evans, 2nd Lt. P. R.Jardine, Lt. (temp. Capt.) C. A., D.S.O.Mellor, Maj. A.Skinner, Maj. E. J.Wallace, Capt. J. T.Wells-Cole, Lt. (temp. C'apt.) N. W.White,Lt.-Col. G. H. A.Baxter, No. 33592 Corpl. A.Capon, No. 47033 Corpl. H.Dobney, No. 33623 Battery Serjt.-Maj. H.Earle, No. 2302 Battery Serjt.-Maj. C. R.Fairbairn, No. 66441 C'orpl. C. S.

ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY.Anderson, Lt.Col.A. T.Archdale, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) T. M.,D.S.O.Arthur, Maj. H. B. C.Arundell, Temp. Lt. A. H.Badham-Thornhill, Maj. G.Banister, Bt. Col. F. M..(ret.pay).Barker, Temp. Capt. A.Barkham, Lt. E. G.Barnett, 2nd Lt. H. M. S.(Spec. Res.)(killed).Battersby, Lt. (temp..Capt.) J. W.Bentley, Temp. Lt. J. L. B.Boone, Maj. H. G.Boyd, Maj. H. A.Briggs, Temp. Lt. G. R.Broadbridge, Temp.Capt. W.Browell, Lt.-Col. W. B.Brown, Temp. 2nd Lt. T. M. (Spec. Res.).Brydone-Jack, 2nd Lt. H. D. (Spec. Res.).Budden, Capt. E. F.Burrows, Lt. E.W.M. . -Burt, Temp. Capt. H. F.Butletr-Stoney, C'apt. R. B. (Adjt.j.Calnan, 2nd Lt.(temp. Capt.) W. J.Cammell, Capt. G. A., D.S.O.Campbell, 2nd Lt. J. C.Cardell,Temp. Capt. E. P.Cardew, Lt.-Col. G. A.Carrington, Maj. C. R. B.Carter,Bt.Col. A. H. (ret. pay).Cavenagh, Lt. T. F. (Adjt.).Chown, Temp. Lt. C. R.Clark, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. E., D.S.O.Cleeve, Bt. Col. E. S.Coates, Lt.-Col. D.R.Coates, Lt.-Col. R. C., D.S.O.Cochrane, 2nd Lt. D. T. (Spec. Res.).Collins, Lt.F.C.Corbett, Temp. Capt. F. H.Cotton, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. S., 'D.S.Q.Cowie,Temp. Lt. N. B. St. J.

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Cowie, Temp. Lt. W. N.Cox, Maj. C. H.F.Crofton, Maj. M., D.S.O.Cartels, Lt. C. I.Dare, Temp. Lt. H.Dixon, Temp. Lt.Col. F. A.Dixon, 2nd Lt. C. H.Dodds, Lt. T. E.Duncan, Lt. (temp. C'apt.) W. E.Dutton, Temp. Lt. J. G.Elles, Capt. P. G. M.Elliot, 2nd Lt. G. M.Ellis, .Capt. R. S.Erskine, Maj. A. E.Evans, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) W.,D'.S.O.Farrell, 2nd Lt. R.C. (iSpec. Res.).Fleming, Capt. E. C. (Adjt.)Forman, Maj1. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. B.,D.S.O.Fox, Temp. Capt. A.Fullerton, Maj. J. C.Gillespie, Temp. Maj. H. J.Gillum,Capt. W. W., D.S.O.Goff, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) L. T.Graham, Capt. Lord D.M.Green, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) F. S.Griffith-Williams, Lt. E. L. G. (Adjt.).Hall, Lt.H. R.Hardman, Lt.-Col. R. S.Harman, Lt. A. L. (Adjt.).Hawker, Lt. T. M. (Adjt.).Hayes, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. T. H.Heath, Lt.-Col. F. W.Hemming, Temp. Lt. H.H.Henning, Lt.-Col. P. W. B.Hext, Lt.-Col. L. J.Hezlet, Maj. R. K.Hinton, Lt.-Col.G. B., C.M.G.Hirst, Temp. 2nd Lt. H.Hodgkinson, Temp. Lt. T. G.Howell, Lt. N.(Spec. Res.).Hutchison, Capt. H. O.Jackson, Maj. F. W. F. (Spec. Res.).Jones, Maj.W. A. F.Kane, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. E. (Adjt.).Kelly, 2nd Lt. R. B. T.Kenworthy,Temp. Lt. A. R.Kirkland, Maj. T.Knight, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. L.W.M.(ret.).Knight, Lt. L.Laidman, Temp. Lt. J. H.Lankester, Lt. F. R. F.Lloyd, Lt.Col. H. G., D.S.O.Loch, Lt. (temp. Capt-.) K. M.Longbourne, Temp. Lt. J.Lorimer,Temp. Lt. R. C.Lowe, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H.Loxton, 2nd Lt. M. F. (Spec.Res.).Lund, Lt. (temp. Capt.) O. M.Lyon, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. (Res. ofOff.).Lyon, Maj. C. D. G. .Mackay, Temp. Lt. W. G.McLeod, Capt. N. M.McMaster, Capt. H.Macrosty, Temp. Lt. H. H. (killed).Marr, Temp. Lt. F. S.Massy, Lt.-Col. E. C.Medley, Lt. E. J. (Adjt.).Milford, Maj. K. E.Miller, Temp. Lt.W.Morgan, Lt. W. D.Munt, Temp. Lt. E. (Adjt.).Murray, Maj. W. A. (Adjt. R.H.A.(T..'F.)).Murray, 2nd Lt. J. O.Nornabell;, Maj. H. M.Oldfield, Lt.-Col. L. C. L.,D.S.O. -Ormerod, Temp. Lt.-Col. G. M.Ormsby, Temp. Lt. G. V. (Adjt.).Packard,Lt.-Col. H. N., D.S.O. (killed).Paterson, Maj. and temp. Lt.-Col. P. J.rD.S.O.Paul, Lt. (temp. Capt.) L. I. C. 'Perceval, Lfc. R. R. M.Pottinger, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) E. C. (Res. of Off.).Pratt, Lt. G. C. S. (died of wounds).Pringle, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. H. G.Pullen, Lt. J. W. (Spec. Res.).Rhodes, Capt. B. F. -Ricardo', Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)H.G. (ret.).Robinson, Maj. F. W.Rudkiii, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col. and Bt. Lt.-Col.)W. C. E., D.S.O. rfRusher, Lt A. E. (Adjt.).Russell, Capt. H.Savile, Maj. L. W.Seligman, Lt.-Col. H. S.Singleton, Temp. Lt. J. E. (Adjt.).Slee, Temp. Lt. A. B.Smith, Temp. Lt. A. C.Smith, 2nd Lt. L. C. L.Stanley, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) Hon.G.F.Stephenson, Capt. D. C.Stevens, 2nd Lt. T.Steward, 2nd Lt. F. K.Stewart,Lt.-Col. D. B.Stirling, Bt. Col. J. W. (ret. pay).Stockley, Lt.-Col. A. TJ.Streatfeild, Maj. H. S. (Res. of Off.).Sutton, Maj. F.Talbot, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)G.J. F. (ret. 'pay)-Tayleur, Lt. (temp. Capt.) C. L. O., D.S.O.Thackeray, Maj. C.B.Thomson, Lt. V. H. \Thorburn, Lt. S. K.Tilney, Lt.-Col. N. E.Tovey, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) G. S., D.S..O.Trevenen, Lt. S. V.Usborne, Temp. Capt. A. J.Vaughan,Maj. H. H. S..Wainewright, Maj. A. R. (temp. Lt.-Col.,T.F.).Walford, Maj.J. C., D.S.O.Walthall, Maj. (temp, and Bt. Lt.-Col.) E. C.W. D., D.S.O.Ward, Lt.Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. D. O..Warder, Lt. R. O., D.S.O.Warren, Maj. W. R.,D.S.O.White, Temp. Capt. A.Whitridge, temp. 2nd Lt. A.Williamson, Capt. H. N.H.Wilson, Temp. Lt.-Col. A. E., D.S.O..Wilson, Maj. P. H. (Adjt. T.F.).Wilson,Temp. Capt. C. H. E.Woolward, Temp. Lt. A. T.Wynford, Maj. Lord Jf.G. (Res. of Off.).Young, Maj. H. G., D.S.O.Young, Temp. Lt. W. F. (Adjt. T.F.).Alexander. No. 67698 Corpl. A.Arnold, No. 51074 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. G. B.Ayres, No. 9708-Serjt. J. O. (killed).Bailey, No. 10772 Acting Bombr. S.'Bale, No.9953 Farrier Serjt. W.Baster, No. 86907 "Corpl. G. H.Binley, No. 47141 GunnerH. G. 'Black, No. 17130 Bombr. W.Bloor, No. 66800 Bombr. R. ' -Bougrhen,No. 327-57 Battery Serjt.-Maj. J.Bradshaw, No. 59870 Bombr.. H,Brand,No. L/2001 Battery Qrmr.-Serjk.D. L.Brodie, No. 94028 Serjt; T; M.


Brooksbank, No. RFRA/3264 Sert. (Acting Battery Serjt.-Maj.) H.Buttery,No. 38441 Gunner H.Chapman, No. 53051 Bombr. W. C.Chatfield, No.6080 Battery Serjt.-Maj. (ActingEegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) C.Codling, No. 8147 BatterySerjt.-Maj. E.Coggan, No. 96437 Serjt. F.Collier, No. L/9485 Corpl. F.Cooper,No. 51864 Battery Qrmr.-Serjt.(temp. W. O., Class I.) F. L.Cope, No.41428Driver A. B.Coules, No. 89833 Fitter Staff Serjt. E. A.Crawford, No. 4172Bombr. E.Dallimore, No. 24970 Battery Serjt.-Maj.T. L.Dellbridge, No. 34614Battery Serjt.-Maj.E. J.Dellow, No. L/10182 Driver E.Dew, No. 101884 Serjt.G. ~Dight, No. 63498 Serjt. P. """-Drake, No. 26206 Acting Bombr. E.Dunstan,No. 35147 Serjt. E. C. F.Emeney, No. 10798 Acting Eegtl. Serjt.-Maj.W. .^Erickson;'No. 29015 Fitter Corpl. J. G.Evans, No. 74426 Corpl. J. H.Carratt, No.96175 Gunner A.Goodman, No. 35043 Serjt. W. J.Goose, No. 3696 Battery Serjt.Maj. C. G.Gossman, No. 88952 Staff Serjt. Fitter A.Grainger, No. 49470 Serjt.G. H.Green, No. 99939 Driver T.Greenfield, No. 38823 Serit- E. E.Griffith, No.34144 Serjt. (Acting Qrmr.-:Serjt.) M.Hanson, No. 13681 Battery Serjt.-Maj G.W.Hardage, No. 61393 Serjt. H. C.Hawkins, No. 51052 Acting Serjt. L. W.Haynes,No. 61245 Corpl. C.Henderson, No. 51927 Gorpl. J. E.Hewett, No. 641Serjt. J.Higgin,,,.-No. 68689 Bombr. H. F.IveT'No. 94148 Gunner G.Jackson, No.71503 Corpl. A.Jackson, No. L/2619 Corpl. E.Jones, No. 66768 Gunner H.Keegan, No. 6757 Battery Serjt.-Maj. W.Kellie, No- 63914 Bombr. W.Kellow, No.29027 Gunner J.Kendall, No. 1962 Serjt. G. H.Kerr, No. 46397 Battery Serjt.Maj.A.Keynton, No. 3965 Battery Serjt.-Maj. E.Kirkham, No. 56147 Driver E.Lawson, No. 53128 Gunner J.Lobley, No. 48194 Serjt. W. J. J.Mackay, No. 85102Bombr. J. P.Margetts, No. 95931 Bombr. N. J.Mercer, No. L/17274 Bombr. H.Merrick, No. 1710 Serjt.-Maj. T. J. Mills, No. 44284 Corpl. W. P. Moxham, No. 29734 Battery Serjt.-Maj. H. E.aturton,No. 23111 Battery Serjt.-Maj.C. H. A.Nappin, No. 86010 Serjt. W.Newman, No. 72536 Corpl. G.Nicholl, No. 31698 Serjt. H. C. (killed).Penn, No.38756 Battery Serjt.-Maj. G. J.Perks, No. 89962 Serjt. E. J.Pickles, No. 8217.0Corpl. H.Pittard, No. 44402 Bombr. A. E.Prismall, No. 3266 Corpl. W. G.Pye,No. 27407 Battery Serjt.-Maj,. (ActingEegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) W. J.Eafferty, No.6081 Gunner P.Been, No. 45233 Corpl. T. P.Kiley, No. 96537 Corpl. G.Eoberts,No. 50121 Corpl. F. W. H.Eobinson, No. 99881 Corpl. C.Eobinson, No.L/16538 Gunner J.Eogers, No. 10911 Bombr. A.Eowe, No. 85184 Bombr. W. J.Silverton, No. 37793 Serjt. E. G.Simpson, No. 5871 Driver H. E.Sinclair, No. 34885Battery Serjt.-Maj. (ActingSerjt.-Maj.) B.Smith, No. 90635, Gunner J.Spears,No. 45352 Corpl. H.Strickland, No. 99892 Bombr. E.Trussell, No. 79158Acting Bombr. A.Tucker, No. 16527 Battery Serjt.-Maj. (ActingEegtl. Serjt.Maj.) H.Turner, No. 24230 Battery Serjt.-Maj. E. C.Vevers, No. 50497 Eegtl.Serjt.-Maj. J.Williams, No. 62867 Corpl. E. J.Williams, No. 7661 Battery Serjt.Maj:'G.Williamson, No. 52893 Driver E. A..Wilson, No. 63905 Gunner D. E.

ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY.Apletre, Capt. E. C.Bagnall, Capt. H. G. 'Banting, Temp. Lt. P. E.Bassett, Maj. J. C.Birbeck, Lt. J. H. B. (Adjt.).Bocquet,Temp. Lt. W. M.Brancker, Maj. H. E.Buckle, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.Gen.) C. E.,'D.S.O.Bunbury, Maj. E. S.Castle, Maj. E. W.Chapman, Lt.-Col. L.J.Church, Temp. 2nd Lt. B. H.Chuter, Lt. E.Couper, Lt. T, J.Cummins, Maj. E. J.Cunningham-Cunningham, Maj. T.Curteis, Capfc. (temp. Maj.) C. S. S. (Ees. ofOff.).Davies, Capt. O. H.Dean, 2nd Lt. C. E. B.Donnelly, Capt. T. 'Dowell, Col. G.C.Dunsterville, Capt. K. F.East, Lt.-Col. L. W. P., D.S.O.Field, Lt. (temp. Capt.) F.D.. Firebrace, Capt. E. C. W. G.Fraser, Lt.-Col. L. D.Garratt, Lt. L. F. (Adjt.).Garry,Lt. (temp. Capt.) E. V. M.Graham, 2nd Lt. A. F. (Spec. Ees.) (killed).Grinlinton, Maj. J. L.Gurney, Lt. L. (Adjt.).Hamilton, Lt. H. A.Hardy, 2nd Lt.(temp. Lt.) W.Harman, Temp. Capt. E. E.Henry, Lt. W. T.Hickling, Maj. C. L.Hudson, Capt. N.Jones, Lt.-Col. W. H.Justice, Capt. P. W.Kelly, Maj. C. E.Kingscote, Capt. A. 'E. F.Knapp, Lt.-Col.,K. K.Leslie, 2nd Lt. H. F. (Spec. Ees.)(Adjt.).Lewes, Maj. P. K.Lewis, Capt. W. H.Lockhart, Maj. E. N.McCulloch,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. H. F.,D.S.O.Mackenzie, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col.G. B.Mackintosh, Capt. W. A. O. C.MacMahon, Capt. G. P. E.Marsh, Lt.-Col. H.E.

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Maunsell, Lt.-Col. F. G.Metcalfe, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. F. H.Moberly,Maj. A. H.Page, Maj. C. F. G.Parrington, Lt. L.Pfeil, Capt. F. W.Phillips,Lt.-Col. T. K.Phipps, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. C. F.Pinsent, Temp. Lt. G. H.'S.Poole, Lt.-Col. F. C. (Res. of Off), D.S.O.Robert!, 2nd Lt. B. G'.Roose, Temp.Capt. Fitz R. O. J.Rumbold, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. E.Smith, Lt. A.Stanbrough, Maj. L. K.Suther, Maj. P.Thorp, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A.Vincent, Lt.Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. O.Waring, Maj. J.Williams, Temp. 2nd Lt. B. W.Young, Temp. Lt. J. F.Annear, No. 29084 Serjt. A. H.Black, No. 52692 GunnerG.-Brettell, No. 15996 Serjt. H.Brown, No. 34740 Corpl. J. A.Brown, No. 29721 Serjt. J.H.Charman, No. 42697 Corpl. S. A.Chiverton, No. 36530 Gunner A. W.Cruttenden,No. RGA/22776 Serjt. R. A.Dallman, No. 31324 Bombr. A.Fryer, No.29776 Serjt. (Acting BatteryQrmr.-Serjt.) C. A.Fuller, No. 29898 Acting Bombr.E.Gotts, No. 30035 Corpl. L. W. W.Hall, No. 23433 Battery Qrmr.-Serjt. W.Kimmett, No. SR/363 Gunner E.Kitcher, No. 24939 Bombr. A. J.Labdon, No.34427 Gunner C.Longley, No. 46167 Gunner E. S.McGowan, No. 584 Gunner J.Maddicks, No. 28020 Bombr. W. H.Neleey, No. 42594 Gunner (Acting Bombr.) C.Norris, No. 77857 Bombr. (Acting Corpl.)

(now R.E.) W. F.Pocock, No. RGA/6416 Bombr. F.Robbens, No. 34929 Bombr. F. C.Rolle, No. RA/6375 Acting Serjt.-Maj. (ArtilleryClerk) T. H.Scott, No. 21123Battery Serjt.-Maj. S. R.(now 2nd Lt.).Seymour, No. 16325 Acting Bombr. F.Summers, No. 23938 Serjt. J. C.Swinerd, No. 10767 Battery Serjt.-Maj. C.Thome,No. 16593 Acting Bombr. E.Tomlinson, No. 19143 Serjt. (Acting BattervSerjt.-Maj.) J. W.Wells, No. 27544 Corpl. N.Wilson, No. 44971 Corpl. F. J.

ROYAL HORSE ARTILLERY (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Bragg, 2nd Lt. W. L.,Leic., R.H.A.Carson, 2nd Lt. J. B. (temp. Lt. in Army),W. Riding, R.H.A.Gemmell, Maj. W. A. S., ret. pay (Res. ofOff.), Warwickshire, R.H.A.

ROYALFIELD ARTILLERY (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Alexander, Capt. T.W., Highland Divl.Ammn. Col. (Adjt.).Bartlett, Temp. Maj. F. E., London Bde.Brasnett, Lt. N. V., London Bde.Browne, Capt. (temp. Lt. Col.) G. B., S.MidlandDivl. Ammn. Col.Cattle, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) J. H. N., N. MidlandBde.Challinor, Maj. W. F., N. Midland Bde.Child, Lt.-Col. Sir S. H., Bt.,M.V.O., N,Midland Bde. (Res. of Off.).Christian, Lt. (temp. Capt.) E.? LondonBde-.Clark, Temp. Maj. H. N., London Bde. (Maj.,ret.,T.F.).Clifford, Lt.-Col.C., W. Riding Bde. . (Clifton, Capt. (temp. Maj.) P. J.,\ LondonBde. . 'Clutterbuck, Lt. M. I., S. Midland Bde.Cooper, Lt. (temp. Maj.) W., London Bde.David, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. F., N. MidlandBde.de Satge, Maj, H. V. B., N.Midland Bde.Drury-Lowe, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. D., NYMidland Bde. (Capt.,Res. of Off.):.Duncan, Maj. K., W. Riding Bde.Duncan, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. S,W. RidingBde.'Eley, Lt.-Col. E. H., London Bde. .Garden, Maj. J. W., HighlandBde.Gisborne, Lt.-Col. L. G., N. Midland Bde,Hayes, Lt. M. S., S. MidlandRde^Hirst, Lt.-Col. E. A., W. Riding Bde.Jenkinsi, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) T.,Divl. Ammn,Col.Johnston, Maj. F. G. D., Northumbrian Bde.Largen, Lt. (temp.Capt.) W. G., London Bde,Lee, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. T., London Bde..(Adjt.).Lucey, Maj. W. F., W. Riding Bde.Lupton, Lt. L. M., W. Riding Bde.MacDowell, Maj: (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. C. (Res..of Off.), London Bde.Marshall, Lt.(temp. Maj.) E. H., London-Bde.Mather, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) H. R., N. MidlandBde.(Adjt.).Morter, Lt.-Col. S. P., W. Lancashire Bde,Moss-Blundell, Lt.Col.F. B., NorthumbrianBde.Odam, Maj. W. T., London Bde. (Res. ofOff.).Osborn, Lt.-Col. L. J., W. Lancashire Bde."Pickersgill, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)F.L.,Northumbrian Bde.Plimsoll, Temp. Lt. S. R. C., Northumbrian.Bde.Reid,Lt.A. V., London Bde.Reynolds, Lt.-Cbl. J. P., W.LancashireBde-..Rowse, Maj. A. A., S. Midland Bde.Soammell, Maj. A. G.,London Bde.Smith, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. S., N. MidlandBde.Southam, Temp. Lt.Col. L. A. C., LondoniBde.Todd, 2nd Lt. W. A., S. Midland Bde.Tonge, Lt.-Col.J.,N. Midland Bde.Topping, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) T. E., D.S.O.,.W. LancashireBde.Whitley, Lt.-Col. E. N., W. Riding Bde. 'Willey, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J.,W. Riding Bde.Wise, Maj. (Hon. Lt.-Col.) W.- H., S. Midrland Bde. :Woods, 2ndLt. (temp. Lt.) W. A., S. MidlandBde.Armstrong, No. 1951 Driver W. W.,NorthumbrianAmmn. Col.Bosworth, No. 233 Gunner F. A., S. Midland'-Bde.Brayshaw, No. 439 Driver C. E., W. Riding-Bde.Brooker, No. 1177 BatteryQrmr.-Serjt. H.,,W. Riding Bde..Brown, No. 65 Battery Serjt.-Maj. W., W.Riding Bde.Byart, No. 88563 Battery Serjt.-Maj. (Acting-Regt. Serjt.-Maj.) C.,London Bde.


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Corbett, No. 334 Gunner F., Highland Bde.Craig, No. 6Acting Serjt.-Maj. J., LondonBde.Driver, No. 1426 Corp. H., W. Riding Bde.Eldridge, No, 1206 Driver P. A. C., LondonBde.Fogarty, No. 69342 BatterySerjt.-Maj. W. P.,London Bde.Foster, No. 76 Battery Serjt.-Maj. J. W., E.Riding Bde.Fowler, No. 528 Gunner H. E., S. MidlandBde. . .Gildon, No. 1543 BatterySerjt.iMaj.A. C., S.Midland Bde.Hall, No. 254 Driver J., Divl. Aramn. Col.Harvey, No. 61 Serjt. L., E. Riding Bde.Higgs, No. 7417 Gunner W., N. MidlandBde.Hofogen, No. 943 Acting Bombr. G., LondonBde.Kedgley, No. 1066Gunner A. E., London Bde.Law, No. 465 Battery Serjt.-Maj. J., N. MidlandBde.Aramii. Col.Lawson, No. 817 Gunner R. T., Highland Bde. Leaney, No.9401 Battery Serjt.-Maj. (ActingSerjt.-Ma-j.) J. -J., London.Bde.McDonell, No.825 Gunner J., W. Riding Bde.Marriott, No. 1234 Serjt. W., London Bde.Massingham, No. 410 Serjt. (Acting Serjt.-Maj:) C. J.,.S. Midland Bde.Mitchell,No. 6246 Bombr. R., Highland Bde.Moon, No. 1490 Battery Serjt.-Maj.F., S.Midland Bde.Morrison, No. 192 Serjt. (Acting Serjt.-Maj.)J., Divl. Ammn.Col.Paget, No. 3470 Gunner PI. W., S. MidlandBde.Polgrean, No. 36 BatterySerjt.-Maj. J. H.,N. Midland Bde.Poskitt; No. 1804 Gunner W., E. Riding Bde.Pridgeon, No. 209 Gunner G. E., W. RidingDivl. Aramn. Col.Robinson, No. 561Serjt. W., W. Riding Divl.Ammn. Col.Scott, No, 1053 Bombr. M. F.,NorthumbrianBde.Shutler, No. 393 Corpl. F., S. Mid. Bde.Stewart, No. 2 BatteryQrmr.-Serjt. J. B.,Highland Divl. Ammn. Col..Storrie, No. 80 Battery Qrmr.Serjt. W. T.,Hdqrs., Divl. Art.Teare, No. 1441 Bombr. A. M., W. RidingBde.Thomas, No. 142 Battery Serjt.-Maj. J. B.,N. Midland Bde.Turnbull, No.1046 Serjt. H., W. Riding Bde.Twilley, No. 49 Battery Serjt.-Maj. J. W.,W.RidingBde.Wilson, No. 1273 Battery Qrmr.-Serjt. B. E.,W. Riding Bde.

ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY (TERRITORIALFORCE).I/eney, Capt.(temp. Maj.) C., South MidlandBde. (Warwickshire), R.G.A.

ROYALENGINEERS.Adam, Temp. Lt. D.Alderson, Temp. Lt. A. R. (killed).Ambrose, Temp. Lt. J. G.Anderson, Capt. E. P.Anderson, Temp. Lt. J. E.Archibald, Temp. 2nd Lt. M. S. E.Barren, Temp. Capt. S. N.Beasley, Temp. Capt.W. H., D.S.O.Bell, Maj. A. H.Bell-Irving, Temp. 2nd Lt. R.Benskin, Capt. J.Betts, Temp. Capt. H. H.Bliss, Capt. P. W.Blyth, Temp. Capt. B. H..Brace, Temp.Lt. A. G.Brewin, Qrmr.. and Hon. Lt. A. J. M.Brisco, 2nd Lt. R. B.Brown,Capt.A. H..Brown, Capt. F. L.Buckell, Temp. Lt. J. H. W.Butterworth, Maj.R. F. A.Byrne, Temp. Lt. H. S.Calthrop, Lt. E. E. (Adjt.).Campbell, Capt. A.(Adjt.).Carson, C'apt. C. F. (Adjt.). .Chadwick, Temp. Lt. J. F.Chesney, Capt. C. H.R.I Clarke, Maj. C. J.: Clarke, Capt. H. B., Cobb, Temp. Lt. M. L.Cohen, Temp.Maj. J. W., London R. (T.F.)..Connor, Maj. I. J.Cooper, Temp. Maj. A. L.Cowie, Maj. H. E. C., D.S.O.Crooksharik, Maj. (temp..Lt..-Col.) S. D'A.,C.I.E.,M.V.O.Cropper, Temp. Maj. C..H.-Danielsen, Temp. Maj. J. W. (Capt.R.E.(T.F.)).Davenport, Temp. Capt. A. H. (Adjt.).Davis, Capt. (temp. Maj.) A.W..Day, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J.Day, Temp. Lt. M. S. D.De'Ath, Lt. G. D. (Adjt.).Dick-C'leland, Temp. Capt. A. F.Doherty-Holwell, C'apt. R. V., D.S.O.Dunlop, Temp. 2nd Lt. R. B.. . .Edwards, Lt. B. B.Elsworthy, Temp. 2nd Lt. T.Evans, Maj G. F. (Adjt.).Falcon, Maj. C. G.Fisher, 'Capt. J. T.Fitzpatrick, Capt. N.T.Forbes, Temp. Lt. J. S.Geddes, Lt. A. E. McL.Giles, Maj. V.Gordon, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) H. W.Greswell, Capt. H. G.Grierson, Temp. C'apt. J. B. (Lt., R.E..(T.F.)).Griffin, Temp. Lt. A. E.Hamilton, Capt. S. W. S., D.S.O.Hansen, Temp.2nd Lt. O. J.Harris, Temp. 2nd Lt. H. L. (died of wounds).Harris, Temp. 2ndLt.G. A.Haseldine, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. F. (Spec.Res.).Hayman, Temp. Maj. W. M.Hill, Temp. Capt. L. C.Hill, Temp. Lt. H. J.Hodgson, Maj. P. E.Hogg, Maj. P. G.H.Holmes, Temp. Lt. J. C.Hopkinson. Temp. Lt. R. C.Howard, Temp. Lt. H. L.Hyland, Capt. (temp. Maj.) F. G;lies, Maj. F. A.Iremonger, Capt. A. R. A.Izat, Capt.A.Jackson, Lt. A. M.Jenkins, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. R. (Adjt.)1..Jesson, Capt. H. P.Johnston-Lavis, Temp. Lt. A. H. (Adjt.).Jones, Capt. O. G. D. (Adjt., T.F.).Kellie,Lt. G. H. S.Kellner, Temp. Maj. P. T. R.Kelsall, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) T.E., D.S-CL.King, Maj, W. A. de C.Lambert, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. S.

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LeeNorman, Temp. Lt. F. T.Lees, Capt. E. F. W. (Adjt.).Legg, Temp. Lt. J. (2ndLt., K.E., T.F.).Lundie, Lt. R. C. (Spec. Res.).Lyell, Temp. Capt. D.Macaulay,Capt. (temp. Maj.) R. K. A.(Adjt.).Martel, Capt. G. ~L& Q.Maurice,Temp. Capt. C. J. K.Mellor, Temp. Lt. R. W. H.Miller, Capt. (temp. Lt.)W. M.Mitton, Lt. (temp. Capt.) .E. J.Moncrieff, Temp. Lt. A.North, Temp.'Lt.(temp. Capt.) C. B.Oldham, Maj. G. M.Ouchterlony, Capt. J. P. H.Owen,Maj. S. L.Owen, Capt. A. L.Paget, Temp. Lt.-Col. C. W.Palmer, Capt. H. W.T.Parsons, Lt. H. A. J.Peacock, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. B. S.Penman, Temp. Lt. J.Phillpotts, Maj. B. S.Playfair, Lt. I. S. O.Pollard-Lowsley, Maj. H. de L., C.I.B(Adjt.).Porteous, Temp. Lt. N.Powell, Capto. E. D.Preedy, Capt. (temp. Maj.) F.Ramage, Temp. Lt. R. M.Rawlings, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) G. W.(Adjt.).Rawson,Temp. 2nd Lt. R. R.Rean, Lt. W. H.Reid, Maj. C. S. (Adjt.).Rolland, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A.Hundall, Maj. C. F.Salmon, Temp. Lt. M. W.Sayer, Temp. Lt. H. B.Sewell, Maj. J. W. S.Shenstone, Temp Lt. A. G.Sheppard,Temp. Maj. E. G. (Capt., R.E.,T.F.).Shaw, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W. J.Sinclair, Temp. Lt. J.Skipper, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W. G. C.Smith, Capt. R. A.B. (Spec. Res.).Smith, Temp. Capt. A. J.Smith, Temp. Lt. H. L.Smith, Temp. 2ndLt. P.Smyth, Capt. G. B. F., D.S.O.Speir, Temp. Capt. M. S.Stevenson, Maj. andBt. Lt.-Col. A. G.,D.S.O.Stevenson, Temp. Capt. J. (Capt.,' R.E.,T.F.).Stone, Capt.R. G. W. H. (Adjt.).Story, Temp. Maj. P. F.Stratton, Temp. Maj. F. J. M. (Capt.,Unattd. List, T.F.).Streatfield, Temp. Capt. G. E. S.Swinburne, Capt. T. A. S..D.S.O.Taylor, Maj. L. R. J. W.Thornton, Temp. Lt. J. McL. (killed).Tillard, Capb.J. A. S.Tosh, Lt. J. C. P., Adjt.Upton, Temp. Lt. T. H.Vulliamy, Lt. C. H. H.Wait, Maj. H. G. K.Waley, Temp. Capt. A.Walker, Maj. R.Wallace, Lt. J. C. (Spec.Res.).Walton, Maj. C.Warde,"Lt. R. H. (Spec. Res.).Websdale, Temp. Lt. G. J.Wedd, Capt. A. P. W. (Adjt., R.E. (T.F.)).Wellesley, Capt. (temp. Maj.) E. V. C. W.Westland, Capt. F. C.Williams, Bt. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. C.,D.S.O.Wilson,Temp. Maj. J. S.Wilson, Temp. Capt. E. A.Yule, Capt. J. S.Adams,No. 16208 Corpl. V. B.Aitken, No. 14447 Acting Corpl. A. H.Andrews, No.817461 Pioneer F. C. G.Archer, No. 78036 Serjt. J.Baikie, No. 56654 Corpl.(Acting FarrierSerjt.) J. W.Barker, No. 61776 2nd Corpl. W. J.Batchelor, No.17129 2nd Corpl. (ActingSerjt.) G. V.Belin, No. 23214 2nd Corpl. P. E.Birkbeck,No. 55090 Serjt. H. J.Bond, No. 23621 Sapper G. H.Boulsbee, No. 23525Serjt. J. D.Bourke, No. 28214 Corpl. T. McW.Bowring, No. 16049 Sapper(Acting 2ndCorpl.) W.Britton, No. 82 Serjt.-Maj. W. P.Brooker, No. 28980Corpl. (Motor Cyclist)S.F.Brown, No. 42959 Serjt. A. H.Brown, No. 79894Acting 2nd Corpl. B.Brown, No. 23107 Serjt. G. E.Brown, No. 23643 Sapper J.Brown, No. 115874 Co. Serjt.-Maj. R.Bull, No. 27175 Lce.-C'orpl. (Acting 2ndCorpl.) A.Bushell, No. 105466 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A.Campana, No. 54745 Serjt. J. A.Caswell, No. 2966 Serjt. (Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj.) J. H.Chantler, No. 13408 Serjt. F.G.Chidgey, No. 23115 Serjt. (Acting Co. Qrmr.-Serjt.) E.Clague, No. 11921 Serjt.T. H.Clarke, No. 112469 Serjt. R. F.Cole, No. 17642 Sapper A. H.Colvin, No.13293 Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj.F. R.Congdon, No. 44469 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H. G.Constable, No. 61278 Serjt. W. E.Cook, No. 55100 2nd Corpl. A. W.Creed, No.105865 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Davey, No. 3685 Engr. Clerk (Qrmr.-Serjt.)F. G. L.Davies, No. 7915 Corpl. J. H.Davis, No. 86119 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.^ S. J.Day, No. 67713 Corpl. M. P.Deacon, No.17732 Sapper (Acting Lce.-Corpl.) W. E.Diamond, No. 1051 Engr. StorekeeperQrmr.-Serjt. W.Draper, No. 16092 Serjt. E.Drumm, No. 1991 Engr. Clerk(Qrmr.-Serjt.)E. J.Edwards, No. 19557 Lee.-Corpl. (ActingCorpl.) F. C.Evans,No. 28142 Corpl. C. T.Everitt, No. 12050 Serjt. F.Fairhurst, No. 42523 Serjt.J..Felgate, No. 21769 Sapper A. O.Fell, No. 52275 Co. Serjt.-Maj. F.Fenn, No.72016 Serjt. E. E.Fletcher, No. 15541 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) V.Gallery, No. 20510Sapper J.Gardner, No. 18514 2nd Corpl. W.Gibson, No. 42580 Acting Corpl. F.T.Gibson, No. 64549 Pioneer W.Gilbert, No. 89056 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C.Glover, No.69456 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C. H.Goodwin, No. 88401 Serjt.-Maj. G.

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Grainger,No. 57036 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A. G.Greathead, No. 102314 Loe.-C'orpl. T.Green, No. 18434 Lce.-Corpl. A.Green, No. 25606 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (ActingRegtl.Serjt.-Maj.) W. T.Griffin, No. 79796 Corpl. W.Hamblin, No. 14066C'orpl. (Acting .Serjt.) A.Hamer, No. 46986 Serjt. T. H.Hannah, No. 50318Sapper J.Hartop, No. 18861 Sapper R. S.Hawtin, No. 14671 Corpl. (Acting Co.Serjt.-Maj.) H.Henley, No. 96628 Sapper H.Highet, No. 76242 Serjt. A. G.Hill,No. 55737 Serjt. W. J.Hitchcock,. No. 54990 Serjt. H. J.Holland, No. 26514Pioneer D.-Holmes, No. 22989 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) T.Hoyten, No. 67 ActingSerjt. E. W.Hume, No. "63432 Sapper R.Hunting, No. 74057 Co. Serjt.-Maj.G.H.Hussey, No. 76245 Serjt. J.Hyde, No. 55111 2nd Corpl. W.. R.Jackson, No.58900 Sapper B. J..Jackson, No. 113655 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.)E.E. .Jamieson, No.148512 Lce.-Corpl. J.Johnson, No. 8797 Mil. Mech. Qrmr.-Serjt.G RJones, No.6535 .Serjti C. E =Jolly, No. 93343 Serjt. J. G.Kay, No. 46364 Serjt: J.-Kennedy,No. 40340 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Kerley, No. 49016 Serjt. H.Kidd, No..5681Sapper D.Kindness, No. 68794 Serjt. G.Lavers, No. 13674 Serjt. C. H.Laytbn, No. 55077 Serjt. R. 'Lees, No. 76150 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Lester, No. 45509Serjt. E. W. N.Lewis, No. 1614 Superintending Clerk E. A.Lowe, No. 160712nd Corpl. (Acting Serjt.)C. A. B.McDowall, No. 59064 Serjt. G. R.McGuckian, No, 111528 Serjt. P.Mclntosh, No. 40121 Corpl. E. O.McNaught," No.55038 Corpl. J.McNeil, No. 144887 Lce.-Corpl. (Acting 2ndCorpl.) J.Marshall,No. 5803 Mech. Elec. Qrmr.-Serjt.W. J.Martin, No. 48712 Serjt. W.Mason, No. 94645 Sapper E. W. -Matthews, No. 15487 2nd Corpl. W. S.Mattingly, No. 55076 Corpl. E. J.Mepham, No. 2868 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C.Metcalfe,No. 56421 Serjt. G.Miller, No. 6961 Engr. Clerk Serjt. P. R. C.Mitchell,No. 41789 Sapper C..Mockford, No. 50952 Acting Lce.-Corpl. W.Molloy,No. 44392 Acting Serjt. E.Morgan, No. 30361 Corpl. F. N.Morley, No.70882 Corpl. (Motor Cyclist)L. W. R.Morris, No. 52241 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. J.Murray, No. 14612 Lce.-Corpl. J.Neilan, No. 103206 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C. E. E.Nicholl, No. 52235 Acting Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.R. A.Nolan, No. 22381 Acting Lee.Corpl. E. A.Norbury, No. 58621 2nd Corpl. W.Old, No. 16444 Acting Lce.Corpl.F. J. A.Orchard, No. 58789 Sapper H.Palmer, No. 13856 Corpl. (ActingSerjt.)A. C.Palmer, No. 823 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (ActingRe'gtl. Serjt.-Maj.) A. G.BPalmer, No. 28400 Sapper D. W.Palmer, No. 51342 Serjt. O-. H.Parker, -No,5134Engr. Clerk Staff Serjt.H.-C.Patey, No. 57053 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.'J. C.Patterson, No. 26261 Sapper J. P.Pausch, No. 12810 Engr. Clerk Serjt. J.C.Payne,No. 2435 Engr. Clerk Staff Serjt.(Acting Superintending Clerk) (ActingSerjt.-Maj.) F. A.Pender, No. 90756 Driver E. - - Perfitt, No. 9911 Corpl.(Acting,Serjt.) T, A.Plane, No. 49628 Corpl. R. Y.Pope, No. 5683 .Serjt. H. A.Porteousj No. 12575 Acting Serjt. J. S.-Pyser, No. 107496 Serjt. R.Quinnell, No.50878 Serjt. G.Ralston, No. 115524 Corpl. R.Rodwell, No. 4529 Co. Serjt.-Maj. G. H.Roberts, No.74436 Sapper J. J. -Robinson, No. 40820 Corpl. T.Ronald, No. 30362 Cbrpl. J. H.Rose; No. 10457 Acting Corpl. H.Rowland, No. 43357 Sapper J. R.Rudge, No.29884 2nd Cbrpl. A. E. . .Scantlebury, No. 54998 Corpl. E. J.Sharp, No. 41851Corpl. E. J.Sheppard, No. 54757 Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj-.E. W.Sherry, No.96918Lee.-C'orpl. W.Simpson, No. 72650 Serjt. F. E.Smith, No. 74074 Serjt. H.Smith, No. 27017 Acting Serjt. W. C. .(Spec.Res., Signal Section, R.E.).Soppitt,No. 19476 Corpl. (Acting Qrmr.-Serjt.) C. H.Southern,'No. 115062 Co.Serjt.-Maj. J.Stanley, No. 11711 Serjt. P. V.Sutton, No. 17458 Driver A.Swift, No.12259 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) D.Taylor, No. 22784 Engr. Clerk Corpl. L. F. Teale, No. 63930 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J. A.T'elfer, No. 32792 Sapper J. Temple, No.13666 2nd Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) H.Terrill, No. 42884 Co. Serjt.-Maj. F. A.Thompson, No. 12510'Serjt. F.Trappett, No. 1656 Engr. Clerk Qrmr.-Serjt-,W.Tremain, No. 52865 Co. Serjt.-Maj. T. G.Ward, No. 20014 Engr. Clerk Serjt. G.Wass, No. 13771 Staff Serjt. Military Foremanof Works S. H.Webber, No. 12458Lce.-Corpl. (ActingCorpl.) R. N.Welch, No. 24668 Sapper H. H.Welch, No.22164 2nd Corpl. (Acting Serjfe)J. H.West, No. 139428 Lce.-Corpl. G.Webb, No.47127 Serjt. S.Wheeler, No. 70454 Lce.-Corpl. (ActingCorpl.) R. J. C.White, No.55591 Serjt. A. J.Wiggleeworth, No. 20692 Corpl. (Acting.Serjt.) J. T.Wilkinson,No. 83027 Pioneer G. T.Willsher, No. 7938 Staff Serjt. (ActingSuperintendingClerk) J. E.Wingrove, No. 100258 Lce.-Corpl. W. G.Witcombe, No. 91655 Corpl. S. F.Woodhead, No. 78755 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H.Wright,No. 81434 Serjt. J.Wright, No. 78432 Sapper J. F.ROYAL ENGINEERS(SPECIAL RESERVE).Allison, Lt. L. G., Royal Anglesey.Bishop, Lt.B. L., Royal Anglesey.'

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Davidson, Temp. Lt. J., Postal Section.Harris, Capt.P. C., Royal Monmouth.Holland, Lt. B. G., Royal Anglesey.Kelly, Temp. Lt.Col. T., Postal Section.Simeon, Lt. C. B., Royal Monmouth.Springfield, Capt.(temp. Maj.) D. O., RoyalAnglesey.Thomas, Lt. L. M., Royal Anglesey.Brown^No. 27485 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (ActingQrmr.-Serjt.) H. J., Postal.Section.Carman, No. 27458 Qrmr.-Serjt. S. EC., PostalSection.Donnelly, No.5582 2nd Corpl. P., RoyalAnglesey.Head, No. 27462 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. E. A.,Postal Section.Scarborough, No. 27468 Qrmr.-Serjt. E. P.,Postal Section.

ROYAL ENGINEERS (TERRITORIAL FOBCE).Adam, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.)G., NorthumbrianDivl. Signal Co.Arrowsmith-Brown, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J. A.,S.Midland Divl. Signal Co.Biggs, Capt. G. T., Glamorgan Fortress Eng.Boast, 2ndLt. (temp. Capt.) C. E., NorthumberlandDivl. Eng.Borns, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) G.W.M., W.Riding Divl. Eng.Briggs, Capt. (temp. Maj.) E., S. MidlandDivl. Eng.Challoner, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) T., GlamorganFortress Eng.Clissold, Maj. H., S.Midland Divl. Eng.Deedes, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) J. G., LondonDivl. Sig. Co.Fisher,2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) S. H., London..Divl. Eng.Goulden, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.)R.R., LondonDivl. Eng.Graham, Capt. H. S., Cornwall Fortress Eng.Heckford, Lt.C. A. J., Southern Divl. SignalCo. (temp. Lt., R.E.).Huntley, Lt. A. G., East RidingFortress Eng.Inglis, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) G. S., LowlandDivl. Eng.Keen, Lt.-Col.S., Wessex Divl. Eng.MoCrone, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) R. W., HighlandDivl. Eng.MacGregor, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A., LondonDivl. Eng.Marsden, 2nd Lt. (temp.Lt.)J. A., LowlandDivl. Eng.Neill, Capt. F. A., W. Riding Divl. Eng.Newell,Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. E. M., EastRiding Fortress Eng.PHllips, 2nd Lt. J.H. M., London Divl. Eng.(died of wounds).Roberts, Temp. Lt. G. G., N. MidlandDivl.Signal Co.Robertson, Capt. (temp. Maj.) A., HighlandDivl. Signal Co.Shanks, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W., Lowland Divl.Eng.Sinnott, Lt.-Col. E. S., S. Midland Divl. Eng.Spence, Lt. J., Highland Divl.SignalCo.(temp. Capt., R.E.).Spencer, Lt.-Col. C. L., Highland Divl. Eng.Tate,Capt. (temp. Maj.) G., Durham FortressEng.Weir, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) T. H.,DurhamFortress Eng.Wever, 2nd Lt. R. O., West Riding Divl.Signal Co.Wilson,Capt. C. S., Wilts Fortress Eng.Appleby, No. 58 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. A. J.,London Divl. Eng.Andrews, No. 1960 Sapper P. E., S. 48thSouth Midland Divl.Signal Co.Baldwin, No. 1117 Lee.-Corpl. J. E., 2ndNorthumbrian Divl. Eng.Bradbury, No. 7007 Acting Corpl. H., WestLanes. Divl. Eng.Burt, No. 43 Co.Serjt.-Maj. S. G., Hamps.Fortress Eng.Churchman, No. 1746 Acting Serjt. W. B.,London Divl. Eng.Corney, No. 233 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. J., CheshireField Co. R. Eng.Cornish, No. 1674 Co*. Serjt.-Maj. G. H.,Home Counties Divl. Eng.Death, No.807 Serjt. W. B., Hamps. FortressCo.Farthing, No. 27 Reg. Serjt.-Maj. W.,NorthumbrianDivl. Eng.Freeman, No. 538 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. R. S. H.,HomeCounties Divl. Eng.Gutridge, No. 189 Corpl. H. T., WiltshireFortress1 Eng.Eadfield, No. 823 Corpl. L. H., Hamps.Fortress Co.Hayburn, No. 2612 Serjt.Instructor (ActingSerjt.-Maj.) J. B., Permanent Staff, N.Midland Divl. SignalCo.Huffer, No. 1067 Corpl. H., N. Midland Divl.Eng.Hutt, No. 1658 Sapper C.W., 47th Divl.Signal Co.Johnstone, No. 2331 2nd Corpl. W., LowlandDivl. Eng.Lindsay, No. 470 Corpl. J., Lowland Divl.Eng.Linford, No. 978 Serjt. C., N.Midland Divl.Eng.Lowman, No. 910 Acting Corpl. W. H.,London Divl. Eng.Mulrooiiey, No. 2013 Serjt. W. J., N. MidlandDivl. Signal Co.Norris, No. 1857Pioneer L. H., 49th Divl.Signal Co.Paxton, No. 2385 Serjt. J. S., Lowland Divl.Eng. - Perry, No. 73 Serjt. E., N. Midland Divl.Eng.Powell, No. 658 Serjt. W.,East Anglian Divl.Eng.Price, No. 1061 2nd Corpl. W. J., N. MidlandDivl. Eng.Richardson, No. 1407 Corpl. J. C. S., 47thDivl. Signal Co.Robinson, No. 2440Corpl. J., 46th Divl.Signal Co.Round, No. 13 Serjt. P., N. Midland Divl.Eng.Salt,No. 2052 Corpl. E., N. Midland Divl.Signal Co.Shelley, No. 1429Sapper H. H., 47th Divl.Signal Co.Statham, No. 934 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A. C., N.Midland Divl. Eng.Viner, No. 126 Sapper H. A., Wilts FortressEng.Webb, No. 247Serjt. A. E., London Divl.Eng.Whitehurst, No. 1818 Corpl. G., 49th Divl.SignalCo.Whittington, No. 1109 Co. Serjt.-Maj. R.,London Divl. Eng.Williams,No. 264 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) E. L.A. E., Glamorgan Fort.R.E.Wilson,No. 944 Corpl. E. C., 47th Divl.Signal Co.

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GRENADIERGUARDS.Crahame, No. 12451 Lce.-Serjt. (Acting Regtl.Serjt.-Maj.)J. H.Godfrey, No. 5623 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (ActingSerjt.-Maj.) P.Glyn, Capt. (temp.Maj.) A. St. L. (Lt.-Col.,ret. T.F.) (Res. of Off.).Trench, Lt. R. P. Le P. (Spec.Res.).Wiggins, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. F. R.Acraman, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W. E.Beard, No. 12909 Drill Serjt. R,Robinson, No. 13980 Lce.-Corpl. (ActingCorpl.) C.A.Makgill-Crichton-Maitland, Maj. M. E.Aston, No. 11641 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A.Hill,No. 5163 Serjt.-Maj. A. M.Munn, No. 21384 Loe.-Corpl. A.Seymour, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) Lord H. C.Morrison, C'apt. (temp. Maj.) J. A. (Res. ofOff.).Warwick, No. 18905 Lce.-Corpl. P. (Spec.Res.).

COLDSTREAM GUARDS.Earing, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) Hon. G. V.(Res. of Off.).Gregge-Hopwood,Capt. (temp. Maj.)E. B. G., D.S.O.Wright, Lt. R. M. (Spec. Res.).Rippon,No. 14916 Pte. (Acting Lce.-Corpl.)H. W.Symonds, No. 10511 Pte. H.Crawfurd, Maj. R. B. J.Legge, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. T. (Spec. Res.).Sanders, No.1092 Armourer Staff Serjt. J.Gray, No. 1922.Serjt.-Maj. A.Lane, Capt. G. A. O.(Res. of Off.).Black, No. 7846 Qrmr.-Serjt. W. J.Melton, No. 7128 Serjt. E.

SCOTSGUARDS.JBoyd, No. 6699 Ptc. (Acting Lce.-Corpl.) J.Oordon-Lennox,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) Lord

E. C., M.V.O.Dyer, Capt. Sir J. S., Bt.Barrie, No. 7036 Qrmr.-Serjt. R.Barker, No.8369 Serjt. F. W.Proven, No. 7541 Lce.-Serjt. (Acting Serjt.)W.Spencer, No..11050 Lce.-Serjt. (Acting Serjt.)R. C.Tempest, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. S.Warde,2nd Lt. R. E.Hunter, No. 8150 Pte. T.

IRISH GUARDS.Mylne, Capt. E. G:(Spec. Res.) (died ofwounds).Yerburgh, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. G. C.Greany, No.3847Serjt. M.Sheehan, No. 4548 Lce.-Corpl. P.Hubbard, Capt. G. N.-Synge, Lt.F.P. H.Pym, Lt. A. R.Tallents, Lt. T. F.

WELSH GUARDS.Murray-Threipland,Lt.C'ol. W. (ret. pay).Bland, No. 2 Acting Serjt.-Maj. W.Bartlett, No. 364Lce.-Corpl. C. W. F.Tanner. No. 145 Pte. E.

THE ROYAL SCOTS.Drysdale, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) W., D.S.O.('Commanding Service Bn., Leic. R.).Chree, Lt.(temp. Capt.) G. W. J.Crockatt, Lt. (temp. Capt.) N. R. (Adjt.,York. R.).Everingham, Qrmr. and Hon. Maj. A. E.Carleton, No. 6821 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. J.Angus, No. 9225 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J. (killed inaction).Currie, No. 11223 Lce.-Serjt. P.*Heathcote, Capt. (temp. Maj.) R. E. M. (Spec.Res.).THE ROYAL SCOTS(TERRITORIAL FORCE).McKean, No. 1184 Lce.-Serjt. A.THE ROYALSCOTS (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Bellamy, Temp. 2nd Lt. H. C.London,No. 12981 Pte. J.Ritchie, Temp. Maj. A. (late Capt., Res. ofOff.).Jennings,Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. R.Dennaird, No. 15831 Pte. G.Kay, No.2220 Pte. A.Tomlinson, Temp. Maj. D. M.Christie, Temp. Capt. R. J. M.Oxborrow, No. 14210 Co. Serjt.-Maj. F. W.Byers, No. 15608 Corpl. R.Forrest, No.15366 Lce.-Serjt. A.MoCrae, Temp. Lt.^Col. Sir G., Kt., V.D.(Hon. Col., ret.,T.F.).

ROYAL WEST SURREY REGIMENT.Watson, Ma,j. (temp. Lt.-Col.) S. T.(CommandingService Bn., R. Ir. Fus.).Hamilton, Capt. (temp. Maj.) A. P.KempWelch, Capt. M. (Adjt., Service Bn.).Crofts, Maj. (temp. Lt.-CoI.) L. M.Abercrombie, Lt. A. R., D.S.O. (Adjt. andQrmr., Fd. .Serv. Co.).Tweedie-Smitb,Temp. 2nd Lt. A.Archer, No. 8434 Lce.-Corpl. A. P.Belchem, Qrmr. and Hon.Lt. O. K.Routley, No. 4773 Regtl. Serj.-Maj. W.ROYAL WEST SURREYREGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Basset, Capt. R. A. M., R. W.Surr.R.(Adjt.).Newman, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F. H.Hogg, No. 257 Qrmr.Serjt. (Acting StaffSerjt.-Maj.) T. H.Hook, Temp. Lt. V.Smallbones, No. S/625Serjt. C. G.Rowe, No. G.1231 Lce.-Corpl. P.Tringham, Maj. (temp. Lt.^Col.) A.M.,D.S.O., R. W. Surr. R.Fox, Temp. Maj. G.Peirs, Temp. Maj. H. J. C.Lofting,Temp. Lt. F. C. J.Knight, No. G.2251 Serjt. V. (died of gaspoisoning).Brooks, No. G.2547 Pte. R. M.Gillard, No. G. 1432 Pte. C.

EASTKENT REGIMENT.Collison-Morley, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. D.(killed).Lucas, M.aj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) L. W.Lee, Capt. G.

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Finch-Hatton, Lt.Col. E. H., D.S.O.Pinhey, Capt. R. A.Davies, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) B. E.Jenrick, No.7655 Pte. G. W.Cullen, No. 8407 Lce.-Corpl. A.Rose, 20282 Corpl. H.Chapman,Maj. G. A. E. (Lt., ret. pay) (Spec.Res.).EAST KENT REGIMENT(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Soames, Temp. Maj. A., D.S.O. (killed).Furley, Capt. (temp. Maj.) B. E. (killed).Brodie, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.)" (Spec.Res.)H. W. (killed).Lea-Smith, Temp. Lt. L. A.Jelf, Temp, 2nd Lt. C. G.(killed).Smeltzer, Temp. Lt. A. S., 2nd Lt., E. KentR.Phillips, Temp. Capt. F.(Adjt.).Goss, Temp. Lt. E. H. A.Gundlach, No. G/639 Lce.-Corpl. R. T.Payne, No.G.3461 Pte. E. J.Clancey, No. 2183 Pte. J.Garlinge, No. 5196 Pte. W. J. ' - -

ROYAL LANCASTER REGIMENT.Borrett, Maj. (temp. Lt.-CoL) 0. C., D.S.O.(Commanding Service Bn., Shrops. L.I.).Butcher, 2nd Lt. H. C.Nixon, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) J. A.Hardy, Lt. J. H.Beaumont, Lt. R. A..R.Weatherhead, 2nd Lt.(temp. C'apt.) A. (Spec.Res.).Lloyd, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. H. (Res. ofOff.)(Commanding Service Bn., Lan. Fus.).

ROYAL LANCASTER REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE) .Bell, No. 1665Serjt.Maj. W.Coward, No. 2014 Serjt. J.Heyhurst, No. 2411 Serjt. W.Jackson,No. 2710 Serjt. R.Eaves, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F.Briggs, 2nd Lt. (temp.Capt.) W. N.Gilchriet, 2nd Lt. J.Hodgkinson, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A.Jackson,No. 1367 Serjt. R. N.Dawson, No. 1788 Pte. J.ROYAL LANCASTER REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Phelips, Temp. Maj. R. M.,Capt., R. Lane.R.Banning, No. 4310 Acting Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.R. J.Barnes, Temp.Capt. E. L. (Adjt.) (killed).Colebrook, Temp. Capt. L. F.Hamilton, Temp. Capt.F. W. G.Lyons, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. S.Saxon, Temp. 2nd Lt. H.Rowe,. Temp. Qrmr.and Hon. Lt. A. A.

NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS.Worth, No. 13252Corpl. A.Wild, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. H.Landen, Qrmr. and Hon. Maj. A.Drayson, No. 1491 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Maskell, No. 9246 Corpl. W. J.Prideaux, Capt.H. H. (Spec. Res.). NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS (TERRITORIALFORCE).Arkwright, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) C. G.(Adjt.)lPhillips,Capt. (temp. Maj.) P. P.Holloway, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. R. J.Dixon,No. 2310 Co.' Serjt.-Maj. J.Spain, Lt.-Col. G. R. B. (Capt. in Army),Gracie,Capt. A. B.Bell, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) G. F.Davies, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.)H. D. K.Jackson, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. S.Liddell, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H.Casey,No. 3079 Regtl. Serjfc.-Maj. W. J.NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS(SERVICEBATTALIONS).Bryan, Temp. Lt.-Col. H., C.M.G. (Bt. Maj.,ret. pay).Knott, Temp. Maj. J. L., W. York. R., ServiceBn.Watson, 2nd Lt. W.,North'd Fus.Brown, No. 12996 Lce.-Corpl. D.Hallam-Botiiam, Temp. Maj. G.Carlisle, No. 10/9078 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. W.Caffin, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. G.,York.Regt.Warner, 3/9666 Qrmr.-Serjt. A.Warwick, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. B.(Res.of Off.).Edlmann, Temp. Maj. F. J. F.Corke, Temp. 2nd Lt. G. H.Murray,Temp. 2nd Lt. G. D. (killed).Winteringham, No. 9488 Co. Serjt.-Maj.(Acting Serjt.-Maj.) J.Harris, No. 13598 Pte. G. W.McCann, No. 13491 Lce.Corpl. H.Crofton, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) Lord A. E. L.(Res. of Off.).Haines,Temp. Capt. O. B.Robson, Temp. 2nd Lt. Joseph E.Duffy, No. 20436Pte.A.Urwin, No. 20439 Pte. J. T.Dillon, Temp. Lt. N. M.Wild, Temp. 2nd Lt.H.Davies, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. G. F.Pickering, No. 7680 Serjt. J.Ritson,Temp. Lt.-Col. W. H., V.D. (Lt.-Col., ret., T.F.).Pears, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.)M. L. (Res. ofOff.).Martin, Temp. Capt. G. W. (Adjt.).Elphinstone, Lt.-Col. A.P.A. (ret., Ind.Army).Howard, Temp. Lt.-Col. L. M.Lambert, Temp. Lt. J. H.Temple1, Capt. (temp. Maj.) R. D., Wore. R.(Spec. Res.).

ROYALWARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT.Briscoe, Lt. E. V. (Adjt., Serv. Bn.).Moon, No. 7041 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. J. C. .Groves, No. 7127 Serjt. W.Cowper,Capt.C. P. (Spec. Res.).

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ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT(TERRITORIALFORCE).Jtetallack, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. C. (Adjt.).Davies, No. 1811 Lce.-Cbrpl. J.Challis, No. 2677 Pte. A.Wethered, Temp. Lt.Col. F. 0., V.D.Crockford, Lt. (temp. Capt.) L. C.Partridge, Lt. C. E.Cohen, No.1787 Serjt. F. G. (died of wounds).Hulme, No. 2128 Serjt. P.Eushill, Lt. (temp.Capt.) W. N.Howatt, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) J.Wilson-Charge, Temp. Capt. J. A. ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).FalveyBeyts, Temp. Capt. J. (Adjt.).Chadwick, No.4/1769 Co. Serjt.-Maj. G.Murray, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) <L. (Capt.,Res. of Off.).Hording, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C., C.M/G.

ROYAL FUSILIERS.Pope, Capt. A.N..Bulgin, Temp. 2nd Lt. R..Hemsley, Temp. 2nd Lt. H. N..Byart, No, RF/15332Serjt.-Maj. W.Hill, No. RF/15340 Serjt.-Maj. E. A.Parsons, No. RF/15325Staff Serjt. J.Bannon, No. RF/15356 Serjt. J. J.Canning, No. RF/15350 Serjt. A.Worth, No.RF/15348 Serjt. P.Weston, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. A.Hall, Lt. R. (Adjt.).Coleman,2ndLt. F. W.Waller, No. 10465 Pte. (Acting Corpl.) W. H.Cripps,Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. H. (Adjt.).Cross, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F. C.Leverett,No. 7250 Acting Staff Serjt.-Maj.F. W.Magnay, Capt. (temp. Maj.) P. M.(Spec.Res.).Hill, Lt, (temp. Capt.) M. V. B. (Spec. Res.).De la Perrelle, Capt. J. N.(Spec. Res.).ROYAL FUSILIERS (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Annesley, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) A. C., D..S.O.,R. Fus.Cope, Capt. . (temp. Maj.) T. G., D.S.O.(Capt., R. Fus.).Chard, Temp. Capt. R. A. F.Robertson-Walker, Temp. Capt. A.M. M.Sandars, Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. E. (Spec. Res.).Needle, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. E. C.Gubbins, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) S., DTS.O.(Capt., R. Fus.).Masters, No. 16661 Pte.(Acting Serjt.) J.White, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) Hon. R. (ret.).Waters, Temp. Capt.J.D. (Adjt.).Meyricke, Temp. Maj. R. J. F.Hoare, Temp. Capt. W. J. G.Minet,Temp. Lt. E. C. T.Fox, No. L/12073 Serjt. C. J. (killed).Compton, Temp. Lt.Col. H. W.Dix, No. 681 Serjt. F..Tlynn, No. 10380 Serjt. P.Hart, No. 4727 Corpl.W.Des Voeux, Temp. Lt.-Col. H. J.Bliss, Temp. Capt. A. E. D.Gwinnell,Temp.Lt. J. K.Prooth, No. 11160 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Turner, Temp. Maj.R.,D.S.O. (Capt., 3rdD.G., Spec. Res.).Akers-Douglas, Temp. Maj. Hon. G. A.(nowtemp. Maj., Gen. List, and .Staff Capt.).Hutchinson, Temp. Lt. L. A.Harris,No.1594 Serjt. N. B.Johnston, No. 1690 Serjt. J. T.Wolrige-Gordon, Maj'.(temp. Lt.-Col.) W. G.Brown, Temp. 2nd Lt. C. B.Adams, No. PS.2 Serjt. H. N.(killed).Ditzen, No. PS.266 Serjt. O. S.Rissik, No, PS.818 Serjt. A. W. M.Edwards,No. PS.306 Corpl. V."Swyer, No. PS.6093 Pte. R. M.Bennett, Maj.(temp.Lt.-Col.) C. H., D.S.O.(Res. of Off.).Maxwell, Temp. Capt. A.Fenn, Temp.Maj. H. F.Cornforth, 2nd Lt. J. C1., G. Gds. (Spec. Res.).Macdonnell, Temp.2nd Lt. C. B. J.Jones, No. PS/2874 Serjt. L. N.Jones, No. PS/4113 Lce.-Corpl.R. C. B.Taggart, No. PS/6296 Lce.-Corpl. J. P.Roscoe, Temp. Lt. R. L.Hartley,No. 829 Co. Serjt.-Maj. G. H.Stuart, Temp. Capt. J. L. (Adjt.).Mathews,No.2397' Serjt. H.

LIVERPOOL REGIMENT.Covell, Temp. Lt.(temp. Capt.) H. H.Derviche-Jones, Capt. A. D. (Spec. Res.).McErvel, Capt. J. H.,Manch. R.Last, Temp. 2nd Lt. E. R.Baines, 2nd Lt. K. J. M. (Spec. Res.).Hughes,Lt. F. L. (Spec. Res.).Rogers, No. 6524 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Rose, No,25074 Serjt. H. A. (died of wounds).Sumner, No, 9215 Pte. J.LIVERPOOL REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Shute, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)J.J.Dimoline, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) W. A. (Iii<fantry Brigade, Signalling Officer).Smith, No. 7 Bn. Qrmr.-Serjt. A. T.Clarke, No. 5 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.McKaig,Capt. J. B.Barrett, Lt. H. S.Brownell, 2nd Lt. W. R.Ward, No. 11 Regtl.Qrmr.-Serjt. W. R.Tanner, No. 1647 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C.Eckes, Capt. (temp.Maj.)J. A.Paterson,øLt. (temp. Capt.) J.Stocker, Temp. Capt. E. D. H. (Lt.,WellingtonRegt., New Zealand).Johnson, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W.Brebner, No.1937 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A. S.Witter, No. 853 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. R.Keegtan, No. 1459Serjt. W.Fagan, Maj. (temp. Lt.^Col.) E. A. (Ind.Army) (attached).Leech, Lt.(temp. Maj.) H.


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Brighten, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) G. S. (Adjt.).Murphy, 2ndLt. (temp. Capt.) E. M.Castle, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) J. P.Orchard, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.)E. F.Howroyd, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) B. W.Halliwell, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) J. H.Miller, No. 5641 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. W.Ward, No. 2212 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C.Jones, No.2050 Serjt. A.Smith, No. 1040 Serjt. J. E.Hanna, No. 2387 Pte. W. J.Davidson,Maj. (temp. Lt.-CoU J. E., C.M.G.Arkle, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) B. (Adjt.).Jack, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A. C.Jennings, Eegtl. Serjt.-Maj. S. LIVERPOOL REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS). Browne, Temp. Capt. G. E. A. (Adjt.).Gilliver, No. 12755 <Serjf. A.Corless, No.12937 Corpl. J.Coates, No. 21040 Lce.-Corpl. W.Russell, No. 18855 Lce.-Corpl.B.Jackson, No. 20440 Pte. R. W.Gibbons, Temp. Lt.-Col. A. St. H. (Hon. Lt.-061., ret., Spec. Res.).Rollo, Temp. Maj. G. Gray, No. 17/16122 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.W.Stirling, No. 17/15284 Serjt. CookD.Trotter, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. H.,D.S.O.,G. Gds.Denham,'Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) L. S. (Res. ofOff.).Morrison, Temp.Maj. R. K.Weston, No. 17493 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. J. H.Usher, No, 17968 Co.Serjt.-Maj. G. E.Cobham, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. W. (Res.of Off., ret., Ind.Army).

NORFOLK REGIMENT.Oldman, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. D. F.,D.S.O.Stone, Capt. (temp. Maj.) P. V. P.Smith, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. E.NORFOLKREGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Frost, Qrmr. and'Hon. Lt. F.W.Ferguson, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. G. de L.,D.S.O. (Res. of Off.).Ashdown,Temp. Capt. C. F.Paget, Temp. 'Capt. S. J.Dowdney, No. 13113Regftl. Qrmr.-Serjt. E. C.Havers, No. 13290 Serjt. H. A.Raven, No. 3/10396Serjt. A. F.Gray, No. 13201 Lce.-Oorpl. D.Robinson, Temp. Capt. C. S.Spurrell, Temp. Capt. W. J.Frederick, Temp. Capt. T.Fish, No. 14424 Serjt. F. W.Parke, No. 14716 Corpl. H.Clarke, No. 14620 Lce.-Corpl. C.Gooke, No. 15411Pte.C.Odell, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. E., Gen. List, NewArmies (Brigade Signalling Officer).

LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT.Grant, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) D. H.F.Marshall, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H.Masters, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F. W.Burrell, No.9067Serjt. E.York, No. 8364 Serjt. S.Barker, Capt. (temp. Maj.) M. G. H.Lindsell,Capt. E. H.Leslie, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. B. (Adjt.).Sharpe, No. 8166 Lce.Serjt. O. T.LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL.FORCE).Wood, 2ndLt. (temp. Lt.) M. H.Madge, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. E.LINCOLNSHIREREGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Forrest, Maj. (temp.Lt.Col.) J. (ret. pay).Metcalfe, Temp. Maj. F. E.Graham, Temp. Capt. J. A.(Brigade Bombing:Officer) (killed).Getty, Temp. Capt. J. H.Johnston, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) R. H.,,D.S.O., Line. R.Pattinson, Temp. Maj. H.Brown, No. 10907Co.Serjt.-Maj. F. W.

DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT.Milne, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)R. J.Bloomfield, 2nd Lt. A.Ingles, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Lt.-Col.^J. D.(comdg.-Service Bn., Devon. R.).Tillett, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. (Adjt.).Bowden, No.6825 Serjt. E. A.Cox, Lt. (temp. Capt.) E. R. A. C. (Spec-Res.) (Brig. M.G. Offr.).Buller, 2nd Lt. E. T. (Spec. Res.).DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS)..Home, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) E. W., Devon. R-(Adjt.).Edmunds, No. 10521 Serjt. A. F.Aubrey, No. 14134 Pte. J.Martin, Temp.Capt.D. L.Curraii, No. 8363 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J. P.

SUFFOLK REGIMENT.Smith, Lt.-Col. H. d'A.Williams, Capt. E. C. T. B.Frere, Lt. J. G.Rix,2ndLt. F. W. (Spec. Res.).Percy, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. M. V.Roberts, Temp. Qrmr.and Hon. Lt. J.Parkinson, No. 5146 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. 0. AA .Baker, No. 8237Serjt. A.Thornhill, No. 8782 Acting Serjt. J.Jones, No. 7850 Lce.-Corpl. L.Wilson, No. 16169 Pte. F.SUFFOLK REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE)..Pretty, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H.Fison, Temp. Lt. F. G. C. (command. TrencbMortar Battery).Roach, No. 540 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.SUFFOLK REGIMENT(SERVICE BATTALIONS)-Crooke, Lt.-Col. C. D. P., Suff. R.Althaus,Temp. Capt. F. R.Hearn, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. J.Martin, No. 4165 Regtl.Serjt.-Maj. D.Mole, No. 9124 Corpl. E.Hoy, No. 9384 Pte. J.

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King, No.14229 Pte. G.Knox, Temp. Lt. R. U. E., D.S.O.Lack, Temp. Lt. J. W.Creagh,Temp. 2nd Lt. H. J. P.Hull, No. 3/10080 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W. C.Mack,Temp.Maj. A. P.Wilmot-Johnson, Temp. Lt. L.Fisher, No. 3/13766 Lce.Corpl. W. J.

Rowe, No. 10120 Lce.-Corpl. F.Holmes, No. 8466 Pte. E. E.Johnson, Temp. 2nd Lt.R. A.Leighton, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. R.Lonsdale, Temp. 2nd Lt. H.Somerset, Col. C.W., M.V.O. (Ind. Army).

SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY.Thicknesse, Maj.(temp.Lt.-Col.) J. A.Beaver, No. 6251 Serjt. G. H.Milln, Capt. (temp. Maj.) K. J.(Spec. Res.).SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Rawling, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C.G., C.I.E.,,Som. L.I.Worthmgton-Wilmer, Maj. L. E. C., Som.L.I.Manson, Temp. Capt. >G. P.Hale,Qrnir. and Hon. Lt. A. J.Baker, No. 8015 Serjt. A.Smith, No. 11980 Serjt. S.W.Troyte-B'ullock, Maj. (temp. Lt.-C'ol.) C. J.,Som. L.I.Chislett, No. 11372 C'orpl.G.Howard, Temp. Lt.-Cbl. L. C. (killed). -Huntington, Temp. Maj. R. H.,D.S.O.Phillips, Temp. C'apt. A. W. (Adjt.).Morgan, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. P.Jennings,No. 18926 Corpl. A. R.

WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT.Ingpen, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) P. L.Cradock-Hartopp, Capt. L. M.Beacham, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R.W. (Adjt.,North'n R.).Armitage, Capt. F. A. W. (Adjt.).Pickering, C'apt. H. E. 'Smith, Lt. (temp. Capt.) F. W.Booth, No. 7846 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. J. W.Skevington,Temp. 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A. P.Thornhill, No. 4624 Qrmr.-Serjt. H.White, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. P. (Spec. Res.).WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT(TERRITORIAL-^ FORCE).Oddie, Maj. W., T.D.Thompson, Capt.(temp. Maj.) F. C.Peters, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. C.Milner, No. 194 Regtl. Qrmr.Serjt. T. F.Lancaster, No. 1144 Serjt. F. C.Sigsworth, No. 361 Serjt. A.Clark,No. 1665 Pte. A. S.Scott, Maj. C. E.Knowles, Lt. (late Capt.) E. W.Bradley,No. 3539 Serjt. E.Ingham, No. 3005 Serjt. J.Ross, No. 2212 Serjt. A. A.Tetley, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)-1C. H.Booth, Qrmr. and Hon. Maj. E., T.D.Checkley,No. 1370 Serjt. H.Denbigh, No. 773 Serjt. P.Scott, No. 590 Serjt.(Acting Co. Serjt>Maj.) W. E. *Alexander, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. W., T.D.Sykes, Capt. S. S.Elkington, Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. H.Bellerby, 2nd Lt. J. R.Weldon, No. 377 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. T.Morrish, No. 614 Serjt. F. S.Taylor, No.1165 Serjt. N.Collinson, No, 1233 Corpl. G. A.WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT(SERVICEBATTALIONS) .Henderson, Temp. Capt. W. L.Smith, Temp.Lt. E. J.Hubbard, No. 616B Serjt. B.Maufe, C'apt. (temp. Maj.) S. B., W. York..R.Wood, No. 10240 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. I.Dews, No. 5299 Co. Serjt.-Maj. F.Vann, Temp. Capt. A. J.Barritt, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. L.Wooller, Temp. 2nd Lt. H. S.(died ofwounds). Kennedy, No. 10000 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. A.Mallard, No. 14936Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) J.

EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT.Clarke, Lt.-Col.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) J. L. J.Stow, Capt. M. B.Willis, Lt. (temp. Capt.) G. (Adjt.).Beecroft, No. 10049 Corpl. J.EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT(TERRITORIAL.FORCE).Quibell, Capt. (temp. Maj.) S. B. (died ofwounds).Dibb, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. K.Langthorp, No. 352 Co. Serjt.-Maj. E. V.EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Edwards, Maj. R.M. (Lt.-Col., ret., Ind.Army).Carruthers, Lt. (temp. Capt.) F., E. York. R.(Adjt.).Buckley, Temp. 2nd Lt. H. P. S.Thomas, Temp. 2nd Lt. G. V.Richardson,Temp. Capt. W. B. (Adjt.).

BEDFORDSHIRE REGIMENT.Bridcutt,Lt.J. H.Edwards, Capt. F. H.Sherry, 2nd Lt. G.Spicer, No1.10004 Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj. F. F,Poyntz, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. S.Cressingham, Qrmr. and Hon. Capt. H.BEDFORDSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Leyborne-Popham, Temp. Capt. F. H. A,(Lt., Res. ofOff.)(Adjt.).Mills, Temp. Maj. G. P.Lewin, No. 18411 Corpl. H.Quilter, Temp.Capt. R. M. (killed).Fleming, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. McK.Ashby, No. 10301 Co.Serjt.-Maj. E. E.Jones, No. 15949 Lce.-Corpl. A. V.Trill, No, 16944 Lce.-Corpl.P.F.Watts, No. 16081 Pte. A. G.

LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT.Dent, Maj. and Bt. Lt.Col. (temp. Lt.-Col.)B. C.

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Challenor, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. L.(CommandingServ. Bn., Leic. R.).Clarke, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) B. F.Gillespie,Capt. (temp. Maj.) R. H.Girling, No. 8905 Bandsman E.Bradshaw, No.17017 Pte. G.Duggan, No. 8011 Pte. J.Rolph, Capt. C. C. (killed).Kent, Lt. (temp.Capt.) A. E. (Spec. Res.).Pickbourne, Lt. H. (Spec. Res.).LEICESTERSHIREREGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE) .Miller, No. 2605Lce.-Corpl. (Acting Serjt.)C. F.Bray, No. 2361 Lce.-Corpl. C.Hills, 2nd Lt.(temp. Capt.) J. D.LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Cox, Lt. (temp. Capt.) C. H. V., Leic. Regt.Venning, No.10732 Pte. E.Hollis, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. G.Brownsworth, No. 12071 Co. Serjt.-Maj.(ActingRegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) S.Warner, Temp. Lt. T. L.Smith, No. 12740 Pte. A. M.Unwin, Maj. R. B. (Res. of Off.).Hinckley, Temp. Lt. P.Bent, Temp. Lt. P. E.Williamson, No. 12248 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W. A.

ROYAL IRISH REGIMENT.Lyons,Capt. W. B.Moore-Brabazon Capt. W. L. C. (Spec. Res.).Dwyer,No. 6667 Lee.-Serjt. T.Bellew, Lt. B. B. (Spec. Res.).

YORKSHIREREGIMENT.Young, Lt.-Col. W. H.Stansfeld, Maj. T. W., B.S.O.Hanbury, Capt. P. (Spec. Res.).Field, Lt. R. A. (Spec. Res.).Carr, No. 14020Pte. J.Mitchell, No. 18166 Pte. G.Prince, No. 5859 Pte. F., YORKSHIREREGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE)./ Bell, Lt.-Col. M. H. L., T.D.(Hon. Capt, inArmy).Dorman, Temp. Capt. A. J.Dent, No. 2186 Serjt. E.Nicol,No. 2028 Serjt. C. E.Robinson, No. 421 Serjt. H.Maxwell, Lt. (temp. Capt.)G.A.Woodcock, Lt. F.Dykes, No. 1293 Serjt. F. C. YORKSHIREREGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Fife, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)R. d'A. (Res. ofOff.).Cotton, Temp. Capt. R. E.Stephen, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A.J. (Res. ofOff.).Lane, No: 12047 Lce.-Corpl. G. R.Holmes, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H.G. (Res. ofOff.).Prior, Temp. Maj. H. A. S.Barraclough, Temp. Lt. C.Gamble, 2ndLt. W. R., York. R.London, No. 14590 Co. Serjt.-Maj. G. T.Craddock, Temp. Lt.V. D. K.Cartwright, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. G., ret.pay.

LANCASHIREFUSILIERS.Salt, Temp. Capt. W. P.Norman, No. 7771 Corpl.(Acting Co. Qrmr.-Serjt.) J.Bibby, No. 1863 Serjt. H.LANCASHIREFUSILIERS (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Molesworth) 2nd Lt. (temp.Capt.) J. D. N.(commanding Div. Sigl. Coy., R.E.).LANCASHIREFUSILIERS(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Torrens, Temp. Maj.G.L. (Lt. W.I.R.).Thomas, Temp. Capt. A. H.Winser, Temp. Capt. B. C. (killed).Crosbie, Temp. Lt.-Col. J. D.Stephens, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. M. (died ofwounds).Smith, Temp. Capt. R. J.Anderton, Temp. 2nd Lt. G.Abercrombie, Ttemp.Lt.-Col. C. M. (Hon.Capt. in Army).Ambrose-Smith, Temp. Maj. J.Newman,Temp. Lt. H. J. G.Garner, No. 27239 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.

ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS.McConaghey, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) M. E.Hester, Qrmr. and Hon.Lt. H. T.Mackay, No. 7729 Lce.-Corpl. W. (killed).Carmichael, No. 11549 Pte.S.(killed).Buchanan, Lt. (temp. Capt.) M. B.Miller, No. 8979 Co. Serjt.-Maj. T.Hamilton, No. 10037 Serjt. J.ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Ritchie, Temp. Capt. G. L.Chesney, No. 14764 Pte. W. S.Reid, No. 17121 Pte. W.Gardner, Temp. Capt. J.Kelso, Temp. 2nd Lt. W. K. .Adie,No. 16339 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. A.Pettigrew, No. 13172 Serjt. J.Hart, No. 15278Corpl. A.Thomson, No. 13058 Corpl. W.

CHESHIRE REGIMENT.Gleed, 2ndLt. (temp. Capt.) G. A.Whiting, No. 5752 Pte. F.CHESHIRE REGIMENT(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Churton, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W. A. V.Davies,Capt. J. H. Hartley, Lt. (temp. Capt.) G. W. C.Smith, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. H.Heald, 2nd Lt.(temp. Lt.) T. L. C.Hignett, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) H. N.Bishop, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) F.Wilcock, No. 5587 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (ActingRegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) J. F.Holt, No. 203Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjto. H.Clare, No. 251 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H.Corbett, No. 531 Co.Serjt.-Maj. E. A.Sweeney, No. 1647 Co. Serjt.-Maj. F.Boyle, No. 2268 Serjt. J. E.Davies, No. 1973 Serjt. S.Singleton, No. 2236 Serjt. (Orderly RoomClerk) W. H.Watkinson, No. 1169 Pioneer Serjt. J. W.Jones, No. 1573 Corpl. A.

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CHESHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Worgan, Capt. (temp. Lt.Col.) R. B. (Ind.Army).Hears, No. 17336 Pte. F., .JBrown, Temp. Lt. W. E. L.Birtwhistle, No. 13882 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.Axon, No. 14418 Pte. E. (dead).Hawkins,No. 8859 Pte, C. (killed).Taylor, No. 14532 Pte. H.Pocock, Temp. Lt.A. W.Knight, No. 1204 Co. Serjt.-M-aj. J. -.Jackson, No. 17977 Serjt. W. E.Lythgoe, No. 16781 Serjt. M.Clarke, No. 14025 Corpl. J.Aspden, No. 14343 Lee. Corpl. E.Reeves, Temp. Ma^. (temp-. -Lt.-Col;) Ji M.Mclnnes, No. W/822 Corpl. F.W. .Jordan, No. W/4 Lce.-Corpl. K.Jenkinson, No. W/7863 Pte. W. R. (killed).

ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS. -Richardson, Lt. (temp. Capt.) M. S. (died ofwounds) .Down, No. 5253 Qrmr. -Serjt. A. J.Ellis, No. 8421 Lce.-Corpl. W.Williams, Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. (temp. Lt.-Col.) O. de L., D.S.O.Morris, Temp.2ndLt. R. H:Yates, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. H.Evans, No. 8369 Pte. H.Hardsand,No.12068 Pte. F. 'Lewis, No. 9279 Pte. G.ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS(TERRITORIALFORCE) .Williams, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W. C. B.Foulkes-Roberts, Lt. (temp.. Capt.) P. R..King, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) W. B. R.ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS (SERV-ICEBATTALIONS).Berners, Lt.-Col. R.A.,R.W. Fus.Nicholl, Temp. Maj. K. I. (2nd Lt., Res. ofOff.).Jones, Temp. Capt. F.M.Heald, Temp. Lt. C.Griffiths, Temp. Capt. W. P. (killed).Lyons, Temp. Capt. W.T. (killed).Samuel, Temp. Capt. F. A.Ttfevitt, Temp. 2nd Lt. AkJones, Temp. Lt. J.G.

SOUTH WALES BORDERERS.Cooke, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) S. Fitz-W. (Res.ofOff.) (comdg. Welsh R. (T.F.)).Loch, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. A. F.Thomas, Qrmr.and Hon. Maj. G. C.Tamplin, No. 1/15183 Pte. W. E.Ravenhill, No. 1/8389 Pte.A. E.Piggott, Capt. C. F. L. (.Spec. Res.).Raikes, Capt. W. T. (Spec. Res.).Inglis,Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. J. (Spec. Res.).SOUTH WALES BORDERERS(SERVICEBATTALIONS)-.Trower/Bt. Col. C. V., ret. pay.Harrison,Temp. Lt. G. A. (temp. Capt., Gen.List, New Armies).Thomas, Temp.Capt. H. F.Lochner, Temp. 2nd Lt. C. B.Sewett, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. V. 0,(Res.of Off.).Case, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A.Gaussen, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J.R., D.S.O.(Ind. Army).

KING'S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS.Rooke, Lt. L. F.(Spec. Res.).KING'S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Nicol, Temp. 2nd Lt. A.Edgar, No. 10885 Co.. Serjt.Maj.A.Boiston, No. 12147 Pte. J.McKenzie, No. 17378 Pte. W. . .Brown, Temp.Lt. A. R.Kennedy, Temp. 2nd Lt. H.Hanratty, No. 14013 Pte. W.Kenyon, No.13888 Pte. R.Sellar, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) T. B. (Res. ofOff.).Larkin, Temp. Capt.J. P.Sutherland, Temp.. Capt. H. W.Hilton,.No. 13635 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Crampton, No. 17153 Serjt. C. S.

SCOTTISH RIFLES.Chaplin, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.)J. G., D.S.O.Stanley-Clarke, Capt. A. C. L.Wood, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. G.Edwards, No. 8954 Pte. (Acting Lce.-Corpl.)W.McArdle, No. 10737 Pte. (ActingLce.-Corpl.)W.Sandilands, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) V. C.Wannop, No. 7263 Co.Serjt.-Maj. F.Burgess, Capt. W. H. L. (Spec. Res.).Macrae, Lt. W. R. (Spec.-Res.)..SCOTTISH RIFLES (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Douglas, Lt.TCol. R. J.,C.M.G., T.D. (Hon.Capt. in Army).Macalister, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W. G.Brown,Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. J.

Barbour, No. 5286, Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.Kay, Lt.-Col. W. M., T.D.Campbell, Lt. (temp.Capt.) T. H.Gray, Temp. Lb. (temp. Capt.) D. L. (Adjt.).Ralston, Temp. Lt.(temp. Capt.) D. (Brig.M.G. Offr.).Hamilton, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. J.Baldock, No.3406Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. W. J. H.Moonie, No. 1998 Pte. J.SCOTTISH RIFLES(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Jenks, Temp. Capt. E. H.Langrish, Qrmr. andHon. Lt. W.Robertson, No. 12203 Serjt. M. (killed).Bury, No. 17505 Serjt. J. W.Cooper, No. 18143 Pte. J. E.Needham, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F. R. H.Burgess, No.13360 Corpl. C.Lindsay, No. 14229 Pte. (Acting Corpl.) J.Clelland, No. 17021Pte.W.

ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS.Alexander, Capfc. C. A. M.(Adjt.).Kelly, Capt. D. H. (Spec. Res.).ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Ricardo, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. St. Q.D.S.O. (Res. of Off.). .Cleland, No. 9/10969 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. J.TRawley, No.9/17691 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W. .

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Hessey, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. F. (Res. ofOff.)Bogle, No. 11/15189 Serjt. D. M.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT.Ingram,Maj. J, O'D.Bosanquet, Capt. G. B.Angler, Lt. R. A.Wakeley,Temp. 2nd Lt. J. E. S.Gray, No. 8015 Serjt. B. J.Little, No. 9574 Serjt. S.J.Searle, No. 6265 Serjt. E.Cole, No. 7430 Loe-Corpl. G.Cracknell, No. 16220 Pte.H. H.Casey, No. 2753 Pte. W.Egan, No. 7023 Pte. T.Sibley, No. 22070 Pte. H. J.Watts, No. 2771 Pte. CBrown, Lt. L. C. (killed).GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Davenport,Lt.Col. S. (late Capt., Rif. Brig.).Strickland, No. 186 Co. Serjt.-Maj. D. J.Collett, Lt.Col.J. H.Harris, No. 1139 Serjt. C. F.Thompson, No. 2717 Serjt. R. O.Nott, 2nd Lt.(temp. Lt.) H. P.GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).FitzGerald, Temp. 2nd Lt. T. D.Kirkwood, Temp. Maj. J.G.Stephenson, Temp. Capt. S. G.Lismore, Temp. Lt. F., Machine Gun Corps.Waterland, Temp. 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A. F.Tate, Temp. 2nd Lt. W. R. Tate.Archer-Shee, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) M.,D.S.O. (Res. of Off.).Russell, No. 3266Co. Serjt.-Maj. T.

WORCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT.Bartholomew, Lt.-Col. H.J., D.S.O. (commandingService Bn., W. Rid. R.).Dugan, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W.J., D.S.O.Rouse, 2nd Lt. A. (died of wounds).Wright, 2nd Lt. G. (commandingSec., SignalCo., R.E.).Cameron, Temp. 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) J. W.Roberts, Capt. F. C., D.S.O. (Adjt.).Parker, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. S.Hirst, No. 11719Co. Serjt.-Maj. A.Tough, No. 4893 Regti. Serjt.-Maj. (ActingQrmr.) C. C.Maund, No. 11729 Serjt. A. (died of wounds).Ingram, No. 7862 Lee.-Serjt. J.Davis,No. 8183 Loe.-Corpl. W.Barron, Temp. 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. B.Wevell,2ndLt. W. H.Kerans, Capt. (temp. Maj.) E. T. J.WORCESTERSHIREREGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Harman, Lt.-Col. A.R. (Capt., ret. pay) (Res.of Off.).Clark, Capt. S. H.Heath, No. 90 Acting Regtl.Serjt.-Maj. H.WORCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Tucker, Capt. (temp. Maj.) F. St. G., Wore.R.Sole, Temp. Capt. D.M. A.Dwyer, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) C. H., Wore. R.Jennings, Temp. Lt. R. W.Gardner, No. 18682 Pte. A. J.Hopkins, No. 18643 Pte. W. J.Lester, Temp. 2nd Lt.E. P. (Spec. Res.>(killed).

EAST LANCASHIRE REGIMENT.Green, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) J. E., D.S.O.Naylor, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. H.Shaw, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt.J.Price, No. 6930 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.Wallington, No. 7612 Corpl. W.EASTLANCASHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE.BATTALIONS).Cox, Temp. Lt. J.W.Hammond, Temp. Capt. P. (died of wounds)..Brown, No. 14925 Corpl. A".

EAST SURREY REGIMENT.Fitzgerald, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. E., E.Surr. R.Tew, Lt.-Col. H. S., C.M.G.Woulfe-Flanagan, Maj. E. M.Stacey, No. 7995 Serjt. J.W.

EAST SURREY REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Rowe, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt.G. W. H.Lober, No. 8580 Pte. W.Brocklehurst, No. 7041 Pte. J. C. (killed).Powell,Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. G., D.S.O-(Res. of Off.).Hetherington,Temp.2nd Lt. E. C.D-umbrill, No. S/1076 Serjt. W. J. G.Carter,No. G/4710 Pte. F.Youngman, Temp. Lt. J. M.Ingrams, Temp. 2nd Lt. F. R.Oakey, No. 8230 Serjt. F. G.Skinner, No. 1605 Corpl. C. W.

DUKE OF CORNWALL'S LIGHT INFANTRY.Rendall, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. H. S.,D.S.O. (commanding York, and Lane. R.(T.F.)).Cantan, Lt.-Col. H. T., C.M.G.(killed).Norton, Capt. (temp. Maj.) C. B., D.S.O,(Res. of Off.).Clack, No.7666Co. Serjt.-Maj. F.Hart, No. 4100 Serjt.-Maj. S. E.Gent, Lt. (temp. Capt.) E. J.(Spec. Res.)-DUKE OF CORNWALL'S LIGHT INFANTRY (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Swainson, Maj. J. L., D. of Corn. L.I.Quicke,Capt. N. A. G., D. of Corn. L.I.Forty, Temp. Capt. G. H.Barrington-Ward,Temp. Lt. R. McG. (Adjt.).Fuller, No. 7383 Co. Serjt.-Maj. P.Harris, No. 12057Serjt. (Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj.) C. S. J. Johnson, No. 12445 Serjt. S. W.Cblvile, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. N., D.S.O.(Res. of Off.).Macintosh, No. 16537Pte. R. A.

WEST RIDING REGIMENT.Bray, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. N.WESTRIDING REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Sugden, Capt. (temp. Maj.)R. E. (Hon. Lt.in Army).

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Walker, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J.Marshall, 2nd Lt.(temp. Capt.) E. N.McGuire, 2nd Lt. G. P.Fielding, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. T.Stirzaker,No. 2350 Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj.F. P.Walker, No. 2164 Serjt. J. C. 'Shackleton, No. 2481 Corpl. H.Crosland, Maj. G. W. K.Wheatley, Capt. (temp. Maj.)A. N.Brierly, Cfapt. fi. C.Watson, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. L.McLintock, 2nd Lt.(temp. Lt.) A.Fraser, No. 2667 Serjt. W.Rogers, No. 1117 Serjt. J.Swain, No. 2159Pte. W.Law, Lt. M. C. M. (died of wounds).Procter, 2nd Lt. J. N. W. A.Stuck,2nd Lt. P. F.Churchman, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. J.Horner, No. 71 Co.. Serjt.Maj.G. H.Bateson, No. 2002 .Serjt. J.Webster, No. 32 Corpl. J.Hepworth, No.2631 Serjt. J. S.Chambley, Capt. R.Wood, Lt. J. E.Gledhill, No, 23 Co, Serjt.-Maj.F.Kirman, No. 934 Corpl. A.WEST RIDING REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Wannell, Temp. Lt.-Col. G. E.Simner, Temp. Capt. P. R.Bennett, No. 3/11885 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. G. P.Heale, Temp. Lt. G. R. C., D.S.O.(Hon. Lt.in Army).Headings, No. 3/11867 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.J. W.

BORDER REGIMENT.Worrall, Maj. S. H.Stables, No. 6952 Pte. W.Moser, 2ndLt.W. W. (Spec. Res.).BORDER REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Hedley,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. R., NorthrdFus. (T.F.).Iredale, Lt. (temp.Capt.) E. A.BORDER REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS) .Norrington,Temp. Lt.-Col. R. L.Bowe, Temp. Capt. J. H. (Capt.,Unatt. List,Terr. Force).Grogan, Temp. Capt. J. H.Nasmith, Temp. Capt. A. P.Amos, No. 7/5309 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. G.Cassels, Temp. Capt. W. G.Warren, Temp.Lt. A. A. (died of wounds).Wingate-Gray, Temp. Lt. A. G.Watkins, No, 8/9711Co. Serjt.-Maj. W. C.Semple, No. 8/15169 Lce.-Serjt. D.Raine, No. 8/18286Lce.-Corpl. T.Phillips, No. 8/15063 Loe.-Corpl. W.Pitt, Temp. 2nd Lt. B.Machell, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) P. W., C.M.G.(ret.).Matthews, No. 11/19433 Co.:Serjt.-Maj. A. J.Lorimer, No. 11/13712 Serjt. R.

ROYAL -SUSSEX REGIMENT.Villiers, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. F., D.S.O.Owen, Lt. A. G. L. (Spec.Res.).Kimber, No. 8166 Serjt. A. F.Read, No. 10208 Serjt. E. B.Young, No.1599 Temp. Corpl. G. T.Burdon, No. 7835 Pte. F.Stevens, No. 124.9 Pte. E. W.(died ofwounds).Dicker, Capt. A. S. H. (Spec. Res.).King, Lt. R. N. R. (Spec.Res.).ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Wood, Capt.(temp. Maj.) A. H.Davies, No. 2398 Serjt. G. T.Lusted, No. 1647-Serjt. G.Ward, Temp. Capt. B. T.,London R. (T.F.).ROYAL (SUSSEX REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Osborn, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. L., D.S.O.tR. Suss. R.Impey, Capt. (temp. Maj.) G. H., R. Suss. R.Woodhams, Temp. Capt. G. (killed).Betham, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. J. A., R. Suss.R. (Adjt.).May, Temp. Capt. R. T.Hind, Temp. Lt. R'. C. D.Foster, Temp. 2nd Lt. P. G. (died of wounds).Clarke,Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. J. E.Beale, No. 931 Lce.-Serjt. A. W.Glasgow,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. E., R. Suss.R.Lott, Temp. Capt. H. C.Langdon,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. F. P. (Res.of Off.).Mclvor, Temp. Capt. A. R.Tisdall, Temp. 2nd Lt. C. H. (killed).Williams, No. 512 Co. Serjt.-Maj. O.Collins,No. 3071 Corpl. F.

HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT.Mackay, Lt.-Col. J. D.(commanding ServiceBn., E. Lan. R.).Pelly, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. T., D.S.O.(commanding Service Bn., R. Ir. Rif.).Tarrant, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. E. V.Dollery, No. 9603 Corpl. D. E.HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Crockett, Temp. Lt.-Col. B. E. (late Capt.rLeic. R.).

SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT.Naylor, Capt. R. F. B.Lewis1, Capt.(temp. Maj.) H., 37 Lrs., Ind,Army.Upton, No. 4692 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J. T.Smith,No. 10602 Serjt. W. H.Trevarthen, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A. F. V. A.(Spec.Res.)(killed).Lichfield, No. 7458 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W. H.Howard, No. 8980Lce.-Corpl. C.Hambleton,'No, 8325 Lce.-Corpl. N.Gleeson, No, 9037 Pte. H.SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Raymer,Temp. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. R,Wheatley, No.8550 Pte. H.Law, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. W. B.Slater, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) P. J.Postance, No. 2176 Serjt. W.SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Barker, Temp. Maj. W. A. J., D.S.O.Coleridge, Temp.Capt. G. C. R. (Adjt.).Elliott, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) G. F. (Spec. Res.).Cullen,Temp. 2nd' Lt. H. E. D.

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DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT.Algeo,Capt. W. B.Shute, Capb. (temp. Maj.) J. V.Mansel-Pleydell, 2ndLt. (temp. Lt.)H. G. M.Shapton, No. 7277 Co, Serjt.-Maj. S. W.(killed).Sheppard,No.. 8817 Co. Serjt.-Maj. E.Neale, No. 9591 Pte. E. T.Whitaker,Lt. C. P.DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Hughes-Onslow, Temp. Maj. D.Blencowe, Temp. Capt.E.C. B. (killed).Mozley, Temp. Capt. B. C., D.S.O.Cox, Temp. 2nd Lt. R. W. T.(killed).

SOUTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT.Gasson, Lt. (temp. Capt.) C. J.Angell, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) J.Wilton, 2nd Lt. J. R,Cotton, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H.T.Thompson, Temp. Lt. (temp. .Capt.) C. E.Roscoe, Temp. Lt. W.Wyatt, 2nd Lt.(temp. Capt.) E. F. B. (Brig.M.G. Offr.) (killed).SOUTH LANCASHIREREGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Fairclough, Lt.-Col. B.,C.M.G., T.D. (Hon.Lt. in Army).Crosfield, Maj. G. R., D.S.O. (Hon. Capt. inArmy).Ridgwaj, Lt. (temp. Capt.) T.Ingram, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. G. H.Pilkington,Maj. W. N.Nisbet, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) D.Doolan, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt.E.Stevens, No. 91 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (temp. RegtLSerjt.-Maj.) G. T.SOUTHLANCASHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Winser, Temp.Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. R. P.(Capt., Res. of Off.).Harvey, Temp. 2nd Lt. O. C.Bowman, No. 15959 Lce.-Corpl. R.Grimsdeir, Temp. Lt. G. L.Pore, No. 14872 Pte.H. G.Harrington, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) Sir J. L.,K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., C.B. (ret.Ind.Army).Boden, No. 20313 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (ActingRegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) J.

WELSH REGIMENT.Toke, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. T.-(commandingService Bn.,Bedf. R.).Carleton, Capt. (temp. Maj.) C. A. S., D.S.O- (commanding Welsh R.,T.F.).Prothero, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. G.Gilbey, Capt. J. N. (Adjt.).Bayer, Lt. C. P.Harman, Temp. 2nd Lt. G. S.Rees, 2nd Lt. D. E.Hill, No. 8223 Serjt. F. F.Joshua,No. 6616 Serjt. J.Lambe, No. 8572 Lce.-Corpl. W.Morris, No. 14582 Corpl.W.Chappie, No. 12272 Lce.-Corpl. E.WELSH REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE).Shaw, Capt. (temp. Maj.) C. A.Hinton, Capt. F. A. S.Frisby, Lt. (temp. Capt.) L. C.Clarry, 2nd Lt. E. H.Russell, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. J. H.Rees, No. 1661 Serjt. B. M.WELSH REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Whitty, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. X., Welsh R.Gardner, Temp. Capt. C.W.S.Thompson, 2nd Lt..A., Welsh R.Rattle, No. 19028 Serjt. T.Yorke, Temp. 2ndLt. D.

ROYAL HIGHLANDERS.Hamilton, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. G. H.,D.S.O.Anderson, Capt. R. C. (died of wounds).Mercer, 2nd Lt. A. (died ofwounds).Scott, No. 8466 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. C.Ferrier, No. 8266 Co. Serjt.-Maj-.(ActingRegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) A.Ferguson, No. 2443 Serjt. G. W.McArthur, No. 7804Serjt. P.Bain, No1. 8644 Pte. J.Morrison, No. 1772 Lce.-Corpl. J. (Spec.Res.).Regan, No. 13280 Pte. E.Wauchope, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. G.,D.S.O.Cochrane, Capt. T. G. F. (Spec. Res.).Denison, Capt. A. C. (killed).Hutchison, 2nd Lt. I. O. (killed).Crowe, No. 1761 Serjt. A. (killed).Easton,No.1179 Serjt. J. (killed).Lumsden, Capt. D. (Spec. Res.).ROYALHIGHLANDERS (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Air, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.)C. A. (deceased).Moncreiffe, Hon. Col. Sir R. D., Bt., A.D.C.,V.D. (ret. T.F.).Wylie, Maj (temp. Lt.-Col.) J.MacRosty, Capt. J.Allen, Lt.-Col. H. M., D.S.O.(Lt.-Col., ret.,Ind. Army).Guthrie, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W. A.Humphreys, 2ndLt.(temp. Lt.) H. J.Watson, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. S.Carson, No. 83 Serjt. A.ROYALHIGHLANDERS (SERVICE. BATTALIONS).Goudy, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt.P.Lloyd, Temp. Lt.-Col. T. O. (Maj., Res. ofOff.).Stewart, Temp. Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) J.(Capt., ret. pay, Res. of Off.).Clark, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W.Munro,No. 3/3731 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Jack, No. S/7979 Serjt. A.Connely, No.S/4234Lce.-Corpl. J. '

OXFORDSHIRE AND BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY.Eden, Lt.-Col. A. J. F.Crosse, Capt. (temp. Mai.) R. B., D.S.O.(Adjt.).Chevallier, Lt. C. T. (commanding LightMortar Battery) (Spec. Res.).Kite, Lt. R. B.Hazell, No. 8715 Serjt. A.McAlister, No. 5019 Acting Serjt. A.Piggott, No. 9542 Fte. D.Fowke, Capt. A. C. F. (Spec. Res.).


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OXFORDSHIRE AND BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Jones, Capt. F. B.Mayne, No. 2197Serjt. (Acting Qrmr.-Serjt.)E.Combs, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. V.OXFORDSHIREAND BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIGHTINFANTRY (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Bleeck, Temp. Lt. J., Gen. List, New Armies.Roberts,Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F. M.Smith, No. 8909 Eegtl. Serjt. -Maj. W. J.Maycock, No. 10514 Serjt. T.White, Lt.-Col. E. D.Anderson, Temp. Lt. E. J.Cooper,No. 9440 Co. Serjt.-Maj. F. J.Woodcock, No. 770? Serjt. W.Barrell, Temp.2nd Lt. E. G.

ESSEX REGIMENT.De la Mare, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. G.ESSEX REGIMENT (SERVICE. BATTALIONS).Thurburn, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. E.C. S.Richardson, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F.Collins, No. 7438 Cq. Qrmri-Serjt. (ActingCo. Serjt.-Maj.) J.Benton, No. 8920 Serjt. H.Barnard, No. 12263 Corpl. G.Denton, No. 12517 Lee. -Corpl. F, J.Osborne, No. 12169 Lee. -Corpl. E.Smith, No.12060 Pte. S.Wearne, Temp, ^nd Lt. F. B.Mercer, No. 3/2939 Co. Serjt.-Maj. F.Bush, No. 3/2340 Serjt. F. J.Hobkirk, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. J.Hasler, Temp.Capt.D. C.Read, Temp. Capt. J. D. (Adjt.).Bartlett, Temp. Lt. (temp. Capt.) H.C.Jordan, No. 15010 Serjt. H. E. (died ofwounds) .Skeggs, No. 14981 Serjt. A.Brown, No. 13676 Pte. W. F.

Brown, Temp. Maj. A. L. (Capt., Res. ofOff.).Cattermole, No. 3/3049 Co. Serjt.-Maj.G. E.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AND DERBYSHIRE REGIMENT.Sherbrooke,C'apt. (temp. Maj.) R. L.Webster, Temp. Lt.(temp. Capt.) J. R.McKluskie No. 11981 Co. Serjt.-Maj. T.Barker, No. 11753 Pte.T.Fletcher, Temp. 2nd Lt. G., Service Bn.Sharpe, Temp. 2nd Lt. F.NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AND DERBYSHIRE REGIMENT(TERRITORIALFORCE).Finch, Capt. L. H.Newton, C'apt. H.Bemrose,2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) W. L.Petrie, No. 2 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. H.Maddock, No.764 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (ActingRegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) B.Coates, No. 1217 Serjt. H. A.DeGrave, No. 2382 Serjt. L. W.Oldknow, No. 2"08 Serjt. A.Syson, No. 532 Ser.it.J.Holmes, No. 1740 Pte. J.Goodman, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. D., T.D.(Capt.,Res. of Off.).Johnson, Lt. (temp. Capt.) C. B. (Adjt.)Goddard, No. 158-Co.Serjt.-Maj. W.Holland, No. 456 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H.Hunter, No. 2388 Acting Serjt.T.Longson, No. 1464 Acting Serjt. W.Chatterton, No. 1644 Drummer J.Brewill,Maj. and Hon. Lt.-Col. (temp.Lt.-Col.) A. W., V.D.Forman, Lt. (temp.C'apt.) D. P.Skinner, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. E.Turner, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. W.Blunt, No. 2080 Serjt. C. T.Caudwell, No. 1622 Corpl. G.Redfearn, No. 1544 Pte.C. (died of wounds).NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AND DERBYSHIRE REGIMENT(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Banbury, Lt.-Col. W. E. (Ind. Army). .Fisher, Temp. Capt. J. W., D.S.O.Pearsall, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. S. J.Hudson,Temp. Capt. C. E.Hull, No. 7213 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. J. H. (diedof wounds).Humby, Temp. Lt.-Col. J. F., D:S.O. (Hon.Capt. in Army).Roberts, Temp.Capt. F. J.Howard, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. C.LOYAL

NORTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT.Fenton, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F.Whiting, No.5067 Qrmr.-Serjt. I. H.Smith, No. 1499 Pte. W.LOYAL NORTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Hindle, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)R.Duckworth, Lt. (temp. Capt.) L.Entwisle, Capt. T.Hargreaves, 2nd Lt. A. B.Ward, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) E. H.Herbert, No. 2043 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. H.Allsopp,No.207 Co, Serjt.-Maj. F.LOYAL NORTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT(SERVICEBATTALIONS) .Darwen, No. 12680 Lee.-Corpl. W..Henderson, Temp. Capt. W. J.Coke, Temp, Capt. F. D. T. (Adjt.).Blackith, No.14715 Serjt. F. R. B.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE REGIMENT.McNaught, Lt.(temp.Captr) A. G.Hofman, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A.Abbott, No. 9156 Corpl. P.Pickard, No. 8636 Lee.-Corpl. F.Turner, No. 7261 Lee.-Corpl. (Acting Corpl..A. G.Walton, No. 8780 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) F. G.Luck, No. 17879 Pte. W. A.Mayesi,Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. R.Baker, No. 5389 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H. J.Kent, No, 9077Pte. E. J.Clarke, 2nd Lt. A. H. G. (Spec. Res.).NORTHAMPTONSHIREREGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Trent, Lt.Col. G. A., North'n R.Cathcart, Temp. Lt. M.Goldson, Temp. Lt. J. W.Jacks,Temp.Lt. C. C. R.Harding, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. H. G.Lawrence, No. 10012Corpl. A. H.Freestone, No. 17836 Lee.-Corpl. W.Clark, Capt. (temp. Maj.) G.M., OfficersTraining Corps. (T.F.).Podmore, Temp. Capt. H.

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Fulcher, No.3/11054 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. F.Skinner, Lt-Col. P. C. B., North'n R.Mobbs, Temp.Maj. E. R.Fowler, Temp. Capt. R. C.Stringer, No. 15563 Serjt. E. J. (Bde.Clerk,73rd Inf. Bde.).Jackson, No. 13592 Lce.-Corpl. J. T.

ROYALBERKSHIREREGIMENT.Hilliard, Lt. H. H. R.Cliace, Temp. 2nd Lt. G.P.Cullen, No. 8935 Qrmr.-Serjt. (Orderly RoomSerjt.) W.Garfield, No. 9213 Serjt.J. T.Wallis, No. 8506 Serjt. E.Limbert, No. 7905 Cbrpl. R.Taylor, No. 9168Corpl. A.Powsey, No. 6278 Pte. J.Bowles, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. J. (killed).Forster,Lt. H. T.Pocook, Temp. 2nd Lt. G. A.Campbell, No. 5629 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Johnson, No. 8724Serjt. A.ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE) .PearceSerocold, Lt.-Col. and,Bt. Col. O.,V.D. (T.F. Res.).Clarke, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) R. J.Aldworth, Capt. J. N.ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Chadwyck-Healey, Temp. Capt. O. N. (2ndLt., LondonR.).Avory, Temp. Lt. D. H.Gold, Temp. 2nd Lt. C. A. (Adjt.).Stewart, Temp.2nd Lt. H.Tuttle, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F.Nicholls, No. 14241 Serjt. (Acting Co.Serjt.-Maj.) B. L.Rixon, No. 9886 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.Reynolds, No. 15239 Loe.Corpl. P. F.Courage, Temp. 2nd Lt. G. M.Hum, No. 10365 Serjt. F.White, No.12417 Serjt. H. J.Brown, No. 10001 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C.Woodhouse, No. 13579 Co.Serit.-Maj.W. E. B.Brown, No. 14349 Serjt. J.Moth, No. 12720 Corpl. (ActingSerjt.-Maj.)J. E.Palmer, No. 15220 Serjt. B.Dewe, No. 15638 Lee.-Corpl. W.G.Pounds, No. 15221 Lce.-Corpl. A. A. (killed).Charley, No. 14572 Pte. D. W.Fetch, No. 14582 Pte. J. A.

ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT.TwieletonWykeham-Fiennes, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. T.Norman, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) E. H.Buchanan-Dunlop, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)H. D., D.&.O.(Adjt.).Newton, Capt. W.Bishop, No. 8234 Serjt. S. G.ROYAL WEST KENTREGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Alderman, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. J.,R.W.Kent R.Dawson, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. R. A., D.S.O.,R.W. Kent. R.Robinson,No. 6590 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) W.Fuller, No. G/537 Pte. W.Phillips',Temp. Maj. A. E.McKenzie, Temp. Lt. B".Coomber, No. 1515 .Serjt. W.D.Harper, No. 1952 Corpl. G.Vansittart, Col. E. (Ind. Army) (prisonerof war).Evans, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. H.Calow, No. 7076 Pte. J. W.Watson, No.3187 Pte. A. W.

KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY.Heathcote,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. E.,D.S.O.deHoghton, Capt. G. (Brig.M.-G. Offr.).Brewis, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) F. B.Rigg, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E.H.Martin, Capt. (temp. Maj.) E. C. De R.KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHTINFANTRY(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Haslegrave, Lt.-Col. H. J., T.D.Critchley, Capt. J. P.Greaves, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A. E.Bates, 2nd Lt. J. H.Crowden, 2nd Lt. G. P.Grice, No. 52, Serjt.-Maj. (Acting Regtl.Serjt.-Maj.) J.Bowker, No. 354 Serjt. J.Finnigan, No. 287 Serjt. H. (killed).Barlow, No. 2575Lee.Serjt. T.Marshall, No. 1852 Lce.-Corpl. F.Hollings, No. 2549 Pte. F. (dead).Bradley, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. G., D.S.O.Walker, Capt. J. W.Creyke, Lt.(temp. Capt.) E. R.Matthews, No. 3232 W.O., Cl. 2 (ActingRegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) H.Suthers, No. 54 Co. Serjt.-Maj. R.Neal, No. 43 Serjt. A.Oahill, No. 2400 Corpl. J.Caton, No. 1710 Corpl. G.KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Tennant, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. E., Yorks.L.I.Bartlett, Lt. E. G., Yorks. L.I.Lamb, 2nd Lt. W. J., Yorks. L.I.Skilton, No.7393 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Perkins, No. 3/3134 Lce.-Corpl. J. C.Ottley, Capt. (temp.Lt.-Col.) G. G., R. Fus!(Res. of Off.).Poyser, Temp. Capt. K. E.Waldron, No.13680 Serjt. J. T.Lynch, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. W. D. (Res.of Off.).Griffin,Temp. Capt. G. E.Spark, Temp. Lt. A. G. (Adjt.).Wilson, No. 16962 Co.Serjt.-Maj. J. F. W.Bethell, Temp. Capt. C. (killed).King, Temp. Maj. H. J.Franklin, Temp. Capt. E. A.Harrison, Temp. Lt. I. L.

SHROPSHIRE LIGHTINFANTRY.Smith, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. W.Luard, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)E. B., D.S.O.(died of wounds).Collins, Capt. H. S.James, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.)E.G. (Adjt.).Silver, No. 9518 Serjt. C. W.Speake, No. 6258 Lce.-Corpl. G.Meynell, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. (comdg.Service Bn., Yorks. L.I.).

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Bosville, Capt. J. G. B. (comdg. Divl. CyclistCo.) (Spec. Res.).SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Bradshaw, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. P.Clorley, No. 10820 Pte. W.R. G.Butterworth, No. 15891 Pte. S.Thomas, Temp. Capt. S. F.Davidson, No. 7567Serjt. J.Negus, Temp. Maj. R. E. (late Capt., Inns ofCourt O.T.O., T.F.).Rangecroft, Temp. Maj. G. S.Johns, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. W.Townsend, Temp. 2ndLt. C. V. (killed).Jones, No. 14469 Serjt. A. A.Palmer, No. 14769 Serjt. E.

MIDDLESEX REGIMENT.Osborne, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. P., D.S.O.Peterkins,Temp. 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) E. C.(comdg. Trench Mortar Battery).Rowley, Lt.-Col. F. G. M., C.M.G.Welman, Lt. (temp. Capt.) L. L.Cursons,Lt. (temp. Capt.) G. N. A.Goggin, No. 5150 Regtl. Qrmr.nSerjt. J. S.Beman, No. 10610 Pte. H. S.Hancock, No. 11618 Co. iSerjt.-Maj. F. G.Stebbing,No. 5593 Co. Serjt.-Maj. B. J.Hewett, 2nd Lt. H. (Spec. Res.).Cording,No. 12497 Serjt. H.Bicknell, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. P. F.Boden, Lt.(temp. Capt.) T. L. (Adjt.).Loveland, No. 10523 Serjt. G. W.Worboys, No. 11092Serjt. A.Collison, Lt.-Col. C. S. (Res. of Off.) (comdg.Service Bn., Royal War.R.).MIDDLESEX REGIMENT (TERRITORIAL FORCE).King, Lt.-Col. E. J.King, Capt. (temp. Maj.) S.Smith, Maj. S. C. M.Burlock, No. 179 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.G. S.Stewart, No. 2420 Serjt. W. H.Easman, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) L. W.Louch,Qrmr.. and Hon. Lt. H. T.Jordan, No. 1851 Serjt. C. W.MIDDLESEXREGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Ingle, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) W. D., Midd'x R.Gegory, No. 1865 Pte. L. R.Hayden, No. 15008 Pte. E. J.Oliver, Bt. Col. L. G. (ret. pay).Cunningham, Temp. Lt.-Col. C. C. (Capt.,Ind.Army).Triggs, No. 1166 Serjt. F. G.Graham, No. 4532 Pte. G. W. .Jeffs,No. 4868 Pte. A. H.Hall, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. H., Midd'x R.Samuel, Temp.2nd Lt. E. B. (died of wounds).McDonald, No. 835 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. G. A.Evans, No. 2347 Pte. A. H.Buckley, Temp. Maj. F. C.Cock, No. 1418 Loe.-Corpl.J.G.Storr, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. (Res. of Off.).Bill, Temp. Capt. H. F.

KING'S ,ROYAL RIFLE CORPS.Kennedy, Maj. :(temp. Lit. -Col.) H. B. P. L.(comdg. a Bn., Lon. R., T.F.).Willan, Capt. (temp. Maj.) R. H.Flower, Capt. H, J. ;Allfrey, 2nd Lt. (,temp. Lt.) E. M.Beck, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W.O'Leary, No. 2049Serjt. C. W.Loomea, No. 6526 Lce.-Cbrpl. (Acting Corpl.)F.Robinson, No. 7387Pte. L.Bircham, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. F. W.9D.S.O.Robinson, Qrmr. andHon.Lt. A.Owens, No. 11377 Serjt. T.Smith, No. Y.38 Serjt. T. R. (dead).Adams,No. 7823 Serjt. G.Ravenseroft, No. 8849 Serjt. W.Masters, No. 11364Lce.-Corpl. C. G.McCall, No. 7257 Corpl. J. A.Noel, No. 11386 Corpl. A. H.(dead).Dale, No. R/13320 Pte. F. J.Essex, No. 6/1075 Pte. J.Brady, Capt. J. B.(Spec. Res.).Dorrington, 2nd Lt. J. W. N. (Spec. Res.).KING'S ROYAL RIFLECORPS (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Rennie, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. A. P.,D.S.O., K.R. Rif. C.St. Aubyn, Temp. Capt. M. J. (Adjt.).Williamson, Temp. Lt. G.H.Jones, No. 2851 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Scroggs, No. A.93 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. E. J.Mayles, No. 3224 Lce.-Corpl. R.Green, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. C. R., K.R.Rif. C.Crum, Maj. F. M. (Res. of Off.).Frewen, Temp. Capt. L. (late 2nd Lt., K.R.Rif. C.).Cullinan, Temp. Lt. M. W. F. (Adjt.).Domville, Temp. 2nd Lt. C. L.Potier, No.A/3736 Qrmr.-Serjt. (Acting StaffSerjt.-Maj.) G.Hunter, No. 8270 Co. Serjt.-Maj.R.Stone, No. A/1439 Corpl. A. W.Daw, Temp. Capt. R. S.Dowson, Temp. Lt. H.Palmer, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W.McCormack, No. R.1131 Serjt. T.Crosby, No. A.1804 Corpl. H.Blacklock, Temp. Lt.-Col. C. A.Taylor, No. R/5873 Pte. S.Allgood,Maj .(temp. Lt.-Col.) W. H. (Res.of Off.).Hope, Temp. Maj. J. R. (Capt. inArmy).Reevell, No. R/629 Corpl. F.Jackson, No. R/226 Lee.-Corpl. (ActingCorpl.)J.Paine, Temp. Lt.-Col. A. I., D.S.O.Wilton, Temp. Capt. C. H.Alexander, No. R.1202 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. S.

Dallow, No. 5944 Acting. Qrmr.-Serjt. E.Chester-Master, Bt. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)R.C. (Res. of Off.).Fisher, Temp. Capt. F. (Adjt.).Davies, No. R/5633 Regtl.Serjt.-Maj. A.Wyand, Temp. Capt. E. H. (killed).Spencer, Temp. Qrmr. andHon. Lt. H.

WILTSHIRE REGIMENT.Ogilvie, Temp. Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. S.Gillson, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. M. T.WILTSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Green, Capt. L. B., Wilts. R. (Adjt.).

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MANCHESTER REGIMENT.Eddowes, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. B.(comdg..Sejvice Bn., York. B,..).Pentlow, No. 7462 Lce.-Corpl. H. A.Heywopd,No.2859 Pte. T.Ward,'No. 5533 Pte. A. J.Williamson, 2nd Lt..H. A.Vickers, Qrmr. and Hon. Capt. G. E. Hastewell, No. 5626 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. G.MANCHESTER REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Kent, Temp. Capt. R. E.D.Sotham, Capt. E. G., Manch. R. (Adjt.).Kenworthy, Temp. Capt. S.Hill, No.17/8153 Lce.-Corpl. W. E.Kelly, Temp. Lt. T. J.Hill, No. 10818 .Serjt. E. C.Shirley, No. 10045 Lce.-Serjt. S.'W.'Done, No. 10383 Pte. R7 - Forster, No.10390 Pte. S.Hill, Temp. Lt.-Col. Sir H. B., Bt. (Capt.,Res. of Off.) -(Bt. Maj., ret.pay).Lewis, Temp. Lt.-Col. H. (Capt., Ind. Army).Norman, Bt. Col. W. W: (ret.,Ind. Army).Wade, No. 21/2952 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. E.Pearce, No. 15032 Corpl. H.

NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT.Anderson, Capt. C. A. W. (Adjt., N.Staff.R. (T.F.)).Meautys, Capt. P. R. (Adjt., Bedf. R.).Wyatt, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)L. J. (comdg.York and Lane. R., T.F.).Pope, Lt. (temp. Capt.") V. V.Langridge,Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. E. J.Tipton, No. 6188 Cb. Serjt.-Maj. C. H.Hill, No.9622 Serjt. W.Bray, No. 8151'Corpl. A.Finlinson, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. L. (Spec.Res.).Boone, Temp. 2nd Lt. G. L. (Spec. Res.).NORTH STAFFORDSHIREREGIMENT(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Burnett, Temp. Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) W.Caddick-Adams, Lt. (temp. Capt.) C.Worthington, Lt. (temp.C'apt.) G. J.Ratcliff, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Cbl.) R. F., M.P.,V.D.Lyon, Capt. J. C.NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Locker,Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. J. (Res. ofOff.).Bradley,L.-Col. F. G.. (ret., Ind. Army).'

YORK AND LANCASTERREGIMENT.Headfom, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. R., D.S.O.Woodley,Maj. E. J. (Res. of Off.).Philby, Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. P., D.S.O.(Adjt.).Blythen, 2nd Lt. S. (Spec. Res,).Heggs, 2nd Lt. F.Cholerton, No. 3166Bn. Serjt.-Maj. W.Spink, No. 7459 Co. Serjt.-Maj. R.Crisp, No. 32709 Lce.Corpl. W..YORK, AND LANCASTER REGIMENT(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Branson, Lt. (temp. Capt.) D. S. "Johnson, 2nd -Lt. (temp. Capt.)-P. N. Hewson, 2nd Lt. (temp: Lt.) F. B.Sykes, No.-3540 Acting Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. W,Cole, No. 740 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. H. L.Hall, No. 385-Co, Serjt.-Maj. W.Imisson,No. 2056 Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj. G.Knight, Maj. J.-E.Rideal, Lt. (temp.Capt.) J. G. E. (Brig.M.-G. Offr.).Hess, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. M. L.Morrell,2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. H. (Adjt.).Barker, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. E. A.Johnson, No. 140 Corpl. A.Poxon, No. 2126 Serjt. H.YORK AND LANCASTERREGIMENT (SERVICEBATTALIONS).By ass, Bt. Col. H. N., ret.pay.Armstrong, Temp. Maj. W. McG. (Capt., Res.of Off.).Bonner, Temp. Capt. E.E.Ellis, No. 34072'Qrmr.-Serjt. (Orderly Room.Serjt.) M. C.Newton, No. 3/3748Pte. G. E. .Hornby, Temp. Lt.-Col. M. L., D.S.O. (Maj.,ret., Ind. Army).Smith,Temp. Maj. C. H. -Parnell, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. T.Addison, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) A. J. B. (Res.of Off.).Lewis, Temp. Maj. H. A.Elsworth, Temp.Lt. L. A.Heald, Temp. 2nd L. J. A.

DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY.GoringJones, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)M. D.Irvine, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) A. -E. Bradford, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. B. (Adjt.,.Durh. L.I., T.F.).Jones, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J.Willis, 2nd Lt. H. G. (died of wounds).Gamble, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. W.Shea, Qrmr. andHon. Lt. J. P. L.Cohen, No. 9666 Serjt. M.Watson, No. 3/9676 Corpl. E.Fraser,Maj. and Hon. Lt.-Col. W. A. (lateCa,pt., Ind. S.C.).DURHAM LIGHTINFANTRY (TERRITORIALFORCE).Spence, Lt.-Col. G. O.Close, No. 695Co. Serjt.-Maj. J. W.Purvis, No. 2171 Pte. J.Dixon, No. 1659 Corpl. J.Bonner, No.1451 Pte. C. C.Vaux, Lt.-Col. E., D.S.O., V.D. (Maj., ret.,Vols.) (Hon. Capt. inArmy).Ramsay, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) L. A.Kealey, No. 1699 Corpl. H. .Evans, No.3999 Pte. T.Henderson, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)' A., T.D.(Capt., Res. of Off.).Abraham, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) E..A.DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY(SERVICEBATTALIONS).Unthank, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. S., Durh.L.I. .Parr, Temp. Capt. J. G.Rosher, Temp. C'apt. J. B.

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Wakeham, No.24258 Serjt. (Acting Co.Qrmr.-Serjt.) C.Keating, No. 11906 Serjt. T.Collins,Temp. Lt.-Col. A. E., D.S.O. (Hon.Capt., C'wealth Mil. Forces).Pemberton,Temp. Lt. R. L. S.Day, Temp. Capt. J. P.Golden, Temp. Lt. F. C.A. (killed).Oliver, No. 13354 Pte. R.Biddulph, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) N. T. (Res.ofOff.).Anderson, No. 21160 Pte. J.Menzies, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. F. (Res. ofOff.).Thompson, Temp. Capt. M. S.Robertson, Temp. 2nd Lt. J.Pearson, No. 26953Co. Serjt.-Maj. G.'R.Meldrum, No. 26913 Serjt. T. (killed).Petty, No. 13650Serjt. J. T.Britton, No. 15582 Pte. E.Huddleston, Temp. 2nd Lt. M. L.Herbert,No. 23361 Co. Serj't.-Maj. C. J.Nicol, No. 232S7 Lce.-Corpl. J.

HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY.Gartside, Capt. L.Prentice, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Cbi.)R. E. S.Hutton, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) A.Hauxwell, No. 5688 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt.(ActingSerjt.-Maj. toB. and C. Depot, Rouen) A.Douglas, No. 9160 Serjt. andCook A. R.Durbin, No. 9309 Pte. (Acting Serjt.) F.Kindersley, Capt. D. (Spec.Res.).HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Campbell,Temp. Capt. C. B. (Adjt.).Paterson, Temp.Capt. L. M.Easton, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. A. (killed).Sibold, Temp. 2nd Lt. F. M.Campbell, Temp. Lt. J. A.Milne-Henderson, Temp. Lt. J. Y.Drawbell, Qrmr. andHon. Lt. J.Cunningham, No. 196 Serjt. J.Dobbie, No. 420 Lce.-Corpl. A.Purvis,Capt. and Bt. Maj. (temp. Lt.-C'ol.)J. H.Watson, Temp. Capt. D. G. (Adjt.).Aitchison, Temp. 2nd Lt. W. J. (killed).Campbell, No. 9394 Co. Serjt.-Maj.(ActingRegtl. Serjt.-Maj.) E.McNab, No. 19164 Serjt. W.Happell, No. 17760Lee.-Serjt. S.Robertson, No. 18643 Pte. D.Grant, Temp. Maj. John (Capt. andHon.Maj.), Sco. Rif. (T.F.).Laidlaw, Temp. Lt.-Col. D., V.D. (Lt.^Col.and Hon.Col., T.F. Res.)McCombe, No. 15006 Serjt. Piper W.Morton, Temp. Lt.-Col. D.S., V.D. (Hon.Lt.-Col., ret., Vols.). .Kelly, No. 15205 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. J.

SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS.Orr, Capt. N. C. (Adjt., Sea. Highrs., T.F.).Thomson, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. M.Laurie, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. E. (Adjt.).Sutherland, No. 9390 Serjt. (Acting Serjt.-Maj.) A. -Mackenzie, No. 7176Serjt. (Acting StaffSerjt.) J.Rose, No. S/7703 Lce.-Corpl. (Acting Corpl.)T.SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS (TERRITORIALFORCE).Cuthbert, Maj.andtemp. Lt.-Col. T. W.,D.S.O. (T.F. Reserve).Dewar, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) W.S.Henderson, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) L. D.Bain, No. 492 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. H.Robertson, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J. J.Gunn, No. 559 Qrmr.-Serj. J.Smith, Maj. (temp.Lt.-Col.) J. G., T.D.Macdonald, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W. (Adjt.).SEAFORTHHIGHLANDERS (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Marshall, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) F. J.Munro, No. S/4218 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. P. S.Thomson, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) N. A., Sea.Highrs.Murray, Temp. Capt. G.Duncan, Temp. Lt. G.W.Fraser, No. 9294 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A. H.Colclough, No. 3/8273 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. J.Simpson, No. S/2764 Serjt. A.Braes, No. S/3216 Corpl. A.Fetherstonhaugh, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) T.(Res. of Off.).Gascoigne, Temp. Maj. C. C. H. 0.Furneau,Temp, Capt. W. E. (Hon. Lt. inArmy).Chalmers, No. S/4794 Serjt. D.Mclntosh, No. S/6990 Lce.-Corpl. A.Haining, No. 4489 Pte. T.

GORDONHIGHLANDERS.McClintock, Capt. S. R. (Adjt.).Inglis, .S/8141 Lce.Corpl. (Actg. Serjt.) H.Crauford, Lt.-Col. G. S. G., C.I.E., D.S.O.Long, Capt. A.de L.Robertson, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) M. S. (Spec.Res.) (killed).Sanderson, Temp.2nd Lt. C., D.S.O.Watt, 2nd Lt. D. G. (Spec. Res.) (killed).Neilson, No. 6461Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. W.(killed).Young, No. S-/3431 Lce.-Corpl. J. (killed).Dunn,No. S/9942 Pte. G.Ronald, No. 1911 Pte. J. H. (killed).Gordon, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) B. G. R.Graham,'Lt. W. J.Mackie, Qrmr. and Hon. Capt. J.Fearnley,' No. 6442 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.Fraser, No. 222 Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj. H.(killed).Dinwiddie, Capt. M. (Spec. Res.).Russell, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A. E. (Spec.Res.).GORDON HIGHLANDERS (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Smith, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) G. A. (comdg.Service Bn., R. Lane. R.).Hall, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt.J. H.Robertson, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) C. T. A.Chalmers, No. 115 Regt. Qrmr.Serjt.J.Matthew, No. 544 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (Actg.Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.) J.Petrie-Hay,'2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) F. W.(comdg. Inf. Bde. Machine Gun Co.).Bruce, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) R.

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Adam, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. (Adjt.).Cruickshank, No.2905 Corpl. W. -Ritchie, No. 2829 Pte. W.GORDON HIGHLANDERS(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Greenhill-Gardyne, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.)A. D., Gord. Highrs.Drummond, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W.Clark, No. S/3158Co.Qrmr.-Serjt. J.Gordon, Temp. Lt.-Col. E. H. H.Taylor, Capt. (temp. Maj.)T.F., Gord.Highrs.Smith, Temp. Capt. T. (Adjt.)Gourlay, Temp. Capt.. G. B.Merry, No. 3/6794 Co. Serjt.-Maj. R.Blincow, No, S/4751 Pte. J.Wallace, Temp.Lt.-Cbl. H. R.Angus, Temp. Maj. A. W.Thorn, Temp. Capt. J. G.Young,'No.S/5658 Acting Regtl. Serjt.-Maj.J.Ash, No. S/3882 Serjt. P.Forgan, No.S/5323 Serjt. D.Meins, No. S/5109 Serjt. H.

CAMERON HIGHLANDERS.Adlercron, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. L.,D.S.O.Campbell, Maj.(temp.Lt.-Col.) C. H.,D..S.O. (killed) (latecomdg. Service Bn., W.Yorks. R.).Graeme, Maj. (temp, Lt.-Col.) L. O., C.M.G.(killed)."Erskine, Maj. Sir T. W. H.J.,Bt.Drew, Capt. J. S.Graham, 2nd Lt. R. P.Muir, No. 6416 Co. Serjt.-Maj. T.McDonald, No. 3/2844 Serjt. A.Bell, No. 6205 Lce.-Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) D.Murray, No. 9884 Lce.-Corpl. (Acting Corpl.)A.Robb, No. 3/5746 Lce.-Corpl.(Acting Corpl.)A. V.McGregor, No. S/12348 Lce.-Corpl. (ActingCorpl.) W.Newton, No. 5663 Pte. A.Scott, No. S/15340 Pte. W.CAMERONHIGHLANDERS(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Hunter, Temp. 2nd Lt.A.Cameron, Qrmr. and' Hon. Lt.. D.Williams, No. 3/6204 Qrmr.-Serjt. (ActingStaff Serjt.-Maj.) R. C.Campbell Colquhoun, Temp. Capt. A. J.Carrick, Temp.2nd Lt. J.Robertson, No. S/13923 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C. S.Hyslop, No, S/16774Serjt. T. B.Tollerton, No. S/12358 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. J. G.Robertson, Temp. Lt.J. S.Cranston, No. 5651 'Qrmr.-Serjt. J. B.Wat-son, No. S/13603 Regtl. Qrmr.Serjt..T. F.Macdonald, No, S/13901 Corpl. P.McCallum, No. S/15814 Lce.Corpl. J.Morgan, No. S/13088 Pte. A. E.#

ROYAL IRISH RIFLES.Daunt, Lt.-Col.R. A. C., D.S.O.Merriman, Maj. A. D. N.Tayler, Capt. g. (Spec. Res.).Wallace,Lt.F. C. (Spec. Res.).Traynor, No1. 8722 Pte. J.Barrington, Lt.-Cbl.(temp. Brig.-Gen.) T. P.ROYAL IRISH RIFLES (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Smith, No. 13605 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A. P.Lowry, No. S/1139 Serjt. S.McMillan, No. 8/13123 Lce.-Serjt. J.Gaffikin, Temp. Capt. G. H.Gould, Temp. 2nd Lt. K. W.Bernard, Col. H. C. (Ind.Army).Goodwin, Temp. Maj. W. R.Pakenham, Ternp. Lt.-Col. H. A. (Lt.-Col.,ret., T.F.).Bell, No. 11/19384 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Lyle, Temp. Capt. S. J.Adams,No. 17124 Serjt. W.Maxwell, Maj. R. D. P.Mortimer, No. 18517 Co. Serjt.Maj. R.Leader, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. (Res. ofOff.).Allen, Temp. Capt. W. J.(Adjt.).

ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS.Hill, Capt. (temp. Lb.-Col.) G. V. W., D.S.O.(comdg. Service Bn., Suff. R.).Shuter, Maj.. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. G., D.S.O.Bull, Capt. and Bt. Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G.Neill, Capt. R. B. (Res. of Off.).Bunting, Qrmr. and Hon. Capt. T. E.Stephenson, No. 9152 Co. Serjt.-Maj. R.Synnott, Lt. F. W. (Spec. Res.).Blacker, Temp. Lt.-Col. S. W.

CONNAUGHTRANGERS.Anderson, Capt. A. L. B..O'Brien, Lt. W.

ARGYLLAND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS.Grant, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) D.J.Biggart, Temp. 2nd Lfe. D.Harris, No. 9441 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.Stuart, No. 1033Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Matheson, Lt. J. C. Mel.ARGYLL AND SUTHERLANDHIGHLANDERS-(TERRITORIAL FORCE.)Haldane, Capt. (temp.Maj.) R. H. B.Hardie, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) S. J. L. (Brig.M. G. Offr.).MacNab,No. .1981 Serjt. P.Mclntyre, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. C.Maodonald,2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A., Arg. &Suth'd Highrs, (Adjt.).MacLennan, No.904 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. 'A.Boyd, No. 1373 Co. Serjt.-Maj. N. M.McLaren, No.3164 Pte. (Acting Lce.-Corpl.)D.Tweedie, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. J. B., Arg.andSuth'd Highrs.Fenton, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A.Birch, No. 2019 Qrmr.-Serjt.(SuperintendingClerk) J. W.ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS(SERVICE BATTALIONS).Stevenson, Temp. Lt. W. S.McLauchlan, No. 1852 Co. Serjt.-Maj. D.Duffin, No. 1467 Lce.-C'orpl. R.McNeill,Capt. (temp. Lt.-Cbl.) M., D.S.O.Cook, Temp. Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. H.McCrone, Temp. 2nd Lt. J. M.Strang, No. 4018 Serjt. J.Westlake, No. S/5147Corpl. W.

LEINSTER REGIMENT.Burnand, Maj. N. G.Bullen-Smith, Lt.-Col.G. M., D.S.O.Orpen-Palmer, Maj. R. A. H.

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Murray,'2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.)G.Burns, 2nd Lt; (temp. Lt.) A. A.Squire, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. H. O.Pettitt, No.9964 Acting Serjt. J.McCarthy, No. 9631 Pte. T.Rowland, No, 9953 Pte. T. P.

ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILIERS.Sullivan, No. 8534 Serjt. J.Smith, No. 10344Corpl. F.Ring, No. 4958 Pte. P.Wills; No. 5758 Pte. (Acting. Lee.-Corpl.)JStoker,Capt. .T. T. MacG. (Spec. Res.).Thackwell, Maj. E. H. R. (Spec. Res.).ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILIERS (SERVICEBATTALIONS).Roche, Temp.Maj. L.Monteagle-Browne, Temp. Lt.-Col. E.

ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS.Higginson, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. W.,D.S.O.

RIFLE BRIGADE.Buller,Maj. (temp.. Lt.-Col.) H. C., D.S.O.(comdg. Princess Patricia'sCanadian LightInfantry).Sladem, Capt. (temp,.Lt.-Col.) G. C1., D.S.O.Cartland, Capt. G. T. (Adjt.).Brand, Capt. (temp, Maj.) Hon. R. (Spec.Res.).Riley, Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. L., D..S.O.(comdg. Service Bn., Rif. Brig.)..Wolseley-Jenkins, Capt. C. W. (killed).Boswell, Lt. (teonp. Capt.) W. G. K.(Spec.Rer.).Byrne-Johnson, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. V.Kennedy, Lt. J. P. F. (Spec.Res.).Monteith, Lt. W. N. (killed).Gull, Lt. R. C.Furey, No. 6197 Regtl. Serjt.Maj. J.Shopland, No. S/7012 Pte. (Acting Corpl.)A.McRitchie, No. S/7136 Pte.C. W.Thorpe, No. 4003 Pte. N. L.Pigot, Maj. R.Prideaux-Brune, Capt. (temp.Maj.) D. E.Edwardes, 2nd Lt. R.Eastmead, Qrmr. and Hon. Capt. L.Patrick,No.6926 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) A.Haig,, Maj. R., D.S.O. (Capt., ret. pay)(Spec.Res.) (comdg. Divisional Mounted Troops).Mallinson, 2nd Lt. J. W.(killed).RIFLE BRIGADE (SERVICE BATTALIONS).Heriot-Maitland, Lt.-Col.J.D., D.S.O., Rif. Brig.Moline, Temp. 2nd Lt. E. H.Coombs, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A.Beckingham, No.B/53 Serjt. A.Maclachlan, Lt.-Gol. R. C., Rif. Brig. 'Gladstone, Temp. Capt. K. S.M.Keesey, Temp. Capt. G. E. H.Barker-Mill, Temp. Lt. W. C. F. V.Gorell-Barnes,Temp. Lt. C. JR., D.S.O.(Adjt.)Buck, No. S/3057 Serjt. J. B. H.Cowan, No.B/176 Serjt. C. -Kimberley, No. S/3199 Serjt. A. W.Morris, Capt. (temp. Maj.) T.H. P. Rif. Brig.Gull, Capt. F. W. L., Rif. Brig.Chester, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt.W.Kent, No. B/890 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. FBrooker, No 379.5 Co. Serjt.-Maj. F. J.Wood, No. 906 Co. Serjt.-Maj. P. W.Loftus, C'apt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) St. J. D. T.Bailey, Temp. Capt. E. S.Cawston, No. S/175 Serjt. L. G.Mann, No. S/2741 ActingSerjt. L. A.Creed, No. S/ 2598 Acting Corpl. A. E.Petre, Lt.-Col. H. C. (Ees. ofOff.), late Rif.Brig.Donner; Temp. Capt. E. R.Finch, Temp. Capt. G. F.-Jackson,Temp. Capt. A. N. S. (Adjt.).Croutcher, No. S/4903 Co. Serjt.-Maj. J.Williams, No. S/4568 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) I.

ARMY CYCLIST CORPS.Davis,Maj.W.. R., London R. (T.F.).Hay, Ma'j. A. J. D., E. Surr. R. (Spec.Res.).Cooke, Temp. Capt. J. C.Guild, Temp, Capt. A. M. (Capt., HighlandCyclist Bn. (T.F.) ).Rochfort, Capt. R. A. (2nd Lt., R. Innis.Fus.).Towler,Temp. Capt. M. A.Van Der Byl, Capt. C. F. (Res. of Off.).Harrison, Temp. Lt. H. D.Hill, Temp. 2nd Lt. D. McC. H.Bitter, Temp. Lt. W.H.Smith, Temp. Lt..W. G. R. (killed).Blake, Temp. 2nd Lt. C. L.Price, Temp. Lt.R.C.Jones, No. 3829 Co. Serjt.-Maj. E.Sykes, No. 88 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H.Foreman,No. 810 Serjt. T.Thurston. No. 2863 Serjt. A.Bennett, No. 1348 Lee.Corpl. H.Boyd, No. 816 Lee.-Corpl. J.Butters, No. 2933 Corpl. H.Eveson, No.2760 Lee.-Corpl. Q. A.Roberts, No. 6539 Lee.-Corpl. C.

MACHINE GUNCORPS.Forster, Temp. Capt. A. P.Henriques, Temp. C'apt. W. Q.Stanbury, Lt.L, D.Holder, No. 32946 Serjt. F.Johnson, No. 18186 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H. H.Angus,No. 17128 Corpl. A.Pearson, No. 9914 Lee.-Corpl. W.Whytock, No. 12666Pte. J.

MACHINE GUN SERVICE.Jupe, Temp. Maj. P. W.T'awse, Capt.(temp. Maj.) A. B. (T.F.Reserve).Hampson, Temp. Capt. G.Joyce, Temp. C'apt.J.Myers, Temp. Capt. G. P.Grayson, Temp. Lt. H. A.Humphreys, Temp. Lt. N.F.Hull, No. 32527 Serjt. S.Penn, No. 218 Serjt. O. S.Stirton, No. 130 Serjt. G. C.Young, No. 433 Serjt. D. G.Murdock", No. 430 Corpl. J. E.Saville, No. 1706Gunner A. E.

MONMOUTHSHIRE REGIMENT (TERRITORIALFORCE). Evill, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. A.Kirby, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.)C.Lewis, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W. A.Jones, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. M.Fry, 2nd Lt.(temp,Lt.) A. A. (Adjt.).


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Howells, No. 1122 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A.Johnson, No.1975 Co. Serjt.-Maj. T.Iball, No. 2026 Serjt. I. J. .

THE LONDON REGIMENT(TERRITORIAL FORCE).Brooks, Capt. C. J.Ibbs, Qrmr. and Hon.Maj.T. C.Williams, No. 1579 Serjt. A.Attenborough, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J.,C.M.G.Heumann, Capt. R.Harrington, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) E. J.Frakes, No. 231 Bn.Serjt.-Maj. A. J.Brooks, No. 1219 Serjt. S. G.Dowell, No. 1670 Serjt. H. C. F.Howell, Lt.-Col. A. A., C.M.G.Beresford, Maj. P. W.Samuel, Maj. F. D.Agius, Lt.(temp. Capt.) A. J. J. P.Sutcliffe, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. D.Blackman, No. 1564 Serjt.E. D.Bates, Maj. (temp. Lt.^Col.) A. S., D.S.O.Macveagh, No. 709 Co. Serjt.Maj. A. J. R.Macdonald, 2nd Lt. R.Diggins, No. 678 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C. W.Hollie, No. 2510 Lce.-Corpl. (Acting Corpl.)W. F.Rushworth, Lt. T.Roche, Qrmr.and Hon. Lt. G. D.Collins, No. 196 Co. Serjt.-Maj. (Acting Bn..Serjt.-Maj.) H.Maxwell, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A.Vinoe, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. B.Fairley,Qrmr.and Hon. Lt. R.Chivers, No. 1443 Co. Serjt.-Maj. S. G.Dickins, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) V. W. F.,D.S.O., V.D. (Res. of Off.).Andrews, Lt. (temp. Capt.)J. C. (Adjt.).Mackenzie^ 2nd Lt. (temp. C'apt.) K. L.O'Shea, Qrmr. and Hon. Maj. T. (ret. pay).Flower, Ca.pt. (temp. Maj.) V. A. (comdg.22nd Bn., The Lond. R., T.F.).Ridley,Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A.Lindsay, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. H.Anderson, Lt.(temp. Capt.) W. H.Duncan, 2nd Lt. A. G.Marshall, 2nd Lt. K. H.Forbes, No. 440Co. Serjt.-Maj. J. S.Allan, No. 1677 Serjt. G. M.Reid, No. 2715 Serjt. G.Henderson, No. 40 Lce.-Corpl. J. D.Lowe, No. 3327 Lce.-Corpl. C. E. B.McLachlan, No. 3855 Lce.-Corpl. (ActingSerjt..) W. S.Warrender, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) H. V.(Res. of Off.).Ind, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) W. E.Lewis, Lt. H. T.Stokes, 2ndLt. (temp. Capt.) G. E.-Barnes, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) B.Carlisle, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.)J.C. D.Hart, No. 2149 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. W. B.Crick, No. 379 Colour-Serjt. (Bde.SuperintendingClerk) E. C.Owen, No. 2834 Serjt. P. S.Wright, No. 1513 Serjt.G. B.Tuck, No. 1342 Corpl. (Acting Loe.-Serjt.)W. G. M.Hulford, No. 2648Lee.-Corpl. E.Shoolbred, Lt.-Col. R., C.M.G.Grizelle, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) H.F.Jackson, No. 6 Qrmr.-Serjt. E. W.Johnson, No. 2626 Serjt. M. A.Watson, No.1146 Serjt. C.Fagan, No. 1474 Corpl. H. A.Yarnold, No. 2362 Corpl. E.Hinley,No. 2018 Pte. G.Lowman, No. 1976 Pte. R. W.Tedman, No. 3022 Pte. C. J.Warren, No. 2786 Pte. G.Wingfield, No. 2390 Pte. A. M.Bawden, Capt. V. C.Webb,2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) P. L.Matthews, Temp. Lt.-Col. W. H.Jackson, Lt.(temp. Capt.) S. R. (died ofwounds).Parlow, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. E., HomeCounties Divl. R.E. (T.F.).Pollak, Lt. L. A.Howarth, No. 3138 Lce.-Corpl. G. F.W.Hubback, Temp. Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.)A. B.Dolphin, Capt. (temp. Maj.) E.J.Williams, Lt. (temp. Capt.) G.Bell, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. J.Clont, 2nd Lt. (temp.Capt.) C. W. (Adjt.).Hirst, No. 1184 Lee.-Serjt. J.Prisley, No. 1243 Pte. C.Richards, Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. P.Ruthven, 2nd Lt. (temp. C'apt.) H.Dew, No. 922Serjt. F. G.Turner, Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. C.Bare, Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. R.Paterson,2nd Lt. A.Dann, No. 24 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. F.Brett, Temp. Lt. (temp. Capt.)G. A.Cox, No. 174 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. T.Bulcraig, No. 1543 Lce.-Corpl. F. J.Smith, No. 1696 Drummer P. W.Parker, Maj. W.Rogers, 2nd Lt. C. M.Collins, No.5Co. Serjfi.-Maj. C.Lowthorp, No. 1867 Pte. A. T.Suckling, No. 1071 Lee.-Serjt.P. H.Weston, No. 1241 Lce.-Corpl. D. G.

HERTFORDSHIRE REGIMENT(TERRITORIALFORCE) .Bevan, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. H. (Adjt.).Aldridge, No. 2133 Corpl. F.

GENERAL LIST-NEW ARMIES.Fincken,Temp.Capt. V. S. T.Colman, Temp. 2nd Lt. G. R. R., Bde. Staff,41st Inf. Bde.Eaton, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. E., R.E.

WEST INDIA REGIMENT.Ogle,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E. C., L'pool R.

ARMY SERVICE CORPS.Archer, Temp. Capt. G. V.Arnold, Temp. Capt. J. E.Arter, Temp. Capt. E.Atkinson, Lt.-Col. F. S.Avery, 2nd øLt. (temp. Capt.) Sir W. E. T.,Bart.Aylmer,Capt. (temp. Maj.) R. M.Bagg, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. L. C.Barne, Temp.Capt. H. iñ.Barr, Temp. Lt. W- H.Barren, Temp. Maj. C. A., ,S. Mid. Divl. Sup.Col.

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Barton, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) N. A. D. (ret.pay).Barton, Lt.-Col. W.H'.Bashford, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. T. E.Belfield, Temp. Capt. W. S.Belfield, Temp.Maj. W.Bennett, Lt. (temp. C'apt.) C. V.Berry, Lt.-Col. R. G. J. J.Black, Lt.Col.J. C. L.Blunt, Maj. G. C. G.Brooke, Lt.-Col. E. W.Burgess, Temp. 2nd Lt. J.H.Burrard, Lt.-Col. H. G., D.S.O.Carter, Ll..(temp. Capt.) E. C. D. S.Catmur, 2ndLt.(temp. Capt.) R. (Spec.Res.).Chapman, Lt. (temp. Capt.) M. T. (Adjt.,T.F.).Chappell, Temp. Maj. F. E.Chichester, Temp. Capt. A. W.Clark, Temp.2nd Lt. H. B.Clarke, Temp. Lt. R. B.Colc, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) E. R. (Spec.Res.).Cox, Temp. Maj. E. H.Crawford, Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. A. B.Crawley,Maj. -(temp. Lt.-Col.) R. P.,M.V.O.Crawley-Boevey, Maj. C. A.Croker,Lt.(temp. Capt.) C.Cunningham, Temp. Capt. B. S. R.Dartnell, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. B.Daubeny, Lt.(temp. Capt.) H. G. J.Davies, Lt.-Col. H.De Brath, Maj. H.Dowse, 2nd Lt. (temp.Lt.) R. J. G. (Spec.Res.).Drummond, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. S. G. (Spec.Res.).DuCros, Temp. Hon. Capt. W. E.Dunphy, Capt. (temp. Maj.) L. O. A.Durnford, Temp. Capt. L. J. B.Edgington, Temp. Capt. H.Egerton, Temp. Lt. B. S.Eliot, 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.).English, Temp. Capt. G. W.Evans, Lt.-Col. E. G.Feherty,Qrmr. and Hon. Capt. W.Follett, Temp. Lt.-Col. H. S. (Lt.-Col., Res.oœOff.).® ' 'Franks, Temp. Capt:. H..W.Gayford, Temp. Capt; E. A. B.Goff,Temp. Lt. H. S. T.Goldingham, Lt. (temp. Capt.) P. R.Hacker, Capt. E. S.Hamersley, Capt. (temp. Maj.) H. St. G.Hartshorn, Temp. Maj. A. H. (Qrmr. andHon. Lt., R.A.M.C. (T'.F.)).Hawkins, 2nd Lt. (temp. Maj.) E. F. S. (Spec.Res.).Hilton, Temp. Capt'. G. T.Hoare, Temp. Capt. H. N. ,Hopkins, Temp.Capt. L.Hopwood, Temp. Lt. A. F. B.Horsbrugh, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) B. R.(Res.of Off.).Howard, Lt.-Col. F. J. L.Howell, Temp. Lt.-Col. G. L. H.Hull, Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) C. R: I.Humphreys, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. N.Ince, Temp. Lt.E.H. P. B.Janson, Temp. Maj. S.Johnson, Temp. Maj. B. S.Johnson, Temp. Lt. G.Johnson, Temp. Capt. H. G.Johnson, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. A.Johnson, Lt.-Col.T. P.Kerr, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. R. (Adjt.).Knox, Temp. Capt. F. P.Kuhne,Temp. Maj. C. H.Lea, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) P. G. P.Leese, Temp. Maj. N.Liddell, Lt.-Col. A. R.Luard, Temp. Maj. L. D.McAllister, Ma-j. (temp. Lt.-Col.) E.J.McArthur, Temp. Lt. J. C.Macdermot, Temp. Maj. F. C. J.Mackie, Temp.Inspector, 2nd Class, and Hon.Capt. J. C.McVittie, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C. E.(Res.of Off.).Maitland, Temp. 2nd Lt. A. C.Marshall, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) G. E. B.(Spec. Res.).Maturin, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. W. H.(Res. of Off.).Page, Maj. L. M.S.Mears, Lt.-Col. E. L.Mears, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) T. I. N.Meldrum, Temp. Lt. R.F. A.Morgan, Maj. C. R. F.Morgan, Temp. Maj. K. P. V.Morrison, Capt. (temp.Maj.) S. W.Moss, Temp. Capt. J. L.Neale, Temp. Capt. J. B.Niblett, Temp.Maj.H.Northern, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A.Oswald, Temp. Capt. C. P.Owen,Temp.' Inspector of Mechanical Transportand Hon. C'apt. A. D.Peach, 2ndLt.(temp. Capt.) L. T. (Spec.Res.).Peachey, Temp. Maj. H. G.Peake, Temp. Capt.E. G.Prendergast, 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. W.(Spec. Res.).Rawnsley, Lt.-Cbl.and Bt. Col. C., D.S.O.(Res. of Off.).Rendell, Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. T. (Spec.Res.).Richards, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. A. D.Rigby, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A.Robinson, Temp. C'apt. H. (temp. Lt., W.Rid. Divl. Sup. Col.).Rountree, Lt.-(temp.Capt.) A. N.Rowe, Temp. Maj. W. H. C.Rowell, Temp. Lt. G.Russell. Lt.-Col.H. J.Satchwell, Temp. Capt. E.Saunders, Temp. Maj. R. G. F.Searight, Temp.Capt. T. P.Simon, Temp. Capt. C. E.Simpson, Temp. Capt. R. D.Soames,Temp.C'apt. J. G. L.Standage, Temp. Capt. H. E. (Adjt.).Stephenson, 2ndLt. (temp. Capt.) M. F. G.(Spec. Res.).Stevens, Temp. Maj.. E. G. S.Sturt, Temp.Capt. M. A. S.Tapp,-Lt. (temp. Capt.) H. A.Toohill, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. T.Tudor-, Capt. (temp. Maj.) C. L. St. J.Turner, 2ndLt. (temp. Lt.) W. H. A. (Adjt.).Tweedie, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J. M.Tylor, Temp. Lt. J. E.Vawdrey, Lt.-Col. G.Veal, Temp. Capt. E. M.Vessey, Temp. Maj. G. H. B.Vickress, Temp. Maj. W. H.Wakelin, Maj. A. B.Waller, Temp. Maj. E. H.Warren-Lambert, Temp. Capt. A.Weeks, Temp. Lt. T. D.

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Weinholt, Temp. Maj. F. E.Wright, Capt. (temp.Maj.) G. T.Adcock, No. S/20569 Staff Serjt. (Acting StaffQrmr.-Serjt.) W. J.Ager, No. M.2/049452 Pte. A. E.Ashwell, No. MS/4854 Co. Serjt.-Maj. G.Ballantine, No. S/19010 Serjt. C. L.Bashford, No. S/23141 Lce.-Corpl. (ActingStaff Serjt.-Maj.) T. W. H.Barker, No. S/26868 Pte. (Acting Serjt.) C.Barnett,No. S/2/14758 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. J. A.Bartlett, No. SS/5349 Corpl. D. H.Baxter, No. T/18097 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.)W.Beck, No. S/19517 Staff Serjt.-Maj. A.Benzeval, No. S/21041 Serjt. (ActingStaffSerjt.-Maj.) W. J.Billingsley, No. S/23764 Corpl. (Acting StaffSerjt.) G.E.Burner, No. S.4/07.2319 Acting Staff Serjt.A. L.Boakes, No. M/21295 Co.Qrmr.Serjt. W. T.Bridges, No. S/22522 Corpl. (Acting StaffSerjt.) A. M.Brinkworth, No. S/27131 Acting Serjt. W. H.'Bruce, No. M.2/049895 Corpl. A.Budd, No. SS/5480 Staff Serjt.-Maj. E. H.Bunch, No. S/15679 Staff Serjt.-Maj. G.Burford, No. M.I/6364 Acting Mech. Staff -Serjt. W. G.Burnand, No. S/27014Acting Serjt. T. G.Buss, No. .S/2/10120 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. W. J.Cahill, No.T/15364 Staff Serjt. W. C.Cameron, No. .S/16035 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt.(Acting StaffSerjt.-Maj.) T. G.Cant, No. T/2/017861 Staff Serjt.-Maj. G. W.Carrington, No.T'/12887 Serjt. (Acting StaffSerjt.-Maj.) J. J. A.Carter, No. E,/15120 Co. Serjt.Maj. J.Chambers, No'. S/16235 Staff Serjt.-Maj. A. E.Chappell, No. S/13633 1stClass Staff Serjt.-Maj. W.Claye, No. S/18732 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. (ActingStaffSerjt.Maj.) F. W.Cloude, No. M/2/022049 Pte. R.Cook, No. S/22109Serjt. (Acting Staff Serjt.)A. J.Cousins, No. MS/5003 Pte. E.Cowles, No.M/1/6048 Acting Corpl. L. C.Craddock, No. M.2/116162 Acting Corpl. J. R.Cruxton, No. SS/6564 Pte. (Acting Corpl.)H. A.Daly, No. S/20870 Corpl. (ActingStaff Qrmr.-Serjt.) S. J.Davidson, No. S/14738 Staff Serjt.-Maj. C.Davies, No.S/2/12179 Corpl. S. C.Dear, No. M.2/116059 Pte. A.Duckworth, No. M.21068Mech. Serjt.-Maj.H.Dunham, No. M.2/047285 Pte. (Acting Serjt.)W.Ellis,No. MS/998 Acting Corpl. H. J.Etty, No, T./3485 Corpl. W.Fairbairn,No. Ml/7870 Pte. (Acting Co.Qrmr.-Serjt.) W. A.Filtness, No. S/19335Serjt. (Acting StaffSerjt.-Maj.) R. H. G.Francis, No. S/13272 1st Class StaffSerjt.-Maj. H. G.Gaches, SS/628 Serjt. G. R.Galloway, No. S/2/015339 Co.Qrmr.-Serjt.(Acting Staff Serjt.-Maj.) A.Gascoine, No. T/12083 Staff Serjt.-Maj.F.R.Gausden, No. T/19357 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. H.Gibbs, No. T/12538 Driver(Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj.) G.Goode, No. T/15070 Farrier Staff Serjt. J. N.Gooding, No. M/1/6736 Serjt. S. A.Green, No. T/2/9446 Staff Serjt. G. W.Gretton,No. T/4/038701 Driver T. A.Hack, No. SS/3903 Acting Serjt. J. S.Hall,No.S/32918 Pte. E.Hammond, No. SS/23413 Serjt. W. G.Harman, No.T/15731Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. C. E.Hart, No. S/4/061245 Acting Corpl. H. W.Hastie,No. S/31950 Pte. (Acting Staff Serjt.)J. Y.Henderson, No. S/4/091141 Pte.(ActingSerjt.) H. W.Hepworth, No. Ml/5482 Serjt. J. W.Hewitt, No.. MS/318Acting Corpl. B. W.Higgin, GMT1/2985 Corpl.. R. T.Hogan, No. S/18046Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. (ActingStaff Serjt.-Maj.) F. G.Horrell, No. S'/31663 Pte.(Acting Serjt.)T. J.Hughes, No. M.S/2550 Pte. A. A. C.Hughes, No. T/20454Serjt.(Acting Co.Serjt.-Maj.) P. R.Hulbert,®S/14372 Staff Serjt.-Maj. P.Hull,No. S/26825 Lce.-Cbrpl. (Acting.Serjt.)W.Jarvis, No. T'/23053 Corpl. (ActingSerjt.)A. J.Jay, No. S/27229 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) W. F.Jefferis, No. S3/25430Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. W.H.Jones, No. S/4/055763 Acting Serjt. N. B.Kearns,No. S/25713 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) J.Keenan, S/15139 1st Class Staff Serjt.Maj.M.Keeping, No. M/2/022058 Pte. F. G.Keller, No. S/18038 Staff Serjt.-Maj.P. E.Kennedy, No. S/20801 Serjt. H. F.Kimbell, No. M/2/048191 Serjt. -(Acting-Serjt.-Maj.) M. L.King, No. TS/3142 Squadron Qrmr.-Serjt.H. E.Lanchbury, No.S/12876 Corpl. (Acting StaffSerjt.-Maj.) W. G. T.Lane, No. T/14245 Acting StaffSerjt.-Maj.A. H.Langstone, No. S/24926 Corpl. H. T.Leigh, No. M2/046677 Pte.(Acting Serjt.) H.Lees, No. T/3/023039 Serjt. A.Lester, No. T4/045389 StaffQrmr.-Serjt.H. C.Linney, No. S.S./6581 Serjt. H. J.Ludgate, No. S/26930 Corpl.A. J.

Lyne, No. S/22755 Serjt. H. T.McCarthy, No. S/I5635 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt.(Acting StaffSerjt.-Maj.) H.McCarthy, No. S/22252 Serjt. J. P.McDonald, No. S/20021 Corpl.(Acting Serjt.)E.McKechnie, No. M/24377 Corpl. (Acting Co.Serjt.-Maj.) H.Mason, No. S/11330 Serjt. C.May, No. S/25166 Acting Staff Serjt. W. G.Miles,No.MS/1606 Acting Corpl. C. R.Miller, No. SS/5399 Pte. (Acting Serjt.) E.G.Mills, No. S/16377 Staff Serjt.-Maj. L. J.Mills, No. M.S./3784 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.J.Mitchell, No. S/22200 Serjt. H. G.Monk, No. M/1/07800 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.)E.A.Mooney, No. S/29503 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.)J. A.Moore, No. S/2/14783Qrmr.^Serjt. W. H.Moss, No. S/19464 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. T.

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Mulford, No. MS/4499 Serjt. S. J.Murphy, No. S/17243 Staff Serjt. (ActingStaffSerjt.-Maj.) C.Murphy, No. TS/3126 Squadron Serjt.-Maj.F.P.Musgrave,No. M/2/076068 Mech. Serjt.-Maj.A.Oliver, No. SS/6597 Serjt.M.C.Osborne, No. Ml/6376 Acting Staff Serjt.A. E.Oxlade, No. T/9725 StaffSerjt.-Maj. G.Pankhurst, No. T/2/SR/01776 .1st Class StaffSerjt.-Maj. A.Parker,No. M2/074003 Pte. A'. W.Parker, No. S/21663 Oorpl. (Acting Serjt.)S. H.Parkes, No. SS/1646 Lee.-Corpl. H. G. B.Parkinson, No. T'l/284 Farrier Staff Serjt.J. H.Pell, No. S/20392 Serjt. H.Pinder, No. M/26764 Serjt. (Acting Mech.Staff.Serjt.) W..Pritchard, No. SiS/5347 Pte. (Acting- Corpl.)F.Pyle, No.MS/5006 Pte. F.Rands, No. fiS/6253 Staff Serjt.-Maj. R.Ranson, No. T1/13723Staff Serjt.-Maj. T. H.Redpath, No. GMT'/121 C'orpl. J.Rich, No. SS/6475Serjt. H.Richmond, No. T/2/14067 Co. Serjt.-Maj.H. G.Roberts, No. S/18778'Serjt. (Acting StaffSerjt.) H.Rodger, No. T/4/062048 Lce.-Corpl. J.Ryder,No.TS/1595 Squadron Serjt.-Maj.A. B. G.Sharp, No. S/18133 Staff Qrmr.Serjt. W.Simmons, No. SS/671 Pte. J. J.Simpson, No. S/19178 1st Class StaffSerjt.-Maj. W.Sinden, No. T/'13994 Farrier Staff Serjt. R.Slater, No. M/20875Mech. Serjt.-Maj. F.Smith, No.. S/19292 Staff'Serjt. (Acting StaffQrmr.Serjt.) H. J.Smith, No. S/19059 Serjt. W. J.Spencer, No. S/18462 Serjt.(Acting StaffSerjt.) G. W.Stevens, No. SS/5409 Staff Serjt.-Maj. J. T.Stone, No.M/29787 Corpl. (Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj.) S.Suckling, No. Tl/446 Loe.-Corpl.(ActingCorpl.) E. E.Sullivan, No. T'/27448 Staff Serjt.-Maj. J.Taylor, No.T/17106 Wheeler Staff Serjt. E.Taylor, No.. S/2/13517 Acting Serjt. J.Tidy, No.T/4/038352 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W. T.Tinton, No. SS/3890 Acting Serjt. B.Turk, No.S/25152 Pte. (Acting Serjt.) C. F.Udall, No. S/18453 Serjt. (Acting'Staff Serjt.-Maj.) A. H.Ward, No. MS/1166 Staff Serjt. G. H.Ward, No. T/13179 Staff Serjt.-Maj.J.Watson, No. SS/15002 Pte. W. H.Weiss, No. S/14937 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. B. G.Wellman, No. M2/055079 Pte. A. S.Welsh, No. MS/4000 Pte. (Acting Serjt.) J.C.Whelan, No. S/26978 Acting Serjt. M.White, No. T2/S.R/01403 Serjt. (ActingCo.Serjt.-Maj.) A.Whitehouse, No. R/19767 Serjt. (ActingSquadron Ser^t.Maj.) E.Whitham, No, Tf 13083 Lee..-Corpl. (ActingSerjt.) W.Whitmee. No.S/18302 Staff Serjt,. (ActingStaff Serjt.-Maj.) E. 'Wickstead, No. S/27123 Corpl.S. C.Williams, No. S/19218 Staff Serjt. A.Willmott, No. M2/116988 Corpl. A.J.Wilson, No. M/2/034262 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. R.Wiseman, No. M2/079086 Corpl, W.Wood, No. M/2/054734 Pte. T. W.Woolhouse, No. M/2/047140 Mech. Staff Serjt.T. H. K.Young, No. Ml/7231 Pte. (Acting Corpl.) F.W.ARMY SERVICECORPS (TERRITORIAL FORCE).Ager, Capt. (temp. Maj.) F. G.,NorthumbrianDivl. Train.Tomlinson, Capt. R., N. Midland Divl. Train.Batey, No.T/68 Staff Serjt.-Maj. I. S.,Northumbrian A.S.C.Finnegan, No. S/522 Serjt. L.W.3LondonDivl. A.S.C.Ibbetson, No1. T/83 Farrier Staff Serjt. N.,. W. RidingDivl.A.S.C.Lancaster, No. T./150 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H. H.,N. Midland A.S.C.Lowes, No. T./72 Staff Serjt. W., Northumbrian

Divl. Train.Lythall, No. 8/7 Staff Serjt. A. E., N. MidlandDivl. A.S.C.Milne, No.T/2021 Staff Serjt.-Maj. (ActingWarr. Off.) F., Highland Divl. A.S.C.Moore, No.T/417 Wheeler Staff Serjt. E. W.47th (London) Divl. Train.Perry, No. T/210.StaffSerjt.-Maj. A., 46thDivl. Train.Pierce, No. 2334 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. F.,NorthumbrianA.S.C.Stamp, No. S/1588 Staff Serjt.-Maj. A., W.Riding Divl.A.S.C.Taylor, No. T/l Staff Serjt. H. E., N. MidlandDivl.A.S.C.

ARMYMEDICAL SERVICE.GENERAL HEADQUARTER STAFF, ETC.Sawyer, Surg.-Gen. R. H. S., C.M.G., M.B.,F.R.tJ.S.I.Carr, Col. H., C.B., M.D.Gray, Col. W. L., M.B.Julian, Col. O. R. A., C.M.G.Macdonald, Col. C. J., M.D.Morgan, Col. F. J.Newland, Col. F. R., M.B.Pocock, Col. H. I.Thompson, Col.H. N., D.S.O., M.B.Westcott, Col. S., C.B., C.M.G.Wilson, Col. J. B., M.D.Wright, Col. R. W., M.B.Buawell, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) F. C.Dunn, Lt.-Col.(temp. Col.) H. N., M.B.,R.A.M.C.Ferguson, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) J. D., D.S.O.,R.A.M.C.Forrest, Lt.-Col. J. V., M.B., R.A.M.C.Gallie, Lt.-Col. J. S.,R.A.M.C.Hardy, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) F. W., M.B.,R.A.M.C.Hime, Lt.-Col. H. C.R., M.B., R.A.M.C.Slayter, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) E. W., M.B.,R.A.M.C.Thurston,Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) H. S., C.M.G.,R.A.M.C.Emerson, Maj.H. H. A., M.B., R.A.M.C.Foster, Maj. R. L. V., M.B., R.A.M.C.Goodwin, Maj.W. R. P., R.A.M.C.Henderson, Maj. P. H., M.B., R.A.M.C.Hyde, Maj. D. O.,M.B., R.A.M.C.Potts, Maj. E. T., D.S.O., M.D., R.A.M.C.Heslop, Capt. A. H.,M.B., R.A.M.C.Purdon, Capt. W. B., M.B., R.A.M.C.

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CONSULTANT.Fullerton, Temp. Col. A., M.D., F.R.C.S.I.


ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS.Bartlett, Maj.B. S.Bourke, Lt.rCol. E. A.Bowen, Lt.-Col. A. W. N.Eisner,Lt.Col. O. W. A.Gill, Lt.-Col. J. G.Grech, Lt.-Col. J.Hewetson, Lt.-Col. H.Taylor, Lt.-Col. W. J., M.B.Thompson, Lt.-Col. A. G., M.B.Stephen, Temp. Lt.Col.G. N.Brunskill, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. H., M.B.Bryden, Maj. R. A.Coates,Maj. T. S., M.B.Fawcett, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. F. M.Gray, Maj. A. C. H.,M.B.Hallowes, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) R. C., M.B.Harvey, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W.J. S.Hull, Maj. A. J., F.R.C.S.Jones, Temp. Maj. T. C. L., F.R.C.S.Kelly, Maj. W.D. C., M.B.Marett, Maj. P. J.Maydon, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. G., M.B.Osburn,Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) A. C.Pinches, Maj. H. G.Rose, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) A. McG., M.B.Smeeth, Maj. H. G., M.D. (Spec. Res.).Webb-Johnson, Temp.Maj. A. E., M.B..F R C SWhite,' Maj. C. F., M.B.Winder, Maj. J. H. R., M.D.Wingate, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) B. F.Adie, Capt. W. J., M.B. (Spec. Res.).'Biden,Capt. W. M., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Cesari, Capt. S. McA. F. (Spec. Res.)(killed).Cheves, Temp. Capb. A. B., M.B.Chiles-Evans, Capt. D. B., M.B. (Spec.Res.).Couchman, Temp. Capt. H. J., M.B.Dive, Capt. G. H.Dougal, Capt. D.,M.D. (Spec. Res.)..Dun, Capt. T. I., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Edwards, Capb. G. B.Fitzgerald, Temp. Capt. R. D., M.B.Ford, Temp. Capt. C. Y., M.D.Fletcher, Temp.Capt. J. H.Gardner,. Capt. W. R., M.B.. (Spec. Res.).Giles, Temp. Capt. A. C.Glynn, Temp. Capt. A. S., M.B.Greenwood, Capt. R. A., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Gurney-Dixon, Temp. Capt. S., M.D.Hancock, Temp. Capb. A. C.Hardy, Temp.Capt. T. L., M.B.Hart-Smith, Temp. Capb. H. M.Kingston, Temp. Capb. C.Lindsay, Temp. Capb. E. C., M.B., F.R.C.SLogan, Capb. A. T., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Lumb, Temp. Capb. N. P. L., M.B.McCabe, Temp. Capb. J. B., M.B.McRae,Temp. Capb. D. J., M.B.Macdonald, Capb. D. C., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Mackenzie, Temp. Capb. E. L., M.B.Marshall, Temp. Capb. E. S.Meyer, Capb.W. C. B., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Miller, Capb. W. A., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Monro,Temp. Capt. D. C., M.B. Montgomery, Capb. R. (Spec. Res.) (killed).Moore, Temp. Capt. H. >Pell, Temp.Capb. J. W.Perry, Capb. A. C. (Spec. Res.).Playfair, Temp. Capb. K.Poole,Capb. L. T., M.B.J Rankin, Capb. H. C. Di, M.B.Reid, Temp. Capb. E. L.,M.B., F.R.C.S.Robertson, Capb. A. L., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Robinson, Temp. Capb.H. H.Rose, Capb. H. E. (Spec. Res.).Rowe, Capb. J., M.B.Smalea, Capb. W. C.Sneath, Temp. Capb. W. A., M.B., F.R.C.S.Stafford, Capt. H. N. (Spec. Res.).Stewart, Temp. Capt. J. L., M.B.Stirling, Capb. A. D., M.B.Stokes, Temp.Capb.A.Taylor, Capb. G. P., M.B.Taylor, Temp. Capb. W. A., M.D.Thomson,Capb. A. M., M.B. (Spec. Res.).Thornton, Capt. P. (Spec. Res.).Webb,Temp. Maj. J. C.Whibbingbon, Temp. Capb. T. H., M.D.Wilson, Temp.Capb. C. McM., M.D.Wood, Capb. J. L.White, Temp. Capb. E., M.B.Wooderson, Temp. Capb. D. H. D., M.B.Woodhouse, Temp. C'apb. P. R., M.B.Wrighb, Capb. W. G.Blackley, Temp. Lb. F. J., M.D.Burrows, Temp. Lt. W. E.,M.D.Cunningham, Temp. Lt. A. J. W., M.D.Cunningham, Temp. Lt. A. J.Musson,Temp. Lt. J. P., M.B.Pinhey, Temp. Lt. E. T., M.B.Powell, Temp. Lb. C..L.G.Scotb, Temp. Lt. R. R.Smarb, Temp. Lb. H. D., M.D.Strain, Temp. Lt. T.,M.D.Spackman, Qrmr. and Hon. Maj. H.Chappell, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. F. O.Escott,Qrmr. and Hon. Lb. E. W. J.Genese, Qrmr. and Hon. Lb. J. D.Osborne,Qrmr. and Hon. Lb. J. W.Packard, Qrmr. and Hon. Lb. J. T.Polhill, Qrmr.and Hon. Lt. H. J.Renton, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W. C.Comfort, No. 83767-Serjt.Maj. T. W.Dean, No. 17933 Serjb.-Maj. D. E.Dewberry, No. 16115 Serjb.-Maj.E. B.Hurran, No. 14464 Serjb.-Maj. G. F.Morris, No. 11613 Serjb.-Maj. G. R.Snow, No. 14663 Serjb.-Maj. P.Simes, No. 16265 Serjb.-Maj. P. T.Aldhous, No.12377 Qrmr.-Serjb. (ActingSerjt.-Maj.) B. L.Chandler, No. 13035 Qrmr.-Serjt. G.V.Gray, No. 18969 Qrmr.-Serjt. (Acting Serjt.-Maj.) E.Wells, No. 8879 Qrmr.SeTJb. W. 'J.Alloway, No. 1094 Sbaff Serjt. H. B.Bubler, No. 8510 Qrmr.Serjb.(Acting Serjb.-Maj.) W. H.Evans, No. 56602 Sbaff Serjt. E.Hopwood,No.10719 Staff Serjt. W. H.Hurst, No. 15001 Staff Serjt. W.Usher, No.46215 Qrmr.-Serjb. H.Williams, No. 39168 Staff Serjt. O.Elsey, No. 1791 Serjt.P.G.Hallebb, No. 954 Serjb. H. C.Kitchen, No. 58003 Staff Serjt. A. E.Bardwell,No. 19106 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.) G. F.Bubler, No. 1772 Corpl. M. A.Holdup, No. 5444 Pte. G. W.Thatcher, No. 162 Corpl. (Acting Serjt.)H. E. H.Ashby, No. 58164 Pte. F. (died of wounds).Baxter, No. 44205 Pte. C. A.Brown,No.58058 Pte. J.Burke, No. 39326 Pte. S. H.Emmett, No. 11588 Pte. M. J.

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Freeman, No. 46887 Pte. A.Kinmond, No. 1565 Pte. N.Luke, No. 18323Pbe.F. B.Mooney, No. 20697 Pte. R.Power, No, .765 Cbrpl. J.Wood, No. 1860Pte. (Acting Lce.-Corpl.)A. J.

ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS(TERRITORIALFORCE)!Harrison, Bt. Col. and Brig. Surg. C. E.,C.V.O.,M.B., F.R.C..S. (ret. pay).Clay, Lt.-Col. J., M.B., F.R.C.S., North'bnCasualty Clearing Station.McKinnon, Lt.-Col. J., W. Riding Fd. Amb.Peake,Lt.-Col. W. P., N. Mid. CasualtyClearing Station.West, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) R. M., M.D., N.Mid. Fd. Amb.Wraith, Lt.-Col. E. A., N. Mid.'Fd. Amb.Cuff,Surg.-Maj. A. W., M.B., W. Rid. Brig.,R.F.A.Finch, Capt. (temp. Maj.) E.F., W. Rid. Fd.Amb.Turner, Lt. (temp. Maj.) A. C. F., M.B., N.Mid. Fd. Amb.Calder, Capt. H. M., M.B., Lond. Fd. Amb.Cowie, Capt. (temp. Maj.) W., M.B:,Lond.Fd. Amb.Dawson, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.)"H. K., M.D.,Lond. Fd. Amb.Dore, C'apt. N. A., Lond. San. Serv.Greaves, Capt. S. S., W. Rid. Fd. Amb.Holden, Capt. S. J. C., M.B., W. Lane. Fd.Amb.Inglis, Capt.'M. P., M.B. (Spec.Res.).Ironside, Capt. A. E., Lond. Fd. Amb.Jacobs, Capt. R., Lond. San. Serv.Johnstone, Capt. G. G., M.B., Lond. San.

Serv.Law, Capt. C. D., attd. S. Lane. R.Mathews, Capt. J. P., M.B., W. Rid. Fd.Amb.Miller, Capt. J., N. Mid. Fd. Amb.Ney, Capt. F. J. J., Lond. San. Serv.Pearson, Capt. H. G. A., L'ohd. San. Serv.Sandilands, Lt. (temp. Capt.) J. E.,M.D.,Lond. Fd. Amb.Sutcliffe, Capt.'A., M.B., North'bn CasualtyClearing Station.Lyall, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. E. (North'bn Fd.Amb.).Davies, No. 1075 Serjt.-Maj.J. (London Fd.Amb.).Greenwood, No. 1 Serjt.-Maj. S. C. (N. Mid.CasualtyClearing Station).Brown, No. 3 Qrmr.-Serjt. (Acting Serjt.-Maj.) R: B.(North'bn Fd. Amb.).Baines, No. 1855 Pte. J. (No. 64 Fd. Amb.).Bradshaw, No.1722 Pte. A. (Lond. Fd.Amb.).Craib, No.. 1779 Pte. (Acting Corpl.) J.(High. Fd.Amb.).Grayson, No. 5 Staff Serjt. F. F. (W. Rid.Casualty Clearing Station).Hollings, No. 60 Pte. I. (Yorks. Mounted Bde.Fd. Amb.).Lea, No. 1864 Ptc.P. (No, 64 Fd. Amb.).Nutting, No. 1127 Pte. J. W. (Yorks.Mounted Bde. Fd.Amb.).Finney, No. 1787 Pte. E. G. (Lond. Fd.Amb.).Stork, No. 1858 Pte. L. A.(Lond. Fd. Amb.).Sykes, No. 548 Pte. H. (W. Rid. Fd. Amb.).

MISCELLANEOUS.Valadier, Mr. A. C. (Demist).Towse, Capt. E. B. B., V.C.O'Grady, Temp. Lt. R. L. (Dentist).Mahaffey, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. L. iH.(R. Ir. Rif.).Markham, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. A. (R. Betfis.R.).

ORDER OF ST.JOHNOF JERUSALEM AND BRITISHRED CROSS SOCIETIES.Lawley, TheHon. Sir A., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E.,K.C.M.G. (late temp. Col.).Clark, Lt.-Col.'(Hon.Col.) Sir J. R. A., Bt.,C.B., F.R.C.S.Trimble, Temp. Hon. Maj. C. J.,C.M.G.Gordon, Capt. S.Guise, Temp, and Hon. Capt. A. V. L.Langridge, Temp,andHon. Lt. F. B.Paget, Temp, and Hon. Lt. E. W.Hardie, R. M.Hughes, R. B.Combe, Mrs.

QUEEN ALEXANDRA'S IMPERIAL MILITARYNURSINGSERVICE.Steen, Matron Miss L. E. C.Bills, Acting MatronMiss S. K.Drage, Acting Matron Miss H. M.Suart, Acting Matron Miss H.Williams, Acting Matron Miss M. B.Mow at, Sister Miss A. C.Stewart, ActingSister Miss M. E.McCarthy, Miss E. M. (R.R.C.) (Matron-in-Chief);Plimsaul,Acting Sister Miss A. L.Branson, Acting Sister Miss M. J.Hay,ActingMatron Miss E. H.Newman, Asst. Matron Miss M. C. E.Nunn, Asst.Matron Miss A. B.Nye, Acting Sister Miss B. M.Wilson, Acting Matron Miss A.A.Holmes, Acting Sister Miss K.

H. M.QUEEN ALEXANDRA'S IMPERIALMILITARYNURSING SERVICE RESERVE.Whiteford, Sister Miss H.Williams, Acting Matron Miss A. J.Jolly, Acting Sister Miss L. E.Elston, ActingSister C.Allen, Staff Nurse.Miss D.Chapman, Sister Miss JLDeacon, SisterMiss G.Eastes, Sister Miss A/M.Gillies, Sister Miss E. A.Haxell, Staff NurseMiss L.Johnson, Staff Nurse Miss E.Meeke, Sister Miss M. H.Paul, Sister MissJ. J. A.Thompson, Sister Miss M. E.Wilkinson, Sister Miss A. M.Winterbourne,Sister Miss F.Bulman, Sister Miss C. M.Fox, Sister Miss L. H.Tosh,Sister Miss F. M.TERRITORIAL FORCE NURSING SERVICE.Longmore,Sister M. L'A.Bulman, Sister Miss G.Crowder-Davis, SisterMiss F.Todd, Sister Miss K.Burnett, Staff Nurse Miss D~. B.Carnegie, SisterMiss C. L.Cowie, Sister Miss M.Cockshott, Sister Miss M.Foster, Sister Miss D.Home, Staff Nurse Miss A. G.

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James, Sister Miss M.Lyle, Sister Miss I. M.Muir, Sister Miss E. M.Needham, Sister Miss E. B.Poole, Sister Miss M.White,Sister Miss A.Hendry, Sister Miss M.Laing, Sister Miss M. C.Pear, SisterMiss A.Sloan, Sister Miss E. R.

CIVIL HOSPITAL RESERVE.Grassick, ActingSister Miss I. B.Beardshaw, iSister Miss M. F. (Guy's Hospital).Duncan, SisterMiss E. M. (St. Bartholomew's).Dickson, Staff Nurse Miss B. M. (LondonHospital).Fraser, Sister Miss E. G. (Guy's Hospital).Holbech, Staff NurseMiss G. F. (Cheltenham

General).Osier, .Staff Nurse Miss J. M. (EdinburghRoyal).Paterson, Sister Miss M.(St. Bartholomew's).Rollo, Sister Miss A. M. (Paisley Royal Inf.).Wadling, SisterMiss C. C. (St. Thomas' Hospital).Alexander, Acting Sister Miss M.(BirminghamGeneral).Byrne, Acting Sister Miss E. (BirminghamGeneral).Flower,Acting Sister Miss K. (Middlesex Hospital).Hutchinson, Staff Nurse Miss E. (LondonHospital).Lumsden, Acting SisterMiss M. S. (ManchesterRoyal Inf.).Miller, Acting Sister Miss R. (LiverpoolRoyalInf.).Robb, Sister Miss C. B. (Edinburgh RoyalInf.).

QUEENALEXANDRA'S IMPERIAL MILITARYNURSING SERVICERESERVE (AUSTRALIA).Tabor, Staff Nurse Miss L. A.Dow, Sister MissM. L.Loughron, Staff Nurse Miss M.Soiling, Sister Miss W.


AMERICAN NURSING SERVICE.Patten, Matron Miss M. I.Brooks, Sister Miss M.

ORDER OF ST. JOHNOF JERUSALEM ANDBRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETIES.Todd, MatronMiss C.Barry, Sister Miss H. M.Freshfield, Sister Miss J.Hallett, Sister MissK.Thomas, Sister Miss M. A.Hamilton, V.A.D. Miss M.Pemberton, V.A.D. MissN.

WOMEN'S VOLUNTARY AID DETACHMENTS.Lawley, The Hon. U. M.Sloggett, Miss D. C.C'undell, Miss C.Nesbitt, Miss H. B.Mollett, Miss E.MacCarthy, Miss E.Henry, Miss H.Skinner, Miss M.Walford, Miss H.Gordon, MissC. M.'LADY WORKERS.Sutherland, Millicent, Duchess of.Westminster, TheDuchess of.Dudley, The Countess of.Gordon-Lennox, The Lady A.Michelham,The Lady.Hadfield, Lady.Bradford, Lady M.Whitburn, Mrs. C.Clipperton, Mrs. E. E.Dumont, Madame A.Eustace, Mrs. R.Kennard, Mrs. J.

ARMY VETERINARY CORPS.Aitken, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) J. J.Burridge, Maj. T.E.Hodgkins, Capt. (temp. Maj.) J. R.,F.R.C.V.S.Leckie, Capt. (temp. Maj.) V. C.Marriott, Capt. S. W.Pryer, Capt. A. A.Walker, Capt. U. W. F.Ryan, Lt. C. J. R.(Spec. Res.).Tracy, Lt. C. (Spec. Res.).Alderson, Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. W. J.Fisher,Qrmr. and Hon. Lt. J.Bales, No. 65 (temp. Serjt.-Maj.) Staff Serjt.R. J.Button,No. 105 Staff Serjt. (temp. Serjt.-Maj.) T. J.Cox, No. 517 Lce.-Corpl. (temp.Staff Serjt.)T. A.Crawley, No. 569 Pte. (temp. Staff Serjt.) J.Ewing, No. SE.610Pte. (temp. Staff Serjt.) J.Fermor, No. 115 Temp. Staff Serjt. W. J.Ruddy, No.552 Pte. (temp. Staff Serjt.) J.Flood, No. SE.6724 Pte. P. F.Roullier, No. SE.155Pte. W.Wilton, No. SR.ll Corpl. C. J. C. (Spec.Res.).

ARMY VETERINARYCORPS (TERRITORIALFORCE).Cocksedge, Capt. T. A. B.Craig,Capt. T.Shaw, Capt. J. A.Thomson, Capt. T.Dawson, No. N.M. 199 Serjt. H.,N. MidlandDivl. A.V.C.Edwards, No. N.M. 165 Corpl. P., N. MidlandDivl.A.V.C.

ARMY CHAPLAINS DEPARTMENT.Aherne, Rev. D., Temp.Chaplain, 4thClass.Balleine, Rev. A. H., Temp. Chaplain, 4th'Class.Bate, Rev.E. Y., M.A., Chaplain, 4th Class.Bulstrode, Rev. R., Temp. Chaplain, 4th Class.Campbell, Rev. E. F., B.A., Chaplain, 4thClass.Crawford, Rev. W., Temp.Chaplain, 4thClass.Crawhall, Rev. Canon T. E., M.A., SeniorChaplain, 2ndClass, Terr. For.Elgood, Rev. H. F., Temp. Chaplain, 4thClass.Ensell, Rev. C. S.,B.A., Chaplain, 3rd Class.Forrest, Rev. W., Chaplain, 2nd Class.Gwynne. Right Rev. Bishop L. H., D.D. (Dep-Chapln.-Gen.).Hales, Rev. J. P., Temp. Chaplain,4th Class,Terr. For. Hicks-Gower, Rev. A. J., Chaplain, 4th Class.Hornby,Rev. H. L., Temp. Chaplain, 4th Class.


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Page 43

Jones, Rev. S., Temp.Chaplain, 4th Class.Kirk, Rev. J., Temp. Chaplain, 4th Class.Laurie, Rev. A.E.,Chaplain, 4th Class.Leeson, Rev. J. T., Temp. Chaplain, 4th Class.Logan,- Rev.I., Temp. Chaplain, 4th Class.

Longden, Rev. A., Temp. Chaplain, 4th Class.Macaulay, Rev. T. C., Temp. Chaplain,4thClass.Macgibbon, Rev. J., Temp. Chaplain, 4thClass, 3rd Class Terr.Force.McNaughton, Rev. J. M., T.F. Chaplain, 4thClass.Miller, Rev. W. H. L.,B.A., Chaplain, 4thClass.Milligan, Rev. O. B., Temp. Chaplain, 4thClass, 4th ClassTerr. Force.Minnear, Rev. G. E., Temp. Chaplain, 4thClass.Oddie, Rev. P. F.,Temp. Chaplain, 4th Class.Felling, Rev. S. B., Chaplain, 4th Class.Smith, Rev. C.W., Temp. Chaplain, 4thClass.Southwell, Archdeacon H. K., M.A., V.D.,Chaplain,1st Class, T.F.Thorold, Rev. E. H., M.A., Chaplain, 4thClass.Timins,Rev. F. C., M.A., temp. Chaplain,4th Class, 3rd Class Terr. For.WoodlocE, Rev. F., Temp. Chaplain, 4th Class.Young, Rev. S. D., Temp.Chaplain, 4th Class.

STAFF FOR ROYAL ENGINEER SERVICES.Boxshall,Maj. and Inspector of Works H. E.,F.S.I.Blount, Temp.Inspectorof Works and Hon.Capt. E. A.Lancaster, Temp. Inspector of WorksandHon. Capt. W. D.Blood, No: 29057 Suptdg. Clerk W. H.Collie, No. 1644Suptdg. Clerk A.Harlin, No. 27606 Engineer StorekeeperQrmr.-Serjt. W. J.Lobb,No. 26138 Qrmr.-Serjt. EngineerStoreman P. J.Murphy, No. 25410 EngineerClerk Lee.-Corpl. M. P.

ARMY ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT.Gregson,Lt.-Cbl. H. G. F. S.Trimnell, Lt.-Col. W. D. C.Dudley,Maj.(temp. Lt.-Col.) G. de S.Everett, Hon. Maj. (temp. Hon. Lt.-Col.)C. W.Hoare, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) L. L.Grylls, Capti. (temp. Maj.) G.Evans, Hon. Capt.F.Forsdick, Hon. Capt. E. T.Penn, Hon. Lt. (temp. Hon. Capt.) B. H.Watling,Hon. Lt. S.Watson, Hon. Lt. J.Cresswell, No. 3878 Conductor H. B.Malcolm, No. 4105 Conductor A.McSwiney, No. 3946'Conductor D.Seyde, No.4768 Conductor H.Taylor, No. 3450 Conductor F. H. E. W.Stevens, No. 765Armourer Serjt.-Maj. J. F.Andrews, No. 4095 Staff Serjt. (Acting Sub-Conductor)J.Leaney, No. 4748 Staff Serjt. (Acting Sub-Conductor) F. G.Wilkins, No.4491 Staff Serjt. (Acting Sub-Conductor) J.Derrick, No. 326 Armament StaffSerjt.A. P.Hale, No. 338 Armament Staff Serjt. P. F.Hilkene, No. 945 ArmamentStaff Serjt. A.Penney, No. 280 Armament Staff Serjt. W. A.Street, No. 210Armament Qrmr.-Serjt. (ActingArmament Serjt.-Maj.) H. H.Churchill, No. 3273Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. (ActingSub-Conductor) H.Alexander, No. 228 ArmamentQrmr.-Serjt.(Acting Armament Serjt.-Maj.) E. F.Rose, No. 805 ArmourerQrmr.-iSerjt. (ActingArmourer Serjt.-Maj.) H. G.Currie, No. 4967 Serjt.(Acting Sub-Conductor)A.Nicholas, No. 5763 Corpl. (Acting Conductor)F. TJ.Rofe, No. 5574 Loe.-Corpl. (Acting StaffSerjt.) W. A.Rose, No. 7202 Loe.-Corpl.(Acting Serjt.)C. M.Vanner, No. 6700 Pte. (Acting Serjt.) R. C.

ARMY PAYDEPARTMENT.Moline, Lt.-Col. F. H.Arnold, Maj. H. T.Ravenhill, Maj. H. S.Bryant, Temp. Lt. T. E.Taylor, Hon. Capt. W. C.

ARMY PAY CORPS.Price, No.756 Staff Serjt.-Maj. R. B.

STATIONERY SERVICES.Clifford, Temp. Capt. W.H.Beckles, Temp. Lt. L. E.Jackson, Temp. Lt. R. N.Jervis, No. S.S./6544 Pte. J.Jordan, No. T/19997 Acting Staff'Serjt.-Maj.C.Peake, No. S.S./6550 Acting Serjt. E.

MILITARY MOUNTED POLICE.Stanton, No. P/947 Serjt. (Acting Serjt.-Maj.) A.Payne, No. 468 Serjt. (Acting Serjt.-Maj.) H.Healy, No. 472 Serjt. (ActingSquadronSerjt.-Maj.) M. W.Canning, No. 449 Serjt. (Acting SquadronSerjt.Maj.) E.Davies, No. 482 Serjt. J.Newlands, No. 746 Lee.-Corpl.(Acting Serjt.)H. (Res.).Sheldrake, No. 611 Serjt. H. T.Stott, No. P/136 Serjt.' J.Keeble, No. 778 Lee.-Carpi. (Acting Serjt.)H.Smith, No. 77*3 Lce.-Corpl. (ActingSerjt.)W. J.

MILITARY FOOT POLICE.Blyth, No. 1217 Loe.-Corpl. (ActingSerjt.}A. J.Charlesworth, No. 638 Serjt. (Acting .Serjt.-Maj.) T.


Cummins, 2nd Lt. H. C. B. (temp. Capt., ServiceBn., Sea. Highrs.).Petty, Capt. W.(temp. Maj., Service En.,Sea. Highrs.).

SPECIAL LIST.Stanuell, Lt.-Col. H. S.McC.De Burgh, Hon. Lt.-Col. T. J.Lowry, Maj. F. J. S.Gowan, Temp. Maj. F. E.Messer, Temp. Maj. A. A.Braithwaite, Temp. Capt. J.Cazalet, Temp. Capt. C. H. L.Daniell, Temp. Capt. T. E. St. C.Bradshaw, Temp. Lt. V. A.Radcliffe, Temp. Lt.-G.Bosnian, Temp. Lt. H. F.Uzielli, Temp. 2nd Lt. D.Argent, Temp. Qrmr. and Hon.Lt. C. S. L.

Page 44

ESTABLISHMENTS-MlSCELLANEOUS.Rooke, Lt.-Col.A.S. (ret., Ind. Army).

MILITARY PROVOST STAFF CORPS.Tarr, No. 1320Serj.-Maj. W. H.Conn, No. 1784 Staff Serjt. (Acting Serjt. -Maj.) A.Hunt, No.1426 Staff Serjt. (Acting Serjt. -Maj.) T. H.Parkinson, No. 1471 Staff Serjt.(ActingQrmr.-Serjt.) J. W.

EXPEDITIONARY FORCE CANTEENS.Wright,Temp. Hon. Maj. E. C.Greaves, Temp. Hon. Capt. H. L. L.Elliott, Serjt.-Maj. W. H.Richmond, Serjt.-Maj. S.

AUSTRALIAN ARMYSERVICE CORPS.Moon, Lt.-Col. A.Tunbridge, Lt.-Col. W. H., C.B., V.D.

CANADIAN FORCES.STAFF.Adams, Capt. W. D., 14th Can. Inf. Bn.Anderson, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) T. V., R.Can. Eng.Anderson, Bt. Lt.-Col. W. B.,R. Can. Eng.Beatty, Maj. C. H. L., D.S.O., Can. LocalForces.Burstall, Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) H. E., C.B.,R. Can. Art.Cameron, Maj. A. G., 13th Can. Inf. Bn..Elmsley, Bt. Lt.-Col. J. H., R. Can. Dns.Foster, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) G. La F.,C.B.,Can. A.M.C.Fotheringham, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) J. T.,Can. A.M.C.Hodgins,Capt. F. O., R. Can. Eng.Hughes, Lt.-Col. H. T1., R. Can. Eng.Ketchen, Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) H. D. B.,Lord Strathcona's Horse.Knobel, Capt.H. E., 8th Can. Inf. Bn.McAvity, Maj. T. M., 5th Can. Inf. Bn., Can.LocalForces.McMillan, Maj. A.3 D.S.O., R. Can. Dns.Mitchell, Lt.-Col. C. H.,Corps of Guides', Can.Forces.Montague, Capfc. P. J., Can. Local Forces.Morrisey,Maj. T. S., 13th Can. Inf. Bn.Panet, Lt.-Col. H. A., D.S.O./R. Can.HorseArt. ' - - Rennie, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) R.,M.V.O., D.S.O., Can.Local Forces, 4thCan. Inf. Bn.Snell, Maj. A. E., Can. A.M.C.Urquhart, Capt. H.Mad., 16th Can. Inf. Bn.Watson, Lt.-Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) D., C.B.,Can. LocalForces.ROYAL CANADIAN DRAGOONS.Van Straubenzee, Maj. C. T.Churchward, No. 8 Staff Serjt. G. D.LORD STRATHCONA'S HORSE.Thacker,Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) P. E.Bostock, Lt. A. H.Rodaway, No. 2648Serjt. C. W.CANADIAN MOUNTED RIFLES.Godfrey, No. 107234 Bn. Serjt.Maj. T.Abbott, No. 109188 Co. Serjt.-Maj. A. J.Leach, No. 110309 Serjt. J.CANADIAN DIVISIONAL MOUNTED CYCLISTCOMPANY.Basnett, No. 2134Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. C. P.ROYAL CANADIAN HORSE ARTILLERY.Benson,Capt. F. M.O'Leary, No. 4774 Corpl. J.CANADIANARTILLERY.Dodds, Lt.-Col. W. O. H.Anderson, RTaj. S. B.Vansittart, Maj. G. E.Taylor, Capt. H. W.Garland, Temp. Lt. C. H. B.Mowat, Lt. 0.A.CANADIAN MOTOR MACHINE GUN SERVICE.Brutinel, Lt.-Col. R.Macdonald, No. 6246 Qrmr.-Serjt. J. C.Fraser, No. 210 Corpl. L. 'Matthews, No.45605 Pte. P.CANADIAN ENGINEERS.Hughes, Lt.-Col. H. T., Can. PermanentForces.Ramsey, Lt.-Col. C. W. P.Lindsay, Maj. (temp. Brig.-Gen.) W. B.Bogart, Maj. J. L. H., Can. Local Forces.Davis, Maj. A. W.Irving, Maj. T. C.Dewar, Lt. D. F.Powell, Lt. R. W.Harcourt, No. 142 Co. Serjt.-Maj. P. V.Button,No. 74004 Serjt. (Acting Co. Serjt.-Maj.)B.Paddock, No. 167 Co. Serjt.Maj.A. E.Flint, No. 6729 Corpl. C.Tetu, No. 443 2nd Corpl. S.Laing, No. 184Lee.-Corpl. P. A.ROYAL CANADIAN REGIMENT.Macdonell, Lt.-Col. (temp.Brig.-Gen.) A. H.,.D.S.O.Phillips, Temp. Lt. H.PRINCESS PATRICIA'SCANADIAN LIGHT

INFANTRY.Adamson, Maj. A. S. A.-M.Gray, Maj. D. F. B.Clarke, Lt. (temp. Capt.)D. A.Martin, Lt. A. G., Adjt.Godfrey, No. 1589 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. S.(killed).Keble, No. 1081 Regtl. Qrmr.-Serjt. F. E.Anderson, No. 1186 Co. Serjt.Maj.J.Colville, No. 667 Pipe Maj. J.Bishop, No. 1167 Serjt. A. - ' Candy,No.1541 Lee.-Corpl. G. W.Flintoft, No. 645 Pte. T.Dalby, No. 1724 Pte. W.Stanborough, No. 254 Pte. W.IST CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Thomas, Capt. (temp. Maj.) L. M.Whitfield, No. 6641 Co. Serjt.-Maj.(ActingR.S.W.) R., W.O., 1st Class.Murray, No. 81615 Pte. J. H. 2NDCANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION. Waller, Lt. (temp. Capt.) R. de W.SRD CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Allan, Lt.-Col. W. D.4THCANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Jones, Maj. T. P.Jamihson, No.11079 Regtl. Serjt.-Maj. S. J.STH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Harbord, Maj. H. W.Pag-e, Maj. L. F.Jackson, Capt. E. C., D.S.O.Davies, No. 13191 Serjt.-Maj. E. B.Blair, No. 13454 Co. Serjt.-Maj. R.

Page 45

Mclvor, No. 13783 Co. Serjt,-Maj. D. -Meikle, No. 13021 Serjt. L. W. G.TTHCANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Odium, Lt.-Col. V. W., D.S.O.Haines, Maj. L. E.Holmes, Lt. (temp. Capt.) W. D., D.S.O.Mclllree, Lt. J. R.,D.S.O.Owen, Lt. H. H. (killed).Levasseur, No. A.28102 Pte. B.STH CANADIANINFANTRY BATTALION.Mackenzie, Capt. J. P.Coster, No. 8'1181Pte. H. T.10TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Costigan, Capt. C. T.Cragga, Capt. G. S.Harrison, No. 81361 Pte. R. C.13TH CANADIAN INFANTRYBATTALION.Buchanan, Lt.-Col. V. C.McCuaig, Maj. G. E.Race, No.24783 Co. Serjt.-Maj. G. E.14TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.McCombe, Maj. G.15TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Bent, Maj. C. E.Maybin, No. 27927 Co. Serjt.-Maj. W.Binny, No.27U44 Acting Serjt. W. J.16TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Peck,Maj. C. W.Palmer, No. 28937 Co. Qrmr.-Serjt. G. F.Goodall, No.29100 Serjt. G. B.Johnson, No. 29040 Acting Corpl. S. D.19TH CANADIANINFANTRY BATTALION.McLaren, Lt.-Col. J. I.Burnha-m, Lt. S. S.Trendell, No. 55944 Pte. E. A.20TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Bell,No. 57093 Pte. E.'Milburn, No. 57233 Arm,-Corpl. R.Hynde, No.58207 Pte. R. J.21sT CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Wilgress, Lt. G. K.(killed). '25TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Grant, Capt. J. W.DeLancey, Lt. J. A., Adjt.Pickering, No. 67996 Corpl. A. F.Mclnnis, No. 67457Pte. J.26TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Porter, Lt. C. G.Piche,No. 69771 Pte. J. L.Whitehead, No. 50497 Pte. E. G.27TH CANADIANINFANTRY BATTALION.Williams, No. 71559 Co. Serjt.-Maj. H.28TH CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Embury ,®Lt.-Col. J. F. L.Macintyre, Capt. D. E., D.S.O..Carey, No. 73878 Lce.-Corpl. W. J.29THCANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Sclater, Maj. M. J., 2nd ArmySnipers School.Taylor, Capt. K. C. C., D.S.O.Lumbard, No. 75951 Pte. R. W.®Taylor, No. 75450 Pte. W. R.31sT CANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Bell, Lt.-Col. A. H.Day, No. 79569 Co. Serjt.-Maj. G. O.- " 42NDCANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.McLennan, Maj. B.49THCANADIAN INFANTRY BATTALION.Walsh, No. 432178 Serjt.-Maj. N.,W.O., 1stClass.CANADIAN ARMY MEDICAL Coiv ".Foster, Lt.-Col. (temp.Col.) G. La F., C.B.Fotheringham, Lt.-Col. (temp. Col.) J. T.Campbell, Lt.-Col.R. P.Amyot, Maj. J. A.Rankin, Maj. A. C.Snell, Maj. A. E.Crozier, Capt. J. A.Jeffs, Capt.-H. B.Jenkins, Capt. J. S.Hale, Capt. G. C.Buswell, No. 32701 Serjt.Maj. W. G.

Clark, No. 26 Serjt.-Maj. J. W.Jenner, No. 2029 Serjt.-Maj. E. H.Keith, No. 32971Serjt.-Maj. W.Nott, No. 1376 Serjt.-Maj. H. A.Rotsey, No. 33442 Qrmr.-Serjt.A. E., W.O.,2nd Class.Campbell, No. 2256 Pte. (Acting Serjt.)W. B.CANADIAN NURSING SERVICE.Strong, Matron Miss A. C.Hoerner, NursingSister Miss S.Allan, Nursing Sister Miss A. D.Dixon, Nursing, Sister Miss E.M.Hare, Nursing Sister Miss C. M.Bliss, Nursing Sister Miss M.Eastwood, NursingSister Miss V.CANADIAN ARMY SERVICE CORPS.Bell, Maj. (temp. Lt.Col.) A. De M.Findlay, Temp. Lt.-Col. W. H. de la T. d'A.Massie, Lt.-Col. A. E.Brown, No. 631 Serjt.-Maj. A. G.Sirett, No. 1747 Serjt. W.CANADIAN ARMYVETERINARY CORPS.Saunders, Capt. C. G.Shirt, No. 48501 Serjt.-Maj. A.J.CANADIAN POSTAL CORPS.Livingstone, No. 35213 Serjjb. H. W.CANADIAN CHAPLAINS.Almond, Hon. Lt.-Col. Rev. J. MacP.Beattie, Hon.Maj. Rev. W.McGreer, Hon. Capt. Rev. A. H.CANADIAN ARMY PAYCORPS.Shanly, Lt.-Col. C. N.Hamilton, Hon. Capt. (temp. Hon. Maj.) A.L.,Field Cashier.CANADIAN MILITARY MOUNTED POLICE.Lehfeldt, No.6027 Serjt. (Acting SquadronSerjt.-Maj.) F. A.CANADIAN CORPS OF MILITIASTAFF CLERKS.Chenay, Temp. Hon. Lt. J. S.Cummins, No. 1808 StaffQrmr.-Serjt. J. F.Gill, No. 6024 Qrmr.-Serjt. W. J. N.Moody, No. 1804 Qrmr.,Serjt. H. F.Scanlon, No. 10531 Qrmr.-Serjt. J. J.CANADIAN CORPS OFGUIDES.Trounce, No. 1893 Serjt. L. J., Headquarters,Canadian Corps.CANADIAN LOCAL FORCES.Collins, No. 38 Acting Qrmr.-Serjt. G. H. A.,Headquarters, 4th Inf. Bde.CANADIAN MISCELLANEOUS.Adamson, No.67004, Acting Bde. Qrmr.-Serjt. J. A., Headquarters, 5th Can. InfBde. (formerly25th Can. Inf. Bn.).Smith, No. 71001 Staff Qrmr.-Serjt. S. J. M.,Headquarters, 6th Can. Inf. Bde.

Page 46

INDIAN ARMY.Pritchard, Lt.-Col. H. E.(comdg. Service Bn.,Glouc. R.).IST DUKE OF YORK'S OWN LANCERS(SKINNER'SHORSE).Raban, Maj. R. B. C. .2ND LANCERS(GARDNER'S HORSE).Pritchard, Lt.-Col. A. G.SRD SKINNER'SHORSE.Wall, Lt.-Col. E. W.4xH CAVALRY.Harenc, Capt. R. E., Adjt.STH CAVALRY.Holden, Maj. H. N. (Special Service Officerwith JodhpurImperial Service Lancers).HODSON'S HORSE.Pennington, Lt.-Col. A. W.,M.V.O.12TH CAVALRY.Henry, Capt. W. R. P. (O.C. SignalSquadron, 2ndIndian Cavalry Division).13TH DUKE OP CONNAUGHT'S LANCERS.Haviland, Capt. L. P. (Signal Troop,Can. Cav. Bde.).15xH LANCERS(CURE-TON'S MULTANIS).Berrington, Capt. C. T. D. (killed).18THKING GEORGE'S OWN LANCERS.Grimston, Col. S. B.19THLANCERS (FANE'S HORSE).Gregory, Lt.-C'ol. C. L.20TH DECCANHORSE.Elsmie, Lt.-Col. G. E. D.29iH LANCERS (DECCAN HORSE).Saunders, Lt.-Col. A. R.SOiH LANCERS (GORDON'S HORSE).Lane, Lt.Col. H. A.Lucas, Capt. H. de N.38TH KING GEORGE'S OWN CENTRALINDIAHORSE.Browne, Lt.-Col. A. P.JODHPUR IMPERIAL SERVICELANCERS.Singh, Maharaj Sher (Commandant, JodhpurLanoers).Singh,No. 360 Risaldar Anop.Khan, No. 470 Duffadar Alim.12THPIONEERS.Cuming, Maj. R. J.3RD BRAHMAN s.Nelson, Capt. C.(killed).21ST PUNJABIS.Malyon, Lt. F. H.22ND PUNJABIS.Davis, Lt.-Col. G. J.Webb, Capt. (temp. Lt.-Col.) W. F. R.33RD PUNJABIS.Ridgway, Lt.-Col. R. T. I.Graham, Maj. R. B.34iH SIKH PIONEERS.Bailey, Capt. P. H. H.57TH WILDE'SRIFLES.Trail, Capt. W. S. (Adjt.).58TH VAUGHAN'S RIFLES.DavidsonHouston, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) C.E. D., D.S.O. (killed).Nicolls, Lt.J. O. (killed).69TH PUNJABIS.Bingham, Maj. W. H.74TH PUNJABIS.Stansfeld, Maj. H.. H.G.(killed).84TH PUNJABIS.Crawford, Maj. A. G..89TH PUNJABIS.Geoghegan,Maj. N. M.107TH PUNJABIS.Keelan, Maj. H. P.1/lsTGURKHA RIFLES.Dopping-Hepenstal, Maj. M. E.Giffard, Capt. C. H!(killed).2/3RD GURKHA RIFLES.Bald, Capt.. A. H. (killed).Bagot-Chester, Lt.W.G.2/STH GURKHA RIFLES.Harington, Lt. H. R.Sarabjit Gurung, " Bahudar,"Subadar.1/9TH GUJRKHA RIFLES.Mackinnon, Capt. A. C. B.Poynder,Lt.F. S.SUPPLY AND TRANSPORT CORPS.Campbell, Capt. W.Cookson, Capt. S. M.Orr, Commissary and Hon. Maj. R.Pengelley, Capt. G. H.Peyton, Capt. A. H.Saunders, Maj. E. H., D.S.O.Synge, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.) M.Whittell, Capt. H. M.Bristow, Conductor R. L.Crump, Acting Wheeler Serjt. A.Edgerley, Sub-Condr. H. F.Helliwell, "Staff Serjt. R. S.Kemp, Conductor W. J.Kinghorn, Staff Serjt. P.Searle, Staff Serjt. R. P. Tingey, Staff Serjt. J. M.Walsh,'Staff Serjt. E. T.Webb, Sub-Conductor T. H.QUEEN ALEXANDRA'SMILITARY NURSINGSERVICE FOR INDIA.Warrack, SeniorNursing Sister Miss C. L.INDIAN MEDICAL SERVICE.Matthews, Maj. E. A.C., V.H.S.Binning, Capt. R. I., M.B.Cullen, Capt. W. B. A. K., M.B.Gilroy, Capt.P.K., M.B.Shand, Capt. J. G. B.INDIAN SUBORDINATE MEDICALDEPARTMENT.Kunniyal Raman, No. 1289 1st Class Sub-Asst. Surg.Moody, Asst. Surg. W. E.Nabi Ahmad Sidiqi, 2nd Class Sen. Sub-Asst.Surg.Rafiud-Din Khan, No. 3 2nd Class Sub-Asst.Surg. J.Pell, 3rd Class SubAsst. Surg. E. J.INDIAN SUBORDINATE VETERINARYDEPARTMENT.Lai,Babu (Clerk to D.D.V.S., Indian CavalryCorps).

Page 47

INDIAN ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT.Barrows, Staff Serjt.(temp. Sub-Conducl~6r)J. C. R. Strickland, Conductor V. N.INDIAN POSTAL DEPARTMENT. Cook, Lt. J. H. E. Roderick, Asst. Commissary W. B.Pershad Jainti, 49/Post.INDIAN ARMY EESERVE or OFFICERS. Morin, Capt. A.H.Venables, 2nd Lt. A. V.INDIAN MISCELLANEOUS LIST.Evans, SubConductor G.Wilks, Sub-Conductor B. St. C. (RemountDepartment, India ArmyHeadquartersStaff).Edwards, Staff Serjt. P. L. (HeadquartersOffice, IndianCavalry Corps).Moody, Staff Serjt. A. E.Smith, Staff Serjt. A. H.MISCELLANEOUS LIST, MADRAS.Twiddy, Conductor G. W.INDIANUNATTACHED LIST.Hill, Serjt.-Maj. 'G. (Headquarters, IndianCavalryCorps).Butcher, No. 29/I.TJ.L. Serjt. J.Sims, No. 34/I.U.L. Serjt. J.Marshall, No. 7 Serjt. H.CORPS OF MILITARY STAFF CLERKS (INDIA).Kelly,Serjt. E. J.Parker, Serjt. F.MILITARY ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT (INDIANARMY) .Watson, Capt. H. D.Colborne, Civilian 3rd Grade AccountantW. H.MISCELLANEOUS.Gupta, Mr. N. C.,-Head Clerk, D.J.A.G.'sOffice, Northern Army, India.


Hopefully this is going to be easier than the hopeless hit and miss, miss, miss of the Gazette Search.

I shall try to put together an Index of the Indexes later.


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Thanks for putting this on the forum. I was scanning the Lincolns and noticed that there's a Stamford lad, Maurice Herbert Wood included. I knew he got a MID from a July 1916 newspaper, but hadn't been able to find out the LG issue. Wood would later transfer to the RFC, falling victum to MvR the following year.


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Glad to be of service, Jim!


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liverpool annie

All I can say is WOW!!!! I'm stunned ! - Steve that is so wonderful !

Thank you for all of that hard work ! and thank you for sharing it with us !!

You really are appreciated !

Annie :)

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It seems roughly 1 every six months in each theatre of war. I think they may have been more regular but shorter at the start of the war but they seem to be the difficult ones to locate on the Gazette.

I'm guessing but possibly around a dozen for the western front, and probably 5 or 6 for each of the other theatres.


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Very interesting. Maybe they could all be posted in one place on the mother site, possibly arranged by theatre? It would make searching so much easier, and more importantly I wouldn't miss one of your MiD threads.

Thanks again for all your hard work.



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That thought had crossed my mind, too.

I haven't found all the MID gazettes yet, though.

Perhaps I shall organise an Easter Egg hunt for the MID gazettes in a couple of weeks....

Busy weekend in store but I shall try and post the ones I have found next week and see if our other "Gazetteers" can find the others.


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quick question about MID's in general you look like the man to ask!

I am researching a Nurse Florence Adeline Borrett MID. She was mentioned in despatches 26/6/17 by Sir Archibald Murray for her nursing work in Egypt.

London Gazette entry 8/1/1918 Miss F. A. Borrett BRCS/OSJJ.

If I buy the book Sir Archibal Murray's despatches 1916-1919 will I get more detail around her specific MID or just the same info as found in the London Gazette?



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Honest answer is don't know.

I strongly suspect it will be his despatches only, as in just the London Gazette details.


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Looks like she was a VAD. Try the BRCS archive for further information. Details here:


Terry Reeves


Cheers, she is proving a very interesting Lady.


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  • 2 months later...

Maybe someone here can help me solve my ongoing puzzle. My grandfather was with the 26th Northumberland Fusiliers and he is mentioned in Haig Despatches as shown here:




This has been a problem for me ever since I started my research as the records in Canada and those in the UK differ, as noted here on my site:


"G. V. Laughton Web Site" said:
Extract from London Official Gazette. Mentioned in dispatches by Sir Douglas Haig, Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in France.

Sec. Lieut. George Van Wyck Laughton, Northumberland Fus. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During 24 hours he was on a picquet in front of our own lines and conducted a daylight patrol to within 50 yards of the enemy trenches. Throughout he displayed the greatest courage and determination during local operations in the Scarpe Valley in March, 1917.

I have some confusion now as I have learnt (November 3, 2002) that this is the exact wording that is in the St. George's Gazette of July 31, 1917, for which is says that 2nd-Lieut George Van Wyck Laughton was awarded the Military Cross. This conflicts with the records in my possession that say this event "is not the MC but another little clover leaf on ribbons". The records in Canada show that the MC was for the raid on the machine gun on April 9, 1917 whereas the event in the St. George's Gazette took place in March of 1917.

Any ideas how I can find the actual despatch as I have never been able to get the London Gazette to answer me as to their posting. You will see from the other documents on my web site the records just do not agree. When I got Chris Baker's report it even added to the issue as it says he was awarded the DSO:

Chris Baker Report Summary

Edited by laughton
Links repaired August 9, 2016 as web site had changed
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The despatch is the official summary of events (and sometimes paints a different picture of events than one might recognise, e.g. Sir John French despatch on the Battle of Loos). It very rarely mentions individual people below the rank of General, and usually covers a period of around six months. So pretty broad brush descriptions in most cases.

Having said that I'll see if I can find the link...


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The following link is to the Mentions in Despatches for the period 26-2-1917 to 20-9-1917.


The NF MIDs cover two pages and 2/Lt Laughton is not mentioned.

Since the MIDs cover the period in question (see below, and should be a complete list) and he is not mentioned then I doubt his award in mid 1917 was an MID.

The MIDs were spread across six issues. This is from the first issue which gives the relevant dates for the MIDs.

War Office,

11th December, 1917.

The following Despatch has been received by the Secretary of State for War from Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, K.T., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E., Commander-in-Chief of the British Armies in France: —

General Headquarters,

7th November, 1917.

SIR,—I have the honour to submit a list* of names of those officers, ladies, non-commissioned officers and men serving, or who have served, under my command during the period February 26th to midnight, September 20/21st, 1917, whose distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty I consider deserving of special mention.

I have the honour to be,


Your obedient Servant,




The British Armies in France.

* The list of names will be published in six separate supplements at intervals of a few days.

1. (11 December) E N., Staff, Intell. Corps, B.F.C., Cav., Remount Serv., and Yeo. 2. (14 December) Artillery and Engineers. 3. (18 December) Infantry (up to S. Lan. R.) 4. (21 December) Infantry (remainder). 5. (24 December), Gen. List, A.S.C., Medical, Veterinary, Chaplain, Ordnance, Pay and Printing and Stationery Services, etc, 6. (28 December) Overseas Contingents.



Despatch up to beginning of Arras offensive:


I can't locate the one from then on, but it might be on a list I have.

Apart from the yardage (publishers license?) the above citation is almost identical to the MC citation:

LG 18-7-1917

2nd Lt. George Van Wyck Laughton, North'd Fus.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During 24 hours he was on a picquet in front of our own lines and conducted a daylight patrol to within 300 yards of the enemy trenches. Throughout he displayed

the greatest courage and determination.


I can find no trace of a D.S.O. There is a book listing all D.S.O.s which should confirm either way. You might want to ask for a lookup?


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Link to the official despatch:

LG 8-1-1918

War Office,

8th January, 1918.

The following Despatch has been received by the Secretary of State for War from Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, K.T., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commanding-in-Chief, British Armies in France: —

General Headquarters,

British Armies in the Field.

25th December, 1917.

My Lord,

I have the honour to submit the following Report on the operations of the Forces under my Command from the opening of the British offensive on the 9th April, 1917, to the conclusion of the Flanders offensive in November. The subsequent events of this year will form

the subject of a separate Despatch, to be rendered a little later.



Link to previous set of MIDs:


And following set:


He is not mentioned on any of these lists which cover about 18 months around when he would have won his MID. He may well have won an MID but I can't see it being for March 1917.


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Thanks Steve!! You have given me some good reading to do, even if there is no mention in those documents. I have never read the complete despatch for that period.

The mystery continues.

As for the DSO, it is referenced on my web site page based on what arrived in the War Diaries in the report completed by Chris Baker.

Summary of Chris Baker Report

Here is the extract:

Service with the 26th Northumberland Fusiliers

The events that surround the service and wounding of Grandfather Laughton in the 26th Northumberland Fusiliers is documented in the War Diaries of that unit. Chris Baker has provided copies from March 1, 1917 to April 30, 1917. Unfortunately, the period of April 9th 1917 (the day of the attack on Vimy Ridge) is ineligible. Attempts are being made to locate another version of the war diary that has these pages - it is believed they exist in the Newcastle Public Library. As you will see from the following paragraph it is indeed unfortunate that April 9th is ineligible.

It is interesting that the final page of this attachment, dated May 31, 1917, contains a list of "Honours and Awards" and there is lists "2nd Lt/G.V.W. Laughton" for a D.S.O. (Distinguished Service Order) for operations on April 9th, 1917 (the day of the attack on Vimy Ridge). I have never seen any mention of this elsewhere, however this does match what we know regarding the M.C. (Military Cross) for which we have not been able to make a match in the UK records.

Perhaps Grandfather Laughton was noted for the award of the D.S.O. and that was changed as a result of the introduction of the M.C., perhaps at or about that time or perhaps unknown to the Lieutenant Colonel who commanded the 26th Northumberland Fusiliers at that time?

Note that this mention differs from the Chris Baker report for the M.C. on April 14, 1917. The confusion and unknown continues!

Edited by laughton
Links repaired August 9, 2016 as web site had changed
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  • 2 months later...
. . . . END.

Hopefully this is going to be easier than the hopeless hit and miss, miss, miss of the Gazette Search.

I shall try to put together an Index of the Indexes later.



I really need "The London Gazette for Dummies" to help me in researching the South African Heavy Artillery.

Several officers eg H. C. Harrison, W. H. L. Tripp, W. Brydon, W. H. Pickburn were awarded the Distinguished Service Order.

Using only the surname results in lots of hits while the format with "dots" and "spaces" as above yields nothing for their DSOs.


Carl Hoehler

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You will need full names or at least last christian name for DSOs or MCs. Promotions (except 1st commissioning) use initials, but officer awards are generally full name (except MIDs, complicated....)

e.g. Instead of W. H. L. Tripp, use Leonard Tripp (not necessarily his actuall name!)


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