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9 minutes ago, gordon92 said:


It is a sensible line of exploration to think "Canadian" when the bits and pieces of uniform cannot be strongly attributed to an Imperial unit. There were 8 Highland battalions of the CEF that served with the Canadian Corps in France/Flanders. There were 17 additional Highland battalions formed in Canada, sent to the UK, and then used used to reinforce battalions in the field. Further there were numerous other CEF battalions not styled Highland that had pipe bands. I have reviewed a thread I started in 2017 from various sources on the Dress of the Canadian Highland Battalions to see if there is a possible match to the OP. This thread is, as far as I know, still the most concise readily available summary to be found in a single place on CEF Highland dress (some of the links to images are broken). I was unable to identify any reasonable match to the original photograph. The Nova Scotia Brigade - 85th, 185th, 193rd, and 219th Battalions - did all wear the red-white Sutherland dicing on glengarries as did the 173rd Battalion Canadian Highlanders, but all wore Government tartan kilts. This latter battalion drew primarily from the pre-war 91st Regiment Canadian Highlanders and was the actual predecessor regiment for the post-1920 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada. None of the badges, as noted above, are at all close to that of the Imperial A&SH. So, as far as I can tell, this line of inquiry seems dead ended.

Thank you Mike, for that useful, succinct and largely conclusive summary.

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3 hours ago, FROGSMILE said:

Thank you Mike, for that useful, succinct and largely conclusive summary.

Glad it was useful.

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