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Help required identifying crew members of HMT Tenby Castle


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11 hours ago, KizmeRD said:

There would probably also have been some degree of re-fitting of the vessel with newer ASW equipment and providing training to the crew in how to use it. This appears to be what was going on at Alexandra Quay (HMS Ambitious - the AP base) at the beginning of February.

Specifically what I was referring to here is the low-speed anti-submarine paravane sweep (as was being tested on 7th February 1918) and the fitting of a 7.5” anti-submarine howitzer (mounted aboard Tenby Castle on 22 February). Plus the slightly later fitting of a Type II portable directional hydrophone - all of which (together with more available depth charges) significantly enhanced Tenby Castle’s ASW capability.



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8 hours ago, KizmeRD said:

7.5” anti-submarine howitzer

@KizmeRD Interesting, have you seen any seen any photos of this. I see it referred to as a 7.5in bomb thrower on naval-history.net. Is this an early type of depth charge device?

The deck of this small trawler must have been quite cluttered with both a 12-pounder gun and 3-pounder gun also. Were they positioned forward and aft respectively ?

Have you seen any photos of a similar armed trawler with these weapons on board? 



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The 7.5-inch BL naval howitzer was capable of lofting an artillery-like round several hundreds of yards ahead of the ship, and thanks to a delayed action fuse, the round would explode 20 ft. underwater. The only free space to mount such a weapon would have been over the top of the trawler’s fish hold. 
‘A bomb thrower’ was a similar type weapon, but also slightly different - having a smooth barrel rather than a rifled one. Both types really needed to have a larger explosive charge in order for them to be more effective in breaching a submarine’s pressure hull.

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