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Remembered Today:

Removal from command of Dr. J.D. Gimlette 1917 hospital ship Essequibbo

John Gilinsky

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6 hours ago, Winson Saw said:

Hello Jenny,

 I'm from Penang,Malaysia.I'm a local historian here.I do have a list of your grandfather,Dr.J.D.Gimlette appointments in Malaya.Are you interested?.Do you mind help me to search for group photos of your grandfather which were taken in Kelantan?.As I'm looking for any picture of Henry Norman,magistrate and assistant adviser in 1910'S Kelantan.He was a great friend to Dr.Gimlette in Kelantan.

My email - email removed for security reasons - please communicate via the private message system

Best wishes,
Winson Saw

Hello Winson,

Yes, I'm certainly happy to share information with you - thanks for being in touch.

Good wishes,


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