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Actual location of Limburg an der Lahn PoW camp?


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Hey all,


So last year I discovered that my great grandfather had entered the PoW camp at Limburg an der Lahn in 1918, presumably for treatment at the Lazarett there after being captured in the Spring Offensive.

As fate would have it I now live in Germany and am thinking about taking a trip down to Limburg an der Lahn/Dietkierchen to see it for myself and to visit the PoW cemetery and see the Irish Cross memorial. I know that there is no actual trace left of the camp itself, but i was wondering if anyone had any information about where the camp had stood, as it would be nice to know. I believe it lay somewhere on the stretch of road between Dietkirchen and the centre of Limburg itself, but I don't know where.

Any help gratefully appreciated!

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Here´s a Youtube vid with the local historian pointing out where the camp was, taking the Lorenz Kirche at Dietkirchen as reference point


And as you live in Germany I´m sure you´re fluent in German!;)
Just in case you´re not: ask a German colleague/neighbour to help you out.


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Have you looked at the Red Cross files for your G Grandfather? https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/File/Search

Be aware that not all PoWs „registered“ at Limburg were actually there. Limburg was used as a registration camp for PoWs kept in the German echelon area in France/Belgium and also for those who were undergoing hospital treatment elsewhere before being allocated to a permanent camp.


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Thanks for the replies, all. Lots of very useful info!

@JWK thanks for the video that's super useful, especially the bit where he talks about the road leading towards where the Lazarett would have been. The video gives me some very useful reference points for when I make it down to Limburg.

@charlie2 I have indeed found my great-grandfather's records, and it was your good self that let me know he was probably at Limburg itself in a previous thread. His form lists 'Zugang' into Limburg on 29.05.1918 as part of a group of soldiers all suffering from non life-threatening illnesses and minor non-combat injuries, which is why I assume he was bound for the Lazarett. I did wonder why he was transported all the way from the Bapaume area (where he was captured on March 22nd) to Limburg an der Lahn, though we'll probably never know. 

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