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Where was my great grandfather treated? (P.O.W - 1918)


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Hey all,


Some of you might have seen a thread of mine in the Soldiers subforum looking for information on my great grandfather John Monckton of the 10th Lincolnshire regiment (Grimsby chums).


Thanks to a helpful forum friend I now have an entry for him in an ICRC POW listing of 20th June 1918 (PA 27158) some three months after he was captured near Bullecourt.


Now everyone in this particular listing seems to be suffering from non-serious illnesses and/or non-combat related injuries. John Monckton (erroneously listed as 'James') is listed as suffering from 'Edema of the legs'.


I'm assuming that this means my great grandfather was in some sort of hospital or Lazarett in June 1918, but where? The listing is for the Limburg an der Lahn camp, but I know that it was a registration/parent camp and not all men listed there would have ever seen it. Did the Red Cross just take these listings from the camp command, or did they actually treat medical cases like these themselves?


Any knowledge you have that might help me would be greatly appreciated!

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The list is dated 29.05.1918, the June date is only the RC processing date, see PA27152. I would suggest he was at Limburg, at the top left is the word „Zugang“ - arrivals - which doesn‘t appear on all Limburg lists.



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Aha, I had seen 'Zugang' but I wasn't sure to what it referred. Thank you for the info!


As fatecwould have it, I live not all that far from Limburg an der Lahn. Fortunately I came here much more freely!

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