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British Expeditionary Force 5/6 Scottish Rifles


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I have a copy of a BF1 sent to inform family that my grandfather BEF 5/6 Scottish Rifles was wounded and gassed 22/8/1917 - according to

family sources he was not neat Ypres but was on the coast as part of some special unit working round the coast and estuaries

I have been unable to find anything specific by searching on the internet and would be very grateful for some expert assistance


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Not an expert but a start. 5/6th Scottish Rifles was in 19 Brigade 33rd Division during the above period. The Division was on the coast but not on the date you stated. the division moved to the Flanders coast near Nieuport for rest and training. Prior to this the Division had been involved in the 2nd battle of the scarpe covering a front of some 9 miles from a place called Croisilles, accross the river to Gavrelle. The Division also took part in actions on the hindenburg line on the river sensee, this was during May 1917. The division, including the 5/6 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) moved to the coast for rest and training in july 1917. In September 1917 the division moved to Ypres joining X Corps, 2nd Army taking part in the fighting during the battle of the menin road and polygon wood. you should find plenty of stuff regarding the above and also some real experts on the Scottish rifles may provide more details.

Tony P

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I am totally confused re this battalion so Im hoping someone will be along soon to help.

According to this


its says 5 and 6 amalgamated in May 1916

See also this thread


BUT the War Diaries seem to go up to September 1918

These are available, 5th, 6th and 5/6th, from here





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