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13th Hampshires


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odd one, 13th Hampshire was an original service battalion from the 32nd Division. when the 6 divisions of K4 were broken up it's units became reserve battalions for K1, 2 and 3. so it was a reserve battalion presumably for training and feeding to parent battalions overseas. Doesn't explain the letters ACS though, interesting. something about the casting though. Hope someone can give an explanation regarding the letters.

Tony P

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Not an answer, but some previous suggestions:


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Thanks Andrew,

The badge belongs to a friend and it rang a bell in the back of my mind, I had completely forgotten that it had been the subject of a previous thread here, even more embarrassing that I had posted on it. Will teach me to do a search before starting a thread.


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As Tony P the 13th Battalion is denoted in my book as a Reserve battalion, formed at Parkhurst Oct 1914 as a service battalion of K4 in 96th brigade of original 32nd Division. 10/4/15 became a 2nd reserve battalion. May 1915 Wareham Sept 1915 Bovington in 8th Reserve brigade 1/9/16 became 34th Training Reserve Battalion in the 8th Reserve Brigade at Wool. I assume from this never saw service o/s but a main training service. K4 consisted of 76 reserve battalions. I have not found anything that explains the letters though, although it could be something to do with the cadets. Regards. Mike

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