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Of the 66 men I am researching, only one was in RFC/RAF so I am unfamiliar with RAF records. What is available?

It appears there are no MIC's, very few SWB rolls etc etc. I would be delighted if any of you 'air' experts might have a look at this man John MacDougall

I have his service record, and wonder if you might suggest anywhere else I might look to find information on his time in the Forces.

For example, what particular job might a coppersmith/plumber be doing in the RAF


Cheers Mike

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MacDougall's metalworking expertise (coppersmith & plumber) would have been useful for RFC groundcrew work, and his rank

(Air Mechanic, 2nd Class, later 1st Class) was consistent with a groundcrew posting.


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Work on the a/c's radiators comes to mind, and possibly flight instruments, e.g. airspeed indicator? Did a/c of the Great War have pitot tubes?

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Did a/c of the Great War have pitot tubes?

Just reading-up on HP O/100s at present and they certainly had pitot heads & associated plumbing



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The 19 TS notation on the record card must have been post-dated - 19 Reserve Squadron became 19 Training Squadron on 31.5.1917, but it was at Hounslow on both dates. Pitots were fitted - simple pressure heads until c.1916, then static and pressure heads.

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Formed at Hounslow 29.1.1916. To 18th Wing 25.3.1916. Controlled HD detachments around London, based at Chingford, Croydon, Farningham, Hainault Farm, Hendon, Hounslow, Joyce Green, Northolt, Sutton’s Farm and Wimbledon Common. HD detachments became 39 Squadron 5.1916. Designated as a Higher Reserve Squadron and establishment set 23.12.1916 at 9 DH1 + 9 FE2b. To Fermoy 12.1917. Establishment changed on withdrawal of FE2b from BEF to BE2c/e + RE8 + AMC DH4 (later DH4/DH9. To 55th Wing 5.5.1918. To the Curragh 27.6.1918. Disbanded 13.6.1919.

Commanding Officer

Representative Aeroplanes

Airco DH1 4627, 4629, 4634, 4636, 4637, 4639, 4641, 4642, 4643, 4644, 4645, 4646, 4647, A5211, A9919, B3969.

Airco DH4 A7502, A7511, A7516, A7654, A7656, A7714, A7656, B2054, B9471.

Avro 504A/J C4312.

HF F.20 7415, 7416, 7417, 7430, 7442, 7443, 7444, 7445.

Martinsyde G.100 7463.

Martinsyde G.102 A1592, A3937, A3971, A6293, A6297, A6298.

RAF BE2b 2776.

RAF BE2c 2504, 2574, 2579, 2584, 2658, 2718, 4411, 4496.

RAF BE2e 7059, 7098, 7324, 7326, A1339, A3144, B4411, B8845, B9469, B9938, B9943, B9993.

RAF BE12 6507.

RAF FE2b 4887, 4890, 4930, 4961, 4964, 4966, 4972, 6363, 7673.

RAF RE8 A3618, E10, E11, E12, E13, E14, E15.

Vickers FB5 2346.

Unit Marking

White 4-pointed star on either side of the fuselage cockade on BE2e and RE8. Several DH4 carried a white club playing card marking on the side of the nose.

19 TS moved to Ireland in 1918

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