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Aegean 1918


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Pardon the cross-post from the Arms sub-forum, but I have just acquired a 1914 Lithgow SMLE Mk III in original trim. (see http://1914-1918.inv...howtopic=184567)

There is a plaque inset into the left side of the buttstock and some hand "engraving" above it. There is a groove running across the top of the buttstock and the second photo below shows the beginnings of a second etching at the other end of the groove, at the top, to the right above all the Lithgow buttstock markings. "8.14" is what is stamped to the right of the Lithgow shield - the first month of the war.



The "Aegean 1918" hand-carved into the stock is what has me intrigued, as the only knowledge I have about action in that area at that time is of naval engagement. Any suggestions as to how that action might invove a SMLE?

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As shown in your other linked Thread, you have a fine example of an Australian Lithgow manufactured .303 Short, Magazine Lee-Enfield Rifle No.1 Mk.III

The woodwork on early production Lithgow rifles was usually made from Italian Walnut imported from Britain, as your's looks to be, later models used the lighter coloured Australian Queensland Maple for the woodwork.

A possible reason it is in such excellent condition, is that it may have come from a Museum display, and that may also account for the ANZAC ( Australian and New Zealand Army Corps ) plaque attached to the butt, which also links the rifle to the ANZAC Gallipoli Campaign.

The markings on the butt include, the early Lithgow Inspection Mark ( A Kangaroo C ), and the ' CMF ' stamp on the butt of the early rifles, stands for ' Citizens Military Forces '.

Great rifle, great example, many thanks for sharing it.



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