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Remembered Today:

Slip on shoulder titles

john gregory

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Printed 'GORDON'




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Apologies for bumping up an old thread, but does anyone have any evidence of these being used by Cavalry units? So far I have seen period photographs of them in use by the 14th Hussars and 21st Lancers. I also have examples of the 3rd Hussars, 9th Lancers and 10th Hussars slip on shoulder titles. 


Can anybody help add anymore examples of cavalry regiments, either period photographs or surviving titles?


Thanks in advance,



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Thank you for pointing this out to me, Andrew Upton.
A nice set of Lincolnshire titles that came up for sale.
They look unused and were found in a bag full of other WW1 metal titles, phials of iodine, medals et al.
I was wondering what a set would cost?
I did pay quite alot for them but seeing though I hadn't seen any like this before, I thought I would take a chance.






Berks 1.jpg

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