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Pte.Headspeath & The Edinburgh Evening News


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Does anybody have access to the “Edinburgh Evening News” for Wednesday December 8th 1915? Or know how I could find this issue.

I have been researching 3/5687 Pte. John Main Headspeath 6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders killed in action on November 22nd 1915. He was reportedly killed by the same round that wounded his brother standing by his side. (Edinburgh Evening News Dec 4/15) John was 26 years of age, and is commemorated on the Loos Mem.

Much to my delight, it has come to my attention that a photograph of him appears in the Dec 8th issue!!! Unfortunately living in Canada has made access to this resource impossible. If anybody out there has access to this publication I would be very grateful. I would be very pleased to return the favor as I have regular access to Canadian city newspapers for the period of the Great War. Thanks kindly in advance.


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David: Try the British Library Newspaper Collection (Colindale) online catalogue:


You can search by location and get a fairly comprehensive list which is very clear on dates of publication.

Seeing as you have a fairly clear idea of the edition of the newspaper you need, I think that they could probably send a copy to you.

As them about options for reproduction - they can photocopy, electronically scan or even do rather nice photographic reproductions (which are quite expensive, but good if it's a really valued photograph).

The folks at Colindale do a good job and in my experience offer a very friendly and helpful service. Their reproduction services are excellent and they answer emails quickly!

(Sorry to recycle an earlier post to Tom!)


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