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john w.

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Help please

"Field Service Pocket Book (1914) - General Staff, War Office - HMSO - David&Charles reprints (1971) - ISBN 0 7153 5225 3

Those set out below came from the above book have located field punishment No1 and 2 . I think rule 4 © comes from that but not found any of the others.. perhaps this book has what I am looking for.

What were Army rules 4 © (d) and (e), 5,8,13,14?

in hope...



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I'm a little confused as to your question.

I've got an original 1916 (amended)edition in front of me and , judging that the 1971 reprint is a copy of a similar edition , could you tell me which pages you have been looking at to come up with these rule numbers. I've found FP numbers 1 and 2 (page 223 in my edition),but no reference to any "rules" as such, only "sections" and "subsections" of the Army Act (this goes for the whole section on discipline).


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Made an assumption..

I was sent the papers for Thomas Highgate and they refer to Army form A 49

and those are listed are rendered inexpedient to observe....to quote the sheet.


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