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Tunstall address required

Guest KevinEndon

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Guest KevinEndon

I am looking for an address in Stoke on Trent for the following, can you help me please. These names cannot go onto the new war memorial in Tunstall until we can prove they came from Tunstall, therefore we could do with address. Fingers crossed and with your help we can find a few of them. Over to you and your expert help.

I have edited the post so now we have born, enlisted and resident. In reply to posts below, this has been a 10 year search and most avenues have been covered, churches, schools, work places, cemeteries the lot. We are just hoping that someone out there can find something for us. Although soldiers died states they were from Tunstall or born in Tunstall the people in charge of the memorial need more proof as the rule is that they had to have marched from Tunstall to war. Thanks everyone so far with their suggestions and possible one already, I will confirm with the powers that the 1901 census is plenty good enough.


Pte Allford John 13162 9th Btn North Staffs 26/04/17 Tunstall Tunstall

Pte Aston James 8470 7th Btn North Staffs 22/12/16 Bilston Stoke Tunstall

Pte Banks Clifford 56685 17th Btn LancashireFus 10/09/18 Astley Luton Tunstall

Pte Butters William H 36503 1st Btn East Lancs 02/04/18 34469 Manchester Regt Tunstall Manchester

Pte Callaghan Thomas 13409 8th Btn South Lancs 03/07/16 Tunstall Leigh Lancs

Pte Clay Arthur H 52099 1st Btn Lincoln Regt 14/11/18 Brindley Ford Biddulph Stoke

Pte Clutton John 8130 1st Btn North Staffs 01/09/16 Knutton Stoke Chell

Pte Cooper John 18346 1st Btn South Staffs 26/10/17 Brockmoor Brierly Hill Tunstall

Cpl Copestick Ernest G/10895 4th Btn Royal Fusil 29/09/17 Tunstall Tunstall

Pte Curran James 202307 1/5 Btn LancashireFus 06/09/17 12391 Liverpool Regt Tunstall Wigan

Pte Dix William 23142 8th Btn North Staffs 17/06/18 Tunstall Burslem

Dvr Done Enoch 99840 R F A 09/05/15 Tunstall Tunstall

Rfleman Dwyer Edward 6284 17th Btn K R R C 07/06/17 Tunstall Sheffield Tunstall

Pte Edwards Levi 6901 1st Btn North Staffs 13/11/14 Tunstall Lichfield Tunstall

Gdsn Elkin Amos 17597 2nd Btn Gren Guards 30/01/16 Tunstall Coalville

Pte Ellerton Samuel 9626 2nd Btn LancashireFus 26/08/14 Tunstall Wigan Tunstall

Pte Elliott Clement J P 1749 1/4 Btn South Lancs 02/07/15 Stoke Warrington Tunstall

Pte Gallimore William 6444 Army Cycl Corp 22/03/17 14090 North Staffs Biddulph Stoke Tunstall

Pte Hall James 17400 1st Btn North Staffs 31/07/17 Wolstanton Stoke Tunstall

A/Bdr Hambleton James E 26190 R F A 20/01/17 Tunstall Tunstall

Pte Hammond William 12732 3rd Btn Gren Guards 17/10/15 Tunstall Rugeley

Pte Hopley John 10229 7th Btn North Staffs 08/08/15 Tunstall Stoke Tunstall

Pte Hoyland George 45918 1st Btn Leicest Regt 04/07/18 Cheade Burslem Tunstall

Pte Hulme Harry 13692 7th Btn North Staffs 26/01/17 Tunstall Burslem Tunstall

Gdsn Jones Harry 10104 1st Btn Gren Guards 04/09/17 Tunstall Newcastle

Pte Kelly John 242330 1/6 Btn North Staffs 26/05/17 Goldenhill Tunstall

Pte Maloney John G/8966 2nd Btn Royal Fusil 01/07/16 Kidsgrove Stoke Tunstall

Pte Mandley Simpson 11600 13th Btn Royal Fusil 19/11/16 Burslem Tunstall Tunstall

Pte Matthews Ambrose R 50472 10th Btn LancashireFus 23/03/18 Tunstall Hanley

Pte Maydew Arthur 2298 1/5th North Staffs 27/09/16 Brindley Ford Tunstall

Pte Meir John 11223 2nd Btn Cameronians 06/10/18 St Josephs Lichfield Tunstall

Pte Moorcroft John 15465 8th Btn Royal Lancaster 17/10/15 Tunstall Manchester

L/Sgt Moore Richard 4657 16th Btn LancashireFus 12/08/17 Tunstall Wigan

Pte Moston John 14075 7th Btn North Staffs 13/08/15 Burslem Burslem Tunstall

Pte Mulroy Thomas 46481 9th Btn R W F 08/04/18 14174 North Staffs Goldenhill Burslem Tunstall

Pte Parnell Joseph 14985 7th Btn North Staffs 08/01/16 died at sea accident Goldenhill Stoke Tunstall

Pte Parr Joseph 39461 2nd Btn Bedford rgt 20/09/17 DM/2/231433 A S C Tunstall Chiswick Tunstall

Pte Pedley Harry 11004 11th Btn North Staffs 08/03/18 Tunstall Burslem

Pte Pinder James 9344 9th Btn North Staffs 21/07/16 Tunstall Burslem

Pte Plant Simon 10669 6th Btn Yorks and Lancs 26/09/15 Tunstall Mexborough

Pte Rigby Robert 14750 7th Btn North Staffs 25/01/17 Tunstall Burslem Tunstall

Pte Roberts Alfred 37153 2nd Btn LancashireFus 12/10/16 18954 North Staffs Tunstall Fenton

Pte Rouke James

Pte Smith Walter 17566 2nd Btn South Staffs 24/03/18 Tunstall Tunstall

Pte Smith William H 20819 Coldstream Grds 13/04/18 Pittshill Hanley

Pte Taylor Ernest 14336 7th Btn North Staffs 20/04/16 Audley Stoke Tunstall

Pte Tierney John 40540 8th Btn North Staffs 18/11/16 Burslem Tunstall

Pte Vickers Thomas 100094 1st Btn Sherwood 30/04/18 16760 Notts Derby Tunstall Hanley Tunstall

L/Cpl Wall Arthur 9874 7th Btn North Staffs 09/04/16 Wolstanton Lichfield Tunstall

Pte Williams Samuel 27571 15th Btn Cheshire Regt 13/10/18 Fenton Hounslow Tunstall

Pte Williams Thomas 2770 1/5th Btn North Staffs 08/09/16 Goldenhill St Helens Tunstall

Pte Wright Leonard

Pte Yates Harry P.W.464 18th Btn Middlesex Regt 16/02/17 Kidsgrove Stoke Tunstall

Thanks in advance.

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Kevin. Is information from the 1901 Census sufficient proof ? i.e WILLIAM H BUTTERS BORN 1884 TUNSTALL LIVED 18 LYNDHURST STREET TUNSTALL in 1901.



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check local newspaper archives for obituary also check one year on for in memoriam [just in case] also check local parish and cemetery registers for any local burials as these will give address's. probate indexs for any serviceman who left a will. check channel 4 lost generation website for name and memorial search in locality some names might be on other memorials i presume that you have done an appeal in local press .also check schools and places of work.these sometimes these have inhouse magazines with obituarys usually with an address good luck with your search keep us posted on how you get on

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just a quick thought check the medal index cards on ancestry some of them do have address's on the back predominitly officers but i have found 2 other ranks

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Pte Smith William H 20819 Coldstream Grds 13/04/18

soldiers died shows Hanley - Ill check his papers for you

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Pte John Allford- service papers on Ancestry says born in the parish of Tunstall. Brothers address-28 Cooper St, Wolverhampton, sisters address given as 14, Penson(?) St, Wigan, Lancs and his cousin Sarah's address is given as 89, Bank Street, Tunstall

Rifleman Edward Dwyer - service papers on Ancestry (quite a few) says born in Tunstall. Next of kin is given as his father James at 39 Piccadilly St, Burslem. Enlisted 14/1/1905.

Enoch Done-CWGC says Tunstall, Staffs

Simpson Mandley-CWGC says address Burslem, Staffs

John Meir - GWGC says Smallthorne, Staffs

Thomas Mulroy CWGC says Goldenhill, Stoke on Trent, Staffs

Samuel Williams CWGC says Kent St, Fenton, Stoke on Trent

Will check Ancestry later for any service records with actual addresses.


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George Hoyland-information all points to Cheadle:

1901 Census

George Hoyland Head 38 Collier Blacksmith

Elizabeth Hoyland wife 38

Clara H Hoyland daug 14 silkweaver

GEORGE Hoyland son 11

Elsie Hoyland daug 8

Ida Hoyland daug 6

St Giles the Abbots Churchyard Cheadle:

Agnes Hoyland of Cheadle 23 July 1888-4Feb 1889

Elsie 1 Aug1892-24 Feb 1902

GEORGE KinA in Germany July 1918 age 29

all the above Children of George and Elizabeth Hoyland

I am not a relative nor do I live in this area but have researched the Hoyland name as part of my family tree all these were found from the internet.

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Pte 11600 Simpson Mandley.

1901 census confirms place of birth as Burslem along with his widowed mother and siblings, their address in 1901 is 14, Spencer Street, Burslem. Simpson is aged 5 making DOB 1896, ties in with age of death on CWGC.


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I found the service records of three of your men. See below


Service Record shows birthplace as Tunstall,Staffs and says he has resided near Tunstall. Joined up in Tunstall 25/9/1914


Service Record shows birthplace as Tunstall,Staffs enlisted 8/9/14 at Leigh in Lancashire


Service Record shows birthplace as Tunstall,Staffs enlisted in 1905 in Sheffield but gave occupation as Potter. Parents still living in Tunstall in 1917

so 2 out of 3 probably qualify. All three were Catholics!

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Guest KevinEndon

Pals, I can't thank you enough for helping us on this.

Do any pals know where I can find an address from before they went to war. The person in charge has said that the criteria at present to get onto the memorial is to prove that the soldier left Tunstall to go to war. The 1901 cenus is giving decent amounts of addresses but the bloke in charge wants addresses they left from to go to war.

Proving a person was living somewhere other than Tunstall is as much a help as if he does have a Tunstall address.

I feel that most avenues have been covered by using 1901 census, SDGW, CWGC, and MIC's. I just hope that someone has researched soldiers further than these and have an address from 1914-1920. The memorial will be built this year, just a year or two too early for the next census.

Please keep looking though and fingers crossed we can bring a couple in from the cold. I suspect there will be a panel or two left blank for the soldiers listed once addresses can be proved from the 1911 census.


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you could try giving the library a ring ,

Stoke-on-Trent City Archives

City Central Library

Bethesda Street




Tel: 01782 238420

Fax: 01782 238499

Email: stoke.archives@stoke.gov.uk

as i wonder if the names would show up on electoral roles.

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Guest KevinEndon

Thank you everyone for their help.

I am after the mic's and a bit more info on these chaps 2 of which I cant find on SDGW.

Can you help.

Dvr Done Enoch 99840 R F A 09/05/15

Pte Hulme Harry 13692 7th Btn North Staffs 26/01/17

Pte Maloney John G/8966 2nd Btn Royal Fusil 01/07/16

Pte Rouke James

Pte Williams Samuel 27571 15th Btn Cheshire Regt 13/10/18

Pte Williams Thomas 2770 1/5th Btn North Staffs 08/09/16

Pte Wright Leonard

Rouke and Wright I cannot find on SDGW


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Can't find MIC for

Done, Enoch

Hulme, Harry

Maloney John

Williams, Samuel

Williams, Thomas

And there are many possibilities for Leonard Wright

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Not sure how much research has been done, but it would appear that Harry Hulme has some service records on Ancestry.


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