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My ancestor Alfred Beetles


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This is my very first posting so please bear with me if i make a mistake.

I would be eternelly grateful for any help for which i have drawn a complete blank.

My ancestor was Alfred Beetles, who was L/CPL 8398 2nd York and Lancaster Regiment, he came from Bradford (Leeds Road). When doing research, I discovered from channel 4 s Lost Generation website that his name is on, apparently, Eastbrook Hall memorial, which is inside the Art Galleries Museum Store, Leeds Road, Shipley< West Yorks. The problem is that i cannot find any information on this memorial and on its actual existance. I have been in contact with Bradford Library as Alfreds name is on the Roll of Honour, which is in their possession, but they could not help me either.

Is their anybody who lives in the vicinity who could be really kind and help me. As i live down south and cannot drive i am unable to do this myself.

A big thank you in advance.


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Hi Francis

Apologies if you already have the information but his service records are on Ancestry.co.uk.


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Hi Mick.

Thank you for reading my message, yes i had read his records on Ancestry, they make very sad reading (they all do). Im trying to find as much info on Alfred as i can for my dad.

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Frances, Go onto the UKNIWM (united kingdom national inventory war memorials)web site, enter Shipley in the search box and a description of the memorial is given, where it is held and how many names are on it. Its number reference is 28799. Ralph.

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A very big thank you for your reply, i am very grateful for your assistance. I will email them in the morning.

Regards Frances

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This query has opened up some interesting thoughts for an exiled Bradfordian. Here is a link to the Bradford Museums contacts list. It will be their store that is in Shipley. http://www.bradfordmuseums.org/contact/index.htm


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Keith, Thank you for your reply and link, i will contact them. When i initially contacted the Library in Bradford, they appeared to think that the memorial no longer existed and no one knew where it is now. The lost generation website did nt reply to my emails.

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Hi Frances,

I used to live quite near Eastbrook Hall.

I seem to remember that the library at Eastbrook Hall closed some years ago as part of cutbacks. I remember the lead dome being sat in the local scrapyard for some time after renovations were made to the building.

As it is listed with UKNIWM as a Methodist memorial, might it have ended up at the nearest Methodist chapel?

Actually I've just done a bit of online searching (don't you just love Google?) and found the following information:

Eastbrook Hall in Shipley was badly damaged by fire a few years ago, it is now being made into flats:


There is a Methodist Chapel just a bit around the corner and up the road, and it is possible the plaque may have been moved there:


Contact details for this chapel are here:

Wrose Methodist Church

Tel: (01274) 582596

Thornacre Rd, Wrose, BD18 2AA

If you ever manage to locate the plaque, please let me know and I'd be only too happy to pop along and photograph it for you.

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Welcome to the forum. @lenandoliver hasn’t visited the forum since 2015. This tag may alert them to your post.


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