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Would I be right in assuming that if my Grandfather and his friend (who both enlisted in the RAMC and had with sequential regimental numbers), that they would have served in the same locations?

I ask this question because I have been unable to find where my Grandfather served but I have been able to find out where his friend served. Private John Gilroy was attached to the 100th Field Ambulance so I am assuming that my Grandfather (who I know was a stretcher bearer) was also in this unit. I think from reading 'The Long, Long Trail' this field ambulance was with the 2nd Division.

My Grandfather was Private Alfred Burnside 64804 RAMC and his friend was Private John Gilroy 64805 RAMC. Both entered the 'theatre of war' in France on 18-11-15.


Maggie B

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Whilst it is reasonable (but not absolutely certain) that they enlisted on the same day and subsequently went overseas together with the same unit, that's where I would say any assumptions should cease. It could be that on landing in France they both went to different units and could have seen each other for the last time. Equally, they could have served together throughout the war.

It's simply impossible to say without further information.


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