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Trench Map Coordinates


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I'm after a set of google earth map coordinates for these series of trenches within the circle. I've recently found a witness statement that says my g/u "L/Cpl James Brown was shot through the head by a machine gun bullet and died at once. We buried him outside the trench where he was shot. Position of trench was about a mile from Rozieres on the left hand side about 150 to 200 yards near the Rozieres to Haulenes railway line. One of the best, a country lad"

My brothers research says Jim wasn't found so there is no head stone for him, only his name on a memorial further away, same place as the first ANZAC celebration in France this year.

I'm sure the 'A' on this set of trenches might refer to 'A' Coy? Jim was in 'A' Coy and this trench not that far to the railway line... I'm sure these few trench might tell a story.

I've found the Nicholson map overlay #11 that's been real helpful in understanding the 6th BN role in this battle.

I've read many great stories, certainly a wonderful website that I've now found!



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OK LinesMan to the rescue!

The probable reason that nobody has replied, is that this is an unusual area, and not covered by the 10,000 British mapping.

I do have one 1:20,000 for the area, however it is a really early 1915 one, showing no trenches.

Anyway, I have drawn your trenches on, as bet as I can, and have then done screen shots of this dispplayed over Modern data from LinesMan.

Also from LinesMan, the centre point of squares 27 and 28 is 49°49'36.6"N, 2°43'29.3"E for Google Earth, but I think/hope you will find my shots a lot more useful.

All the best



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Thanks for your very quick work locating these lines on the additional maps and photo. These maps will be very helpful. FYI I've attached 2 pages taken from the 6 BN Narrative of Operations notes. The first page for the afternoon of the 9 August 1918


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Guy here's a second and third page for the part of the 10 August 1918. My Great Uncle Jim was killed at ~10:am on the 10th. I'll work through these few pages with the aid of your maps.

Possible you could email the larger files to me at dkm@vrmt.net?

All the best and talk soon.


Guy: Seems those few images need to be increased in resolution! Let me know...




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