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David Filsell

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Thanks to those who replied - I am not responsible for any 'domestics' that may resullt from the following! A few books in for review:

Jean Moorcroft Wilson "The War Poets Series" Cecil Woolf Publishers, 1 Mornington Place, London, NW1 7RP

A series of 15 'slim volumes' (cost £6.00 - 7.50) featuring poetry and song. Without doubt the most interesting is Trench Songs of the First World War which contains A P Herbert's splendid diatribe against Cameron Shute, the detested commander of Royal Naval Division, which ends in the lines;

But a sh*t would be shot without mourners

If someone shot that sh*t Shute.

This is listed as a song - and I guess troops would have substituted who ever they detested in the in the command structure. But, I would have loved to have penned the words! Full list available from publisher

Steven Manning, Evelyn Wood VC, Pillar of Empire, Pen and Sword.

Of limited interest perhaps - but Wood served from the Indian Mutiny and on past the Boer War. A reformer, he did much to prepare the army for war in 1914.

Cave and Sheldon, Le Cateau, Pen and Sword, Battlefield Europe Series.

A splendid collaboration between skilled series editor Nigel Cave and the estimable Jack Sheldon (who puts the German side of the battle with (now) customary skill. One of the best in this highly variable series. Even the pictures are less muddy and mapping better than usual. Impressive and recommended

John Sheen, Wearside Battalion; The 20th (Service) Bn of the DLI in the Great War, again Pen and Sword.

A well researched and well illustrated book - if the DLI or bn histories are your thing then this is a model work.

And one that I bought (and the mem-sahib doesn't know about, she thinks it was a review copy).

Jim Aulich and John Hewitt, Seduction or Instruction: First World War Posters in Britain and Europe, Manchester University Press.

Leaning on the IWM collection and somewhat academic in approach (perhaps a bit poncy for my taste) but spendidly researched, illustrated (including much in colour) and extremely good in design terms (sumptuous in fact). If posters are your thing this is recommended - at £25.00)

Hope these are of interest. Feed-back most welcome. More as they arrive if interest is sufficient.

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Thanks for the reviews David. Any guide through the literary jungle is more than welcome and doubly so when the guide knows his way. I find myself drawn to the lead up to the war and in particular the hazy area between High Command and the Politicians. I might well have a look at the Evelyn Wood book.

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Thanks. The Wood book is worth reading, it strikes me as both well researched and written. Wood wrote his own biography and a number of other books. I had not however realised that he was a fairly controversial character. As they (annoyingly) say in restuarants now 'enjoy'.

Best regards


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