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33rd Infantry Brigade


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Whilst researching for my book on 9th Bn Sherwood Foresters, I found it impossible to find a history of the 33rd Infantry Brigade.

So -

Does anyone know of a history.

If not - would there be an interest in such a history.

I am loathe to spend another 4 years researching only to find that no one is interested :D Although that did not stop me with the 9th SF.

The 33rd Brigdae consisted of -

6th (service) Bn Lincolns.

6th (service) Bn Borders.

7th (service) Bn South Staffs.

9th (service) Bn Sherwood Foresters ( Notts & Derby Regiment)

33rd Brigade Machine Gun Company - This was formed in March 1916 whilst in Egypt and many of the Bns machine Guns moved into it.

33rd Trench Mortar Battery - July 1917.

Any comments would be welcomed.

Steve m

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Apart from a cheap paperback on the 9th SF :o , I don't know any histories of any of that lot, apart from a history of the 7th South Staffs, edited in 1919 by Maj A H Ashcroft (I don't have it - I looked it up in Arthur White's Bibliography)

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Apart from a cheap paperback on the 9th SF :o ,


You mean someone other than me has written one on 9th Bn :D

Actually Britain at War has an excellent review of my book (It should be I wrote it :lol: - only joking)


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Seriously (and in case anyone reads this and though - Heaven forfend - I was being serious), your book on the 9th SF is jolly good. If you are pondering a history of the 33rd Brigade, I'll wish you good luck and God speed. Put me down for a copy.

Mrs Morse still emigrating, I take it. ;)

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I knew that :P

It is Mrs M who is pressuring me to write another book. Otherwise she has to talk to me in the evenings, instead of me being in the study for hours on end :rolleyes:

What is pleasing , is the amount of children (!) of the men who have been in contact. Obviously all are in their 80s but pleased their Dad's have got recognition at last.

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