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The Korfdrops - Concert Party?

Neil Mackenzie

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A while back I was passed by a family friend the medals and ephemera from her father's war service.

William Archie John Jeremy (known as Bill) joined the RFC at 17 in 1915 and served with them as a Mechanic throughout the war. He then joined the RE and Signals leaving in 1925 having served in Turkey between April 1920 and October 1923.

During his time in the RFC he spent some time in the RAF Cadet Wing - would this be for pilot training? He was in a 'playlet' performed by The Korfdrops in December 1918 entitled 'The Wing Boys down Hythe Way' (they were in Hythe at the time) and the front page of the programme is attached.

Has anyone come across the Korfdrops before?

If anyone would like a scan of the whole programme please contact me.



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I have not come across the the Korfdrops before, but then many parties were formed for one or two occassions only, and this one (like other such events devised by cadets) probably came and went for an end-of-term show at the conclusion of their studies.

I wonder if the name has connections with the flu epidemic, or is an in-joke of some kind?

I'd love to have a scan of the whole programme please.



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Just seen your post - I will scan and send it to you.


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