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H M S lightfoot 1914-1918


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HI, Got my grandfather service record and shows he served on the LIGHTFOOT . I,ve only one photo of him and one of the Lightfoot . Has any one any other pictures please .

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Stap, nothing on pics but here's info re gongs awarded for service on LIGHTFOOT ;

EGERTON Wion de M N/E Cdr. RN 78C005

Lightfoot Commodore (T) 04.06.17 Gazetted

Harwich Force 1914 - 1917 DSO

This officer is deserving above all others for his splendid example of devotion to duty in the face of many difficulties.

He has been present at nearly every engagement and enterprise undertaken by the Harwich Force and has always led a division or half flotilla with marked ability.

Regards Sadsac

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Stap, and yet another ;

MACLEAN Colin K N/E Cdr. RN 78C013

Lightfoot Commodore (T) N/E N/E

Loss of H.M.S. Arethusa 11.02.16 N/E

Skilful handling of his vessel in coming to the "Arethusa's" assistance.

Their Lordships' appreciation expressed.


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