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Gas war at Gallipoli?


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Records I have received from AWM list my grandfather's injuries (after being evaced from ANZAC - first to hospital ship "Nevesa", then Malta, then on to London and back to Australia) - as "concussion & gas effects" and also "neurasthenia".

Question: Anyone know of about the use of gas there then? Other ideas or input welcome.

Thanks - Rod

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I've a feeling that this topic has already been bashed around on the forum - worth using the search facility

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Have found the old "gas" page - missed during first search. Now if I only knew how to delete the new thread on the subject that I started.


- Rod

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Note my reasonable (to me!) explaination on the other thread. Men were poisoned by gas from ignited explosives, both in mining warfare and from exploding large shells.

Bob Lembke

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I have found info at the AWM to back you up on that. A Cpl. JE Precious was sited for carrying my grandfather out of a tunnel they both were in after setting off a charge during mining at Gallipoli. Both were overcome and that explains the 'gassed' comment on my granddad's medical tag from Malta.

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