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Hi Comrades,

I am planning a Pilgrimage to the Ypres Salient to retrace the footsteps of my Great Grandfather who was killed 14th June 1915. I have a copy of his unit war diary for that time but i am stuck with locations and I am hoping someone can help, they are as follows,

Trenches East of Lindenhoek

Tobacco Farm Lindenhoek

Trenches East of Kemmel, G1, G2, G3, G6, F4, F5, F6 and S3

Trenches East of Dickebusch and Ridgewood

Bellgoed Farm North East of Kruisstraathoek

Hill 60

Ypres-Menin Rd I11, I17, I17b I18b, I18C and J13

I know its a bit of a wish list but please if you can any images of trench maps I would be over the Moon



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