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Remembered Today:

Canadian anti-war postcard sentiment 1915

John Gilinsky

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I recently acquired the following book,viz.:

Pierce, Patricia "Canada The Missing Years" Twichenham, Middlesex: Hamlyn Publishing 1985

160 pages (photos)

ISBN: 0 - 600 - 50194 - 9

This book consists of a Canadian's fine survey of what the British Library had received as legally mandated Canadian copyrighted materials of all kinds betweeen 1895 and 1924 and which was "rediscovered" by a Canadian literary professor Dr. O'Neill.

On page 135 is a reproduction of a 1915 Toronto produced photo and poem postcard by "K. McInnis."

The photo shows a distraught young woman or even teenager long haired looking pensive and sad holding her hand to her head. The text reads:

"The Soldier's Sweetheart

I see a blood-red moon in Europe's sky -

The earth turns crimson as her heroes die -

And while brave men fall victims to the war,

We mothers, wives and sweethearts cry, 'What for?'"

Has anyone seen similar other Allied produced postcards from EARLY in the war (say pre-spring 1916) that question the war so overtly and if so can we please have details of such anti-war home front populist oriented "art"?

I do not know anything else right now about the postcard, the publisher (if he did other cards, etc....)etc....

Nor do I know if any legal action was taken to cesnor, restrict or prohibit the sale or distribution of this pc whether in Canada or elsewhere.




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The men could act upon their needs, but the women were left to mourn.

I wonder how many people today, in this instant media and communication time, realise how harrowing it was back then, to be waiting for news of a loved one from the Front.


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