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THP Bayetto


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Hi My name is Paul david bayetto

Tone bayetto was my great uncle

my father was named after him

i have some of his memoribillia including his flying license (#488)

any one have more info on him he was in 1st, 3rd and 66 squadron i think

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Hi Paul,

I don't know what you have found out already but THP Bayetto is mentioned in a few publications:

Royal Flying Corps Communiques 1915 1916

March 2nd 1916

"Sgt Bayetto (Morane Scout , 3 sqn) on escort duty to the Valenciennes reconnaisance reports having been attacked by 5 Fokkers in the neighbourhood of Valenciennes. The reconnaisance machine dived to get clear but was closely followed by the hostile machines. Sgt Bayetto opened fire on the nearest hostile machine and drove it down, apparently into the woods near Valenciennes. After his engagement he saw no more signs of the reconnaisance machine and returned over Lille where he was again attacked by 3 Fokkers. These he eventually evaded and after circling around Lille for 15 minutes, returned to his landing ground."

Royal Flying Corps Communiques 1917 1918

September 30 1917

"A patrol of 66 squadron were pursuing a hostile two-seater when they were dived upon by an EA formation. The pilots, though at a disadvantage, fought well and one EA was destroyed by Captain Bayetto, while another was driven out of control by Lt W A Pritt. Two of our machines were lost on the other side and two were forced to land on our side, while other machines were much shot about, one coming back with a cylinder completely shattered."

H A Jones The War in the Air Vol 2

1st July 1916

". . . . The third patrol of this squadron [24 I think - Steve] when over Bapaumesaw, far below, three German aeroplanes flying at about a thousand feet. Second lieutenant T P H Bayetto, on a Morane Scout, dived and forced one of them to land in a field: the other two flew away."

At the time Number 24 squadron was flying de Havillands but three Bristol Scouts and two Morane Scouts were added to its line-up, with one of them flown by 2nd Lt Bayetto.

Trevor Henshaw's The Sky Their Battlefield


5081 Morane BB, 3 squadron

Whilst on escort combat with 2 Fokkers over Douai at 9000 feet at 12:45 pm shot up but OK (Sgt T H Bayetto pilot and Sgt J T B McCudden - THE JAMES MCCUDDEN WHO BECAME ONE OF THE TOP BRITISH ACE PILOTS WITH 57 VICTORIES - as his observer. 2nd Fokker attacked nearby BE2c, first spiralled down but OK.


5067 Morane N, 3 squadron

Whislt on an escort reconnaissance over Douai 1 Fokker came up and then 4 more, dived on Fokker at 12500 feet which was shot down in woods near Valenciennes - on fire - Sgt Bayetto OK . . . Escorted 2 seater Morane and met two more groups Fokkers, total: 9 Fokkers between 7:45 am and 9:45 am.


5195 Morane N, 3 squadron

Whilst on an offensive patrol lost engine cowling and was forced to land - 2lt T H Bayetto, attached to 24 squadron.

Chris Hobson's Men Who Died in the Great War

Captain Tone Paul Hippolyte Bayetto, 29 TDS, pilot native of Eastcote, Middlesex, died aged 26 KWF (killed whilst flying - viz. accident) on 28th July 1918 whilst flying a Sopwith Dolphin E4449. He was buried at Ruislip, Middlesex.

Other people will have more but this is a start for you.



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Thanks heaps steve

thats a lot of interesting info

i have a bit of personel info slowly coming together however my father (Tones nephew ) did not talk abou his family

so far Tone seems to have led an interesting life for one who died so young.

I have some info that he was a racing cag driver for fiat a chef in the wet end and a musician as well as a decorated pilot .

amaxing what people used to do with their time before televsion isnt it

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Hi Paul,

Tone Bayetto's career was all the more interesting because he was one of the few pilots who started life as a sergeant and rose to the rank of captain. It is also unusual that he survived until 1918 when he had been in the thick of fighting since early 1916 and it's rather sad that (like McCudden who also started flying as a sergeant and later rose to the rank of major) he died in a flying accident and not in battle.

In all of the research I have carried out on WW1 veterans it seems to be the men who had complex private lives ended up being the more successful pilots.

Good luck with your research.


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His army Medal Index Card is online; it will probably show his 1914/15 Star, his British War and Victory Medals would have been issued by the RAF and his death plaque would have been issued seperately.

Medal card of Bayetto, T H P

Corps Regiment No Rank

Royal Flying Corps 4808 Serjeant


His Army (for his time in the RFC) officer's service record is offline at Kew as an original document WO 339/56618 BAYETTO T

His RAF officer's service record is offline at Kew in AIR76, on microfilm.

Edited by per ardua per mare per terram
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Is this man any relation?

HO 144/1356/261608 Nationality and Naturalisation: Bayettos, Hyppolyte Paul, from Italy. Resident in Eastcote, Middlesex. Certificate 787 issued 11 May 1915. That will be an original document at Kew.

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I had a friend, Wing Commander Willie Fry, who knew Lt T P H Bayetto. Wille gave me the information which I used in a caption for a photograph of your great uncle in an old booklet of mine: British Fighter Units Western Front 1914-1916 which was published by Osprey in 1978. If you go on the web I think you'll find there are still copies avaliable. The caption reads:' A popular officer in the RFC was Lt. T.P.H Bayetto, see here with a Morane-Saulnier Type N. Bayetto's father was head chef at one of London's leading hotels and was always happy to give any RFC friends of his son a good meal free of charge'.

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I owned the medals, memorial plaque and some other original material related to your great uncle at one time. I sold them to a UK collector approx. a year ago.

All I can offer you is photo of the collection, but sadly I am unable to upload the photo on the forum.

Best wishes,



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Is this man any relation?

HO 144/1356/261608 Nationality and Naturalisation: Bayettos, Hyppolyte Paul, from Italy. Resident in Eastcote, Middlesex. Certificate 787 issued 11 May 1915. That will be an original document at Kew.

I am pretty sure this man is a relative

the family came from italy it is my understanding (not sure when).

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Well theres sure is alot of info about my great uncle i will post what i know

my grand father (tones brother i think)

was Claudio Joseph Bayetto his wife was Edith Sarah Measures (unsure of spellling)

My mother has his original flying lisence number488 i will get scans and upload on to this site however it will take a while as mum is 84 and relies on others to do this kind of stuff.

Claudio & Sarah had 4 children Ronmald Artillio Bayetto the oldest was in the Army, Peter Dominico was in the Airforce for many years posted in Trippolli after the war I believe, Rosalie Bayetto was set to marry a German national living in England but on the outbreak ofWW2 he joined German air force and was subsequently shot down and killed she remained a classic English spinster until her death, my father Paul Hypollitto Bayetto was the youngest and joined Royak Navy supposedly aty 15 by falsifying documents about his age.

Claudio Joseph was a mechanical engineer who owned a business in epsom i believe called The Daimler Hire car Company he was seriously injured in an explosion while lighting a pilot light on an old car and then sued presumably by Daimler he lost everything and died soon after.

Edith sarah or POPPY as she was known fell on hard times however eventually went to work for someone called Lady Hastings as a domestic over the years they became firm freinds and upon her death lady hastings left a number of items to Edith who in turn passed them on to Rosalie and they are now sold lost or stolen.

All of the familt are deceased hpwever there are 3 children of Paul Hypolito in Australia & numerous Grand Children Peter & ronald have children in England although i believe some are deceased there are still members of the Family somewhere in england.

There is supposedly an head Chef from the Carlton hotel in London I believe somwhere in our history and this must be Tone& Claudios Father. The flying license 488 has his name spelt Toni so thats a little different to the other stuff

cheers paul

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Thanks for the posting, I might add that the photos of Bayetto, and the Morane A186 and RAeC Club photograph were all part of my article published in Cross and Cockade International Vol26/4 1995 page 191.

THP Bayetto is indeed from Eastcote, he is buried in the parish church grave yard at Ruislip in the family grave.


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  • 7 years later...
Hello Paul Bayetto.

I think we are distant cousins, I live in Wauthier Braine in Belgium, the village of Rosalie Bayetto-Lemaire. My grandmother (she's still alive!) was a cousin of Rosalie and had a correspondence with her until her death in the fifties, we don't know exactly when. We always have this correspondence and family photos she sends, which is why I am looking for information about Hippolyte Bayetto and his brother. Perhaps you can help me?

Denis Amerlynck

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In all of the research I have carried out on WW1 veterans it seems to be the men who had complex private lives ended up being the more successful pilot

Interesting statement Starlight.I wonder to what extent this true.Sure some airmen were characters but even some aces appear to have been colourless individuals.

Examples would be McLaren, Gilmour & Lowenhardt .As in sport some top people are good yet aren't interesting.[who said Shearer & Andy Murray?]

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My interest in Tone Bayetto lies in the fact that I now live in the house in Eastcote which was built and lived in by Rosalie and Hippolyte Bayetto who I assume to be Tone's parents and I'm interested to know whether he ever lived here with them. There is a date stone on the house laid by Rosalie in July 1913, presumably while it was being built.  Rosalie and Hippolyte both appear in the electoral register at this address - then called "The Olde Roses", Lime Grove, Eastcote, in 1919/20. Various sources suggest they ran a pub called the Stag in Eastcote but I haven't been able to track it down.  In my brief research I've  found some schools admission and discharge data for Claudio Bayetos (born 7/3/1891) and also Hippolyte Bayetos (born 3/5/1892) - who I assume to be Tone (although dob is different from that quoted elsewhere). They apparently entered the school from a French school on 6/2/1900 and left to go to Belgium on 18/9/1903.  At that time they lived in a flat in Charing Cross Road. I've also come across a 1911 census entry for what seems to be this family including (sic) Hippalyte Bayetos 47y, restaurant waiter, born in Italy; Rosalie Bayetos 44y, born in Belgium & Claudio Bayetos 20y, motor repair mechanic.  Tone was presumably not at home in Clapham on the night of the census.   His probate notice stated that Tone Hippolyte Bayetto had died 28 July 1918 with Hippolyte Paul Bayetto (caterer) as his administrator. He was buried in Ruislip as TONE HIPPOLYTE BAYETTO - Date of Death: 28/07/1918; Age: 26 ... Son of H. and Rosalie Lemair Bayetto, of The Stag, Eastcote, Middx.  It is stated in various places (including John Grech's article) that Tone was born at 7 Finborough Road, Fulham on 28 May 1892 but this date differs from the school data above and I can't find any UK birth registration data for Tone (or Claudio) or a 1901 census entry for the family (searching with a variety of spellings) and so I wonder what the source for this birth info is.

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The Farnborough Theatre site (www.farnboroughtheatre.co.uk) includes biographical information about T.H.P. Bayetto in the "Little Chelsea" section

discussing 7 Farnborough Road, as follows:

"No. 7 in 1892--Tone Hippolyte Paul Bayetto was born on 28 May 1892 at 7 Farnborough Road, the son of Hippolyte and Rosalie Lemair Bayetto.

The family then moved out of London to Eastcote, Middlesex.  He worked as a racing driver and motor engineer for Fiat, and also worked in India.

He started flying in 1913 and joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1915, fighting in France with 66 Squadron..."


A passenger list recording ships departing the U.K. in 1911 lists Bayetto traveling to Bombay, India, corroborating the Farnborough account as to

his working in India. Working in India in 1911 may explain why he is not in the 1911 Census.


There is a birth registry in the BMD for:"Hippolyte Dominique Bayetto," birth registered during April-May-June 1892, at the registry office at

St. Giles, London.  Bayetto's 28 May 1892 birthdate is consistent with this BMD entry, so this may be his birth record.  You can get a copy of the

birth certificate, by referencing the BMD birth index, volume 1b, page 638, to clarify which May 1892 birthdate is correct.  Bayetto's nickname in

the RAF was "Mad Jack" due to his flamboyant stunt flying, including flying into hangar entrances!







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I am a proud relative of Tone Bayetto, my name's Ian St.John Bayetto and I'm the son of John St.John Bayetto (d.1991), who was in turn son of Ronald Hippolyte Bayetto (d.1980).

Great to read all the history and learn new things


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