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121265 Pioneer Lennox James Houston R.E.

albert arnold

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Hello again Albert!

Div Sig Cos were originally divided into four sections: one to work with Div HQ and the supporting services, and one to work with each infantry brigade. A fifth section was added later for the div artillery.

So you might expect to find in 8 Div Sig Co the following breakdown (although it might not have been quite so tidy as this):

No. 1 Section: 8 Div HQ

No. 2 Section: 23 Inf Brigade

No. 3 Section: 24 Inf Brigade

No. 4 Section: 25 Inf Brigade

No. 5 Section: 8 Div Art

If Lennox was a despatch rider, he may have ridden a motor-cycle: a skill which few battalion signallers probably had but which might not be regarded as a skilled trade by the RE, hence his status as a Pioneer.

All the above is basically informed guesswork but if I am right, it fits with all the known facts. But that is not the same as proof!


Dear Ron,

Thank you very much for all of this information. I'm very sorry not to acknowledged your contribution earlier ... I've had to take a break in my researches recently. But exciting news from Coutleberrty has got me moving again. I have actually found out quite a lot since I lst posted anything, have a diary belonging to my great uncle as well as letters informing his parents of his death. So the picture is getting much clearer. What I shall do in due course (dvwp) is to summarise what I have found out in case it is of interest to other members. I get the impression that Len was a lineman

Greetings, Albert

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