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Triangular Bluff.....is it the same as The Bluff?

Meridian Line

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I'm researching the 94th Field Company Royal Engineers, part of the 19th Division.

From October 12th 1917, they are based at Basseije Farm near St. Vierstraat. On three occassions the war diary mentions dugouts in the Triangular Bluff, but I can find no references to it anywhere else.

They were working near the Ypres-Comines Canal, and also mention the Spoilbank. I've bought a couple of trench Maps of the area, but can only find "The Bluff".

Is it possible the Engineers were using a slightly different name, or does anyone know of a Triangular Bluff in that area?

Many thanks

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At the risk of sticking my neck out, I think you can safely assume that the two Bluffs are the same. There are not many such features in the area.

These names were all nicknames given by the British troops and they did tend to mutate over time.


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I would agree with this - having had a quick squint at a map last night it all matches with the Bluff and the Spoilbank. For the battle of Messines this is where the Brigade (142 I think) of 47th London Division were and they advanced from the Bluff to positions near the Spoilbank.

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Ron & Squirrel,

many thanks for your input. My feeling was that they were the same place, but as I'm new to the subject, it's great to have a 2nd (& 3rd) opinion.

thanks again,

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The Triangular Bluff is not the same The Bluff. The Bluff was part of the front line area up to 7th June 1917, but the Triangular Bluff was further down the canal and behind the German lines until Messines. It was captured at that time and remained in our hands until April 1918. A trench map of it below.


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fantastic, many thanks also for the map...is it OK if I copy it?

Army Officer,

thank you, my next question was going to be "what does it look like today?"...unfortunately I can't see your pic...am I doing something wrong?

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very many thanks for the photo....it looks so tranquil, its difficult to comprehend what it must have been like 90 years ago.

Thank you for sharing.

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