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Stephen Nulty

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A week or two back I was strolling around an old churchyard (St Mary's in Great Sankey, near Warrington) looking for the grave of one of the men I am researching.

In the centre of the churchyard I came across the pictured memorial, which is of the "Men of this Parish" type. It contains the names of 40 Great War casualties plus a further 33 from the Second World War.

I took a few pictures of it, as one does, and when I returned home I checked on the UK National Inventory of War Memorials but couldn't locate it. I logged a query with them and had a reply recently which stated that they have no record of this memorial. Consequently, I have provided them with details, pictures and a transcription of the names and they have advised that it will be added to their database in due course.

I think it shows the value of checking this useful web site for details of any memorials in which you might have an interest, and not assuming that they have details of all the memorials in existence.


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Guest KevinEndon

Well done Stephen, well spotted.

Could you tell us how you would go about firstly checking with the UK National Inventory of War Memorials to see if a memorial is listed and secondly how would we go about gathering and sending research to them so that a new found memorial could be recognised within their lists. Please post a link.


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Cheers, Kevin

Their Home Page is here

Use the search functionality to locate (or try to locate) your memorial. I have to say I've found this to be a bit flakey, sometimes returning unexpected results and sometimes not returning expected results!

They have a "Contact" page here

When I queried the memorial mentioned, they replied to my email address saying that they had no records but would be delighted if I could provide details.

I replied to the email with my pictures and transcription of names, and asked them to let me know once it had been added to their database. It isn't there yet, but it was only last week!

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