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Remembered Today:

Can you help me and a WW2 veteran out please.


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While driving past our memorial yesterday (4 hours after the dedication) I noticed an old gentleman by himself sitting on his mobility scooter quietly reflecting his thoughts. It must have been a good hour later when I passed again and the old gent was still there, it was a bitterly cold day so I stopped the car to see if he was ok.

On talking to him I could see he was visibly upset. He told me he had only lived in the village a few years but that he had known one of the RAF lads (WW2) on the memorial.

He himself had served during WW2 as a navigator on Lancaster bombers. He also told me about his father who had served with the Tyneside Scottish during WW1, he said his dad suffered terribly, the old gents exact words were, 'as a boy I used to wipe his lungs from his lips,....mustard gas it was' ..his dad died age 40 in the early 1930s as a result of the gas poisoning.

He said his father would not talk of the war and he had always wished to know a little more about his service.

A good half hour later we said our goodbyes, and I told him I would do my best to try and find something out about his father.

His dad was called Grainger Simpson, 21st (Tyneside Scottish) Northumberland Fusiliers.

On returning home I had a look on Ancestry and low and behold his pension records were online.

Now here is were I need 'Pals' help, most of his records are very clear to read apart from the two pages below...could anyone please have ago at transcribing them, I can pick up on a few words but that's about it....any help would be greatly received...it would cap the week off to help the old gent out. Thanks John.


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2nd page

1st line

Well developed man of -----temperament.

2nd line

Heart not------------

6th line

No signs of neurasthenia

Medical appeal board

1st line DAH C/O short of breath---------

3rd line -----we find-----

4th line ---young man some-----upper-----

5th line -------Tongue clean MIF

7th line P.Y2 ref E.T chin 20/50 Y2.144.90

8th line Trl poor. Lungs no abnormalities

0th line abdomen nil abnormal

That is the best I can do!

Cheers, Michelle

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1st Line: Well developed man of neurotic temperament.

Line 3: Heart not enlarged.

Medical Board

Line 4. Young man. Some anemia...

Over to the next person...

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My interpretation...

1.....????? shortness of breath

pulse 60 ???? after CE 60 no resp. distress but very

tired. Pulse 84 ?????????????????????????????poor

??????????????? much????????????????

2nd posting...as above.

best i can do....


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From the first document:

"A tall pale man with dull anxious expression"

"No murmer"

"Pulse 60. Irreg (ular)"

"No respiratory distress but very tired."

"In poor condition. Much debilitation."

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Hi just so happened to come across you plea!

why not try and contact the M.O.D for help or another one to try is edinburgh castle in scotland as they have a lot of info on all wars medals roll musters ect & they may also be able to place you in the direction needed.

Good luck annon

p.s. here is my interp of it hope it helps...

c/o shortness of breath. No ? list? RH means right hand. ?

exam : a tall pale man with full? expressed

MAB 5th ? N.L. action ?. No ? No murrmer

pulse 60. lung. after CE20. No resp distress but very tired.

pulse 84 lung. no? no murrmer ex hot? poor

Inpoor cond=condition much debilit.

signed H V Kershaw

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D.A.H. is "Disordered Action of the Heart" a common postcombat disorder. There is an article on pensions for postcombat disorders here: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa39...i_n9296131/pg_1

c/o [complains of] shortness of breath

No hist[ory] of rh[eumatic] fever

Cause of disability - Active service - attributable to (a necessary finding for a pension).

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