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sergeant drummer william o'donoughue 4th middlesex


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Hi all, after a long search i have finally found out that sergeant drummer William o'donoughue was the drum major of the 4th Middlesex regiment, i did not want to buy all sergeant drummer MICs for the Middlesex regiment to find out who was 4th battalion, but typed in 4th Middlesex in the keywords box of the advanced search of ancestry.com and luckily the 4th were in England in 1901, then it was simply a matter of going backwards and forwards until i found my man. The same method can be used with the word sergeant, corporal, soldier etc (also any abreviations of words such as serjt) and this can be very useful where uncertainty about spelling etc applies. Anyway i will buy his medal card soon but was wondering if anyone knows what his previous regiment was as the 4th only became a regular batttalion in 1900. as hes sergeant drummer and 32 one must surmise that he had already spent maybe 10 to 18 years in the army and he was still sergeant drummer of the 4th during ww1 but his MIC appears to be an msm or tfem (at this stage i,m guessing msm as 4th were regs). Any information on this man would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ian.

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