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1/6 Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)


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Could any pal tell me where the 1/6 Black Watch were on 22 09 17. I believe that they were in the area of Boezinghe but don't know where exactly. I am trying to find out the circumstances behind the death of Pte John Aitken who is hown as KIA on SDGW.

Any assistance appreciated.

Many thanks


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According to OH, 21st to 25th September was Menin Ridge which did involve 51st Div. The only mention of 1/6 Black Watch is earlier at Pilckem Ridge. on 31st July. At the Steenbeck in the area of Francois Farm.

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Here's the diary entries:

DIRTY BUCKET CAMP - 19/9/17 - Battalion was relieved by the 1/5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders relief complete by midnight - Battalion proceded to DIRTY BUCKET CAMP

" " - 20/9/17 - Day was devoted to thorough cleaning of kit and equipment.

TRENCHES - 21/9/17 - Battn moved up into support of 152nd Inf Bde. 1 Coy at VARNA FM and 3 Coys in CANE TR & CANE AV. Battn HQ at GOURNIER FM.

TRENCHES - 22/9/17 - D Coy moved up to MON BULGAR and B Coy replaced D Coy at VARNA & COMEDY FARMS - Improving shelters etc in Battn area.

" " - 23/9/17 - Erecting new shelters and improving existing ones in Battn area.

As you can see no mention of casualties on the 22nd. The Germans raided the 6th BW on the 16th. Also, at this period the Highland Division was preparing to leave Lt Gen Ivor Maxse's XVIII Corps. He wrote them a very laudatory letter of thanks.

Incidentally, your man is an ex 4th Black Watch man.

Hope this is of use


Tom McC

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