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7570 Charles Bignell MM, MiD, 5th Battalion, Ox and Bucks


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Good Evening/Morning. I was extremely fortunate last week in that a colleague asked me if I had any idea of what his Grandfather's medals were and he then proceeded to show me a Military Medal, a WWI trio and an MiD, all inscribed and belonging to the above named gentleman. A quick on line check of the m.i.c. cards shows that he has the three that one would expect for the above combination. I wonder is there anyone out there who could tell me a little more, such as the action for which the MM was awarded, similarly for the MiD if different? I have taken the "5th Battalion" from the accompanying certificate but do not know if he was 5th Battalion throughout the War. Best Regards Adam

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Not an O&BLI expert, but his MID is here:

LG 4-1-1917


Clayton, Maj. (temp. Lt.-Col.)

Plowden, Capt. G. F., M.C.

Cupper, Temp. 2nd Lt. H. J.

Manton, No. 8765 Qrmr.-Serjt. (acting Staff Serjt.-Maj.) J.

Bignell, No. 7570 Co. Serjt.-Maj. C.

Russell, No. 9182 Serjt. W. A.


The accompany men would have been in the same battalion. Someone may be able to tell you if that iwas the 5th Bn.

The deed(s) for which the MID was eant would have been in the latter half of 1916.

His MM was in the first issue of MMs awarded, so could be any time from 1914 to early 1916.

LG 3-6-1916

7570 Sjt. C. Bignell, 5th Bn., Oxf. and Bucks. L.I.



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Many thanks for a rapid and helpful post.



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