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Rifle Grenadier Pouches


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I began this discussion on my groups yahoo list. However I would like to continue it on here. I came accross a photo in the book "G.I. The Illustrated History of the American Soldier His Uniform and His Equipment" on page 33. The photo says its a member of the 6th Marines 2nd Div. The bottom part of the caption says this: "Extra grenades were carried in the special puch on the grenadiers left side." This is the only photo I have come accross showing a rifle grenadier using this pouch. You see them all the time on ebay, but most are in un used condition. I know some were used in WWII by marines. But what about WWI, was this more of a marine item then as well? Anyhow any photo's or first hand accounts of their use would be helpfull.



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