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Would anyone know the American Abbreviations used in these comments from the USMC Muster Rolls?

It is for Private Joseph R Caldwell, 67th Company 5th Marine Regiment, a G G Uncle. I recently found a letter from him dated 28 August 1918 from a Field Hospital in France.

Thanks Mark


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Here's my best guess. Abbreviations I can't figure out are in italics:

67th Company Field Hospital No.1 6.6.18 transferred to Meaux Gun Shot Wound to right foot and left shoulder, field hospital No. 16 6.6.18. JOined from Juilly Field Hospital No. 23 6.6.18. ARCH (possibly ARmy 'C' Hospital?)2 6.9.18 joined from Juilly treatment of wounds to Base Hospital 6.11.18 Base Hospital No. 101 6.12.18 joined from HT (possibly hospital) 53 transferred to duty Concentration Camp Mesves. Concentration Camp HCM 8.9.18 to duty Camp Mesves Bulcy transferred to Divisional Depot St. Aignan 8.26.28


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Thanks Doc2 and Jon,

I was thinking maybe

HT might be Hospital Train,

ARCH for American Red Cross Hospital

CC Convelescent Camp?

and HT#54 Hospital Train number 53, FH#1 Number 1 etc?

Does anyone have any more information on the 67th Comany, 5th Marine Regiment USMC?

Regards Mark

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The problem with that interpretation is that there are too many hospitals in that string in a short period of time. He was only hospitalised for 3 days-- I suspect we are talking about a field hospital and a base hospital, and all the other abbreviations are either administrative units (e.g. patient holding detachment, replacement company, etc.). Unfortunately, I am not a Marine expert, so don't recognise all those abbreviations. Doc2

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After some more research here is what I think are the sequence of events

6 June 1918 Severely wounded in action at Belleau Wood, France.

6 June 1918 Transfered from Field Hospital no.1 at Juilly to Field Hospital no.16 at Meaux, with a Gun Shot Wound to Right Foot and Left Shoulder. Then transferred to Field Hospital no.23

9 June 1918 Transferred to the American Red Cross Hospital no.2 in Paris for treatment of his wounds

11 June 1918 Transferred to the Base Hospital no.101 at St. Nazaire on Hospital Train no.53.

12 June 1918 Arrived at the Base Hospital no.101. The hospital was located in the Municipal College of St. Nazaire, and had been used as a military hospital by the French Army during the three years proceeding.

9 Aug 1918 Transferred back to duty at the Convalescent Camp at Mesves, Bulcy. Convalescent Camp HCM. The cases sent to a convalescent camp were those men for whom medical and surgical treatment, beyond dispensary care was no longer necessary, but who needed a more or less brief period of graded physical training and rehabilitation suited to their condition. This physical rehabilitation was to be under an experienced medical officer; but line officers assisted by non commissioned officers, temporarily or permanently disabled for further duty, were to be used for commanding and drilling provisional companies. Thus loss of discipline would tend to be obviated.

26 Aug 1918 Transferred to the Depot Division, located at Saint Aignan

Forty-first Division (First Depot Division), Saint Aignan, France

10 Sept 1918 Rejoined his unit 67th (D) Company, 5th Marine Regiment, 2nd Division from Hospital

4 Oct 1918 Killed in action. Buried on the field, location of grave unknown. Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge

Regards Mark




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