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Happy Birthday to this Section

Terry Denham

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On 24th September this section of the Forum was one year old.

Prior to the GWF connection being formed officially last year, a large number of names had been submitted to MoD over the years on behalf of members and resulting in 98 names being accepted by MoD for CWGC commemoration. This success rate was the cause of this section being created so that the same process could be opened up to the whole Forum membership.

The following has happened in the past year.

1) During the twelve months members have submitted 48 names to be processed through GWF.

2) Of those, 27 have been accepted for commemoration by CWGC and will get a CWGC headstone (if no private one exists) or name on a memorial to the missing.

3) 21 of the names are still with MoD for determination.

4) No names submitted since September 2006 have been rejected so far.

Well done to all members who have contributed to date. Keep it up. (Two cases have been put forward this week alone.)


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Well done to all members who have contributed to date.

And well done yourself for co-ordinating these activities, for the efforts you put in with CWGC and for the parience you show in dealing with all of us (constantly answering the same questions, reading all the "One for Terry Denham" posts, etc.)


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A really fulfilling first year. My public thanks to The Guvnor for his advice, assistance and friendship over my several submissions.


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