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Artillery Question

Patrick ODwyer

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A question I am sure many of you know the answer to. I feel I should!

But... how many guns were in a battery of RHA, RFA and RGA? I believe it was different for MGC units again. When I read a 'battery of...' what is it telling me exactly?

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I have read The Long,LongTrail - What was an Artillery Brigade - with interest. Both my father and uncle served with RGA Batteries which were numbered, not lettered. Certainly 160 Siege Battery, which was formed in May 1916, had a total strength of only 130 and four 6 inch 26cwt BL howitzers when it embarked for France in early September 1916 and was only increased to six howitzers in mid 1918. Is there a difference in structure and manpower between RFA and RGA? Unfortunately the more I read the more confused I get!

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Thank you Chris, very informative page and I also traced the one to the RHA - all questions anwered I think. Reform Bill - thanks for the illustration.


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