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LCD Seaford


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I've seen a number of references to LCD Seaford in the brief details of men of the 4th London's. It think it might be a convalescent hospital but then again I'm probably way off! Any help is much appreciated.

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Seaford was a major base in WWI. The LCD probably refers to a Command Depot. These were the last step depots of convelescing soldiers prior to being sent back. L might mean London Command Depot for London Terriers, (Not sure on that part).

The Canadians presence was immense.

The Canadian Machine Gun Training Depot

Regimental Depot of the Canadian Engineers "

Infantry Regimental Depot--Eastern Ontario "

" " New Brunswick "

" " British Columbia "

Canadian Reserve Cyclist Company "

CASC Detachment "

No 3 Detachment Canadian Ordnance Corps "

No. 6 " CAPC "

Canadian Pioneer School--Seaford,

Canadian Signal School--Seaford,

Also the following infantry battalions (the reinforcement ones) that wound up at Seaford included:

1st Reserve Battalion

6th Reserve Battalion

7th Reserve Battalion

13th Reserve Battalion

16th Reserve Battalion

Joe Sweeney

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Seaford was also a base for the British West Indies Regt. Several of their number lie in the cemetery there along with very many Canadians.

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