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Peace Day 1919


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A postcard I have of a nurse and apparently her sister (dressed as a Sgt. in the Cheshire regt.) is inscribed "Peace Day, July 19th, 1919" I found a couple of pages regarding Peace Day on the Web. Can anybody suggest a detailed study?

By the way, according to a site I found, today (9 January/04) is the 31,105th day since 11/11/18. Time flies.


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Hi Chris:

July 19, 1919 was celebrated as Peace Day in Canada. I haven't found a detailed study of Peace Day 1919, but have run across references in books and have read articles about the event in the archives of my local daily newspapers. From what I've read, the day seems to have been used as a celebration for the official end of the war. Some wags were quoted as saying, an excuse to have another victory party.

Attached is a photo taken on Peace Day in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada. The women were part of a pageant (Hands Across The Border) and are dressed in costumes representing the victorious allied nations of the Great War.



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July 19, 1919 was celebrated as Peace Day in Canada.

It is hard for me to imagine the level of collective emotional release that occurred with the ending of the war. Even months later, you see evidence of this in the photograph. I am reminded of the extraordinary events that accompanied the death of the Princess of Wales, which seemed to trigger some mass outpouring of emotion. How much more was the past fear, anguish and relief gathered up into the victory and other celebrations of that time.

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Thanks for the info--great photo. I know that there were mass celebrations on that day by millions, but from what I have read, there were many jobless, demobbed servicemen who refused to take part and even protested in some cases.


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