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Lloyd's Register


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For those interested, from link:


"Historical research service

Lloyd's Register offers a paid historical research service. We can provide information on Lloyd's Register classed ships dating back to 1764 and on merchant ships of more than 100 gross tons, regardless of class, dating from the mid-1870s.

Our records of shipowners date from 1876 and the Lloyd's Register of Yachts dates from 1878 to 1980 (this was superseded by the Lloyd's Register of Classed Yachts, which itself ceased publication in 1996). We hold brief records of casualties to ships (that is the ships themselves not the passengers or crew) dating from July 1890, which show the date and position of sinking, voyage, cargo carried (where known) and the nature of the casualty, i.e. wrecked, foundered, lost, broken-up, etc. During the Second World War and up until 1977, Lloyd's Register maintained Wreck Books. This is a manuscript source, the only copy of which is held in the Information Services library. Information sheet no 10: Sources available to historical researchers, gives furthers details of the information available from Lloyd's Register publications. You can find this by following the link in the right hand column to 'Information sheets' listed under information sources.

Please note

Information Services does not keep records of passengers, captains, crew, voyages or shipwrecks. Neither do we have information on naval ships, insurance or finance. Our records relate principally to merchant ships, the history of merchant shipping, yachts (prior to 1996) and the history of Lloyd's Register. We publish a number of information sheets to help researchers in other areas of interest. Please take a look at the information sheets section to find out more."



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