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Stephen White

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With 1600+ members out there.there must be someone out there with a badge collection or the relevant book. you will all have seen the face before and a full length picture under the soldiers heading on the forum. had an imformative meeting with Terry Carter today,back in my home city of birmingham.we've come to the conclision that this badge is not the royal warwicks as i'd originally thought. the more i look at it the more i'm inclined to agree.it looks like a prancing horse,and there appears to be something sticking out of it's back !!.sorry about the quality,the much clearer original is at my parents and i'm unable to get at it,at the moment. :unsure: any ideas ?? Steven


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Its not Buffs (the bit on the back would be the dragon's wings but it is too small). My money is on the Royal Berkshire Regiment.


You beat me to it Hussar

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Hi Steven

Nice meeting you today. Royal Berkshire Regiment has got to be it. You forgot to mention he is wearing a basic jacket with no pleats on the pockets etc.

Could someone tell you when they came into being?



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