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Tyneside Pals


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The formation of the Tyneside Irish and Scottish Brigades of the Northumberland Fusiliers is well documented, but were there any other recognised Pals regiments in the North East ?

Where any of the many other Northumberland Fusiliers Battalions recognised as Pals ?

Thanks alfie

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A quick list of "Pals" units from the NE :

22/DLI - "3rd County Pioneers"

18/DLI - "Durham Pals"

16/North.Fus. - "Newcastle Commercials"

20/DLI - "Wearside Battalion"

then of course you have the 24th,25th,26th and 27th NFs ("Tyneside Irish") and the 20th,21st,22nd and 23rd NFs ("Tyneside Scottish").

Somebody will probably be able to add to this list.


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