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South Lancashire Regiment


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I have very recently got hold of a 1952 hardback copy. It covers from the ancestor regiments (principally 40th and 82nd) right through to World War 2, and is supported by good appendices covering awards/decorations, Colonelcies and a section on the Regimental chapel.

Happy to look up points of interest.



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Hi Ste

I have a particular interest in the South Lancashire Regiment as we are trying to get a relative's name changed on his headstone in France. He joined under an assumed name (William Lennie 9984) in Jan 1913. His records say he was 18 yrs 1 month, but we think he was more like 15. The Records show that he was killed on 16 October 1914, but the place where he is buried is nowhere near the place where the Battalion was on that date and we think it more likely he was killed in August 1914. We are working on getting a birth certificate to prove what his real name was. We also have a weak theory that he and a school pal swapped surnames when they joined up and that the pal would have adopted the name Harry Carroll. My relative's real name was William Carroll and we have info to suggest that he might have ha a pal called Harry Lennie. As our man adopted the surname Lennie, it would add weight to our theory if there were a soldier called Harry Carroll in the same unit.

Do you have a particular interest in the S Lancs Regiment and if so do you know where we can get any information or unit photographs etc? We know he was at Tidworth from Jan 1913 to August 1914 when the BEF shipped out to France. I doubt if he is mentioned in your book, but you may be able to point me in the direction of other useful information. If not, thanks for reading this anyway. I would love to get hold of a copy of the book you have. Do you know where I might get one?


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