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ASC Rates of Pay

kevin dunion

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Is it the case that those who served with the ASC were paid more than the other ranks in the infantry? If so by how much and why was this?

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Rather a general question, rates varied in many corps because of varying proficiencies, rank and acting ranks. I think you will find they were on a a par when comparing like for like.


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They were paid more than infantry of the line regiments, but less than others. From the 1914 Pay Warrant the daily pay for Sgt Majors was:

- Cavalry of the line 5s 4d

- RHA 6s

- RFA and RGA 5s 10d

- RE 6s

- RFC (military wing) 9s

- foot guards 5s 2d

- infantry of the line 5s

- ASC 5s 6d

- RAMC 5s 6d

- AVC 5s 4d

- AOC 5s 6d


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